Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogs to come....

*California vs PA (My heart is still split. I have a love for both & a hate for both....)

*New Way of Living (Hitting F5 on my computer doesn't work when it comes to life, darn it.)

*My puppy turned 1!

I have been slacking on my blogging - when don't I? My "New Way of Living" blog, should hopefully get me on here once a week. I think it'll hold me accountable. Plus it'll give Shannon an update on how well I'm doing ;) This involves eating better, and most hated way of working out.
6 years have come and gone - in a FLASH! And I need to pull on the brakes, no joke. I'm beyond disgusted with feeling uncomfortable all the time. (Re-reading old head could not hang any lower. How many times have I vowed to lose weight? It's embarrassing.) Turning 30 is insentive enough to get me going. And my girlfriend Jenny is getting married in April, and I'm a part of her entourage. (She is only having her sister in the wedding party...that's what happens when you have a gazillion g/fs and have been in 10 weddings....)
Neil and I have really been wanting to get involved in our community more, and just be a light in this dark city. We haven't narrowed down anything specific, but we're working on it.
Another thing I want to look into, is getting my dog Cali involved. Cali's dermatologist (yes, she has one...she has skin irritations, ok?!) told me that she would be such a great candidate to be a Therapy Dog because she is so sweet. It would give a good name to pits...and I'm really going to work on doing that. She needs a bit more training...and that doesn't involve Neil. He is the sucker when it comes to disciplining.

Are these New Years Resolutions? I don't know....maybe. But this new decade, is going to be a fresh start for this Hartman.

Friday, November 27, 2009

952 W Hartmas Lane...

Neil has been putting lights up, little by little over the last few weeks. Finally, tonight we turned them on. I attempted to video tape this moment, it's kind of dark out - so bare w/me.
At one point I ask Neil "What do you think?" His reply, which you can't hear is: "There should be more, we need more." Great. Look out Christmas 2010.
You can hear me fine, but if you want to hear Neil - you'll have to turn it up a bit.
Of course, at the exact moment we want to film this, a police/ambulance siren goes off in the distance, and a car drives by. Oh well....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1/2 a Brace-Face

As you can see, my bottom braces have been removed... I'm not sure how much longer my top ones will be on. (I'll drill my orthodontist next time I go in.)
In 2 weeks I get my retainer. I was so excited to be able to pick out a crazy color...but guess what? They don't do that anymore. They all come in clear. BORING!
Anyways. I'm excited!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you Jesus

....for this amazing weather. Last year, this very week - we were at 20 inches of snow.

Last weekend, it was in the mid 60s w/clear skies. In Erie?! I know I've only been a part of this crazy-weathered city for 18 months, but I've picked up on the chaos. We're 18 days into November, and NO snow. Do you know, people have their Christmas lights up, bright & shining? Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK people!!!! When I think of Christmas, I think of snow...I don't want the ice weather yet...I don't. Next week, sure.

We did however take advantage of the nice weather, and Neil pulled out the ladder & got himself up on the roof to hang our Christmas lights. Turned them on for a brief few minutes to test them out...then shut them right off. Next week, on November 26th - after we've stuffed our faces...we will come home, pop in a Christmas movie, (or spin Frank Sinatra on the record player), and deck out our home with Christmas cheer.

But not a minute sooner.

Monday, November 9, 2009

71 in November?

I took full advantage of the beautiful weekend we just had. And from the looks and feels of it... it's continuing through today. According to the news (and my memory), it was snowing this time last year. So far, so good on this Fall season lasting - and winter not bulling it's way into November.
Friday I had the day off and decided to take Cali to the groomers for a manicure, then a walk through Frontier Park. I got a hold of Autumn and asked if she'd like to join me. And I got a very excited reply: "YES!!!" I beat her to the park by about 15 minutes and let Cali take advantage of the empty park. She was a very good baby doggie, and came when I called her. She wouldn't stay put though when I attempted to take a photo of her. These are what I ended up with...not bad, but there was a lot of yelling involved.

Then on Sunday, another gorgeous day - 71 degrees, I texted Autumn in hopes she would like to join me again for another walk - and without fail, she came with Owen and Emma in tow. It was a bit chilly down by the water, but she shnuggled up her little ones and we were off. Cali about pulled my arm off with excitement....she's working on her "walking" skills. We were not the only ones who wanted to take advantage of the weather - the peninsula sidewalks were packed with cyclists, walkers, runners, doggies - it caused slight difficulty due to the somewhat not-wide-enough path. We had quite a few run-ins with other doggies, but all canines were on their best behavior :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Natalee and Ford Gregson
When I got the call, back in January - I didn't pick up my phone. The charge on my cell was just about dead...not to mention I didn't have my charger w/me in my new home. I was at the top of the ladder, in the kitchen, with green paint just about every which way. Then a text message came "Yeah, I'm pregnant" Just like that... I instantly called her. I was able to get about 5 minutes into the conversation before my phone died, but I could tell Natalee was beaming with excitement....or maybe it was nerves. Either way, I was excited! Since we were out in CA in June, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out to see her and Ford right away. But thank the Lord, I was able to.
Growing up, it was always hard for me to hold onto friendships due to moving so much. Not many of my friendships go past 10 years old... When Natalee and I first started hanging out, it was very clear to me that we would be friends for a really, really long time. Not only is she so great, but her family was always so amazing - good thing they didn't mind me hanging around, because I would spend weekends at a time in their home. The Corpus familia - they are one of a kind and I just love them.
The very beginning of this month, I was able to take a trip out to California, with one task at hand - to spend time with Natalee and witness the new chapter in her life as a mommy. It filled my heart to see her w/Ford. Her and Eric are such great parents! Ford was only 3 weeks old when I met him, and I'm sure he won't remember me - but that's ok. My 1st day out, we took a trip to the grocery store. Boy, was Natalee nervous. I assured her that she could do this. I was there, I have her back - Ford will sleep the entire time. And he did just that. We were even able to make a pit stop at Starbucks, which we both needed desperately. The night followed by walking over to Redlands Market Night. It was a great 1st day.
(I'll talk more about my CA trip part II in another post, and add more pictures...)
The weekend ended with quality time with the Gregson family. Which was great for me. To just sit in one place w/no agenda was so relaxing. On top of the fact, everytime I have been back to CA, I only get to soak up about 2 hours of time spent with just her, was so nice, and it was well overdue.

37.5 hours

I worked 37.5 hours this week. I haven't worked a full week in like a year & a 1/2. I thought I'd hate it, but surprisingly it felt really good. Like I accomplished something. I appreciated that today was Friday...I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Next week, I pull the same amount of hours. I'm looking forward to it. Sort of.... the reason behind the additional hours is, my boss is out for 2 weeks recovering from surgery. Now, anything and everything that could go wrong - went wrong. Not that any of it was my fault. Just technical errors. It was all silly really. The week fleeeeew by...which was awesome! Next week is payroll week. I'm just a tiny bit nervous. I don't want to screw anything up!!! We'll see what I have to post at the end of the week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Upload FAIL

I went to upload my pictures from my most recent trip to California - and guess what? The end of the usb cord that connects to the camera, has teeth marks, and is unusable. Thanks Cal.
So, my CA Trip Part II is on hold until I receive my new cord in the 5-7 days.

What is also making it's way to me via mail? My "L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream" Doesn't that sound intense? Well, it has to be. I attempted to use my usual "winter" moisturizer last year, and that was just a joke. The bitterness basically laughed in my face. After about 3 days of cracked, flaky, painful face, I went online and did some research. I even went to Macy's to ask the ladies at the counter there what I should use, beings they live in Erie, they should have an answer. They did. I listened. I got samples of a few different options. My face, still not happy. After convincing Neil that spending $38 on a face lotion was my only option - I prayed this stuff would work. If not, I'd have to use it regardless. $38!!!!
Needless to say, it worked...and beautifully! And with Fall here, and the chill in the face is screaming at me for comfort. I have just a teeeeeny bit left from last winter, maybe a week's worth. I swallowed, and walked over to Neil to inform him of the bad news. I need more. After a few suggestions by Neil, like: Isn't there anything else? We decided that $20 of my "fun" money goes back in the bank 1st thing tomorrow. We split the cost. Will Dave Ramsey agree with this method? I'm afraid to ask...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer 2009

Now that Fall is just around the corner...I thought I'd post some highlights of the summer. My plethora of pictures on my computer are all over the place. So, I'm sure I'm missing some summer moments, but that's ok. We had a great summer!!! Even though, we didn't get what we had planned done, to the house - we'll get there this winter, when we can't go outside and play.

California Trip: In La Jolla with Neil, and of course, eating at In 'n Out

Vegas w/Brooke, Kobe & Isaiah for Eva & Tony's Reception. And finally meeting Baby Elsie

Erie Seawolves game with Adam. Cleveland Indians w/the boys

Spending time w/our baby doggie, Cali

No Doubt! Erin & I had the best day in Pittsburgh

At the Peninsula, flying a kite. Anniversary day, canoeing

Dog-sitting Sullivan & Peanut Butter Cup. Fantasy Football draft, playing Vanna

Lots of time spent w/Laura & Miss Evelyn

What's crazy is, all the time I have spent with my friend Autumn, I don't have any pictures of us together. Strange. I'll have to take care of that. We also spend a lot of time with the guys... but usually just sitting around. That's boring. Who wants pictures of that? :)
Over the weekend, Neil had to go up on top of the roof to do some patch work...or something. So, I joined him and brought my camera. There was a chill in the air, and I got extremely excited for Fall. The leaves are starting to change, and I just cannot wait. Soon, my braces will be off...well, I'm thinking like 3-5 months...but I'm sure I'll still take pictures like this:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jon Beckman is back! + The Sounds

= one hell of a great weekend!
My weekends start on Thursdays, after work. So...Thursday, after work Neil, Sean and I headed to Corry to hang out with Laura for the night. It was the week of the Spartansburg Fair, so we thought we'd go & check it out. Laura is from this quaint little town, and has gone to this fair every year - since she was real young. I can see why. We parked the car at her parents house, walked 2 blocks & we were there. Who wouldn't go every night, every year when you live that close? We definitely didn't think we'd see anyone we knew - but guess what? We were wrong. Our friends Joy & Richard were there. It was so nice seeing them!!!! What was also great about this night was Laura informed us that Jon could possibly be home in just 2 or 3 days. So awesome!
After Neil filled his belly w/Fair food, and Laura got her Maple milkshake - we made our way home. It was a great night.

Adding to the weekend was the purchase of tickets for a concert in November. The Sounds! I was introduced to this band, easily less then a year ago...and I love them! It was a surprise to me, just hours before the No Doubt concert, that they were opening - and Erin & I just about jumped out of our skin hearing the news. I have been on their trail ever since just hoping they'd make there way back. And they are! Myself, along with Neil, Sean, and Sean's friend Nicole, will be driving to Cleveland on Nov. 2nd to see them. We are all so excited! The bonus is Neil is going. It's a Monday, and we all know Neil does not like to do stuff on School Nights. But with his new promise to be a better best friend to me - he agreed :) And I couldn't be happier. I just adore my husband, and I love, love, love having him by my side during events like this. It does help when he loves the band just as much as me...

Friday, September 11, 2009


I have probably blogged about where I was on September 11th, 2001 already - but for some reason...this year I literally have spent all day thinking about it. Not sure why.

I was 21, living in Ruidoso, New Mexico with the Carey family. I was woken up by my roomate Carrie and the youth pastors daughter - can't remember her name right now. It was my day off and I had plans to sleep in...but I'm a light sleeper & I heard whispering in the hallway, then my door opens. Carrie informs me that an airplane crashed in NY into one of the towers. I'm thinking: That's just nuts, how could someone miss that tall building? She tells me that the youth pastor (can't remember his name either!) and his wife are upstairs watching the news in the kitchen.... How strange. This news is really causing people to get together before 8 in the morning? I make my way upstairs so I can be apart of the commotion. I can still remember the smell of this house - new, dust, construction like smells...the house was in it's final stages of being built. I sit myself at the bar in one of their tall chairs and get myself caught up w/what's going on. I don't think I blinked for 10 straight minutes. Look at that plane - INSIDE the building - it was the craziest thing I've ever seen. Within 15 minutes or so of me sitting there, the 2nd plane crashes into the 2nd tower...this was no accident. Is this really happening? My mouth is dry & I can't swallow.
All day today I've been thinking about: "What did I do next?" I can't remember. I can't remember leaving the kitchen. I can't remember any conversations I had about it. Nothing. I am blank. What I slightly remember is - going to work the following Thursday, and talking to my co-workers about the events that took place 2 days prior. We had the radio on overhead, instead of music...for our benefit, as well as the customers... But I can't remember anything else.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

14, 13, 12, 11,

As of right now, I am officially a size 10. At the beginning of this year, I was a 14. Ridic. u. lous. And I'm preeeetty sure if I ate more healthy, I'd be at my goal weight by now. But I love food too much. I love it so much, that I put myself through pain. I hit the gym 4-5 times a week, and will literally kill myself... especially if I know good food is just around the corner. It doesn't make sense, I'm aware. But. Let's face it. Food is just too good. I have cut back on the snacking, controlled my portions, and don't drink soda but every couple of months or so... I'm doing better. :)

I was reading back on old posts, and man - did I have goals that I did not achieve. I was depressed over that for like 2 days. So, I'm over the goals. I'm just going to aim to be healthier. Maybe I'm meant to have curves. Whatever. I refuse to let myself get caught up in all the vanity that I'm capable of getting wrapped up in. I've been there. I'm from CA. Girls in CA, it's all they think about. That's why they're all bitchy - they don't eat. In Erie, it's not so bad... but, at the gym, I work out next to these snobby skinny girls who just look down on those that are over has been making me sick. Was I like that when I was strutting around in my size 3 jeans? Probably. I'm just 3 sizes away from fitting into my size 7s that have been hanging out in my closet. It may take me another year, but I don't care. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm more happier this way.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi September, you're early

I love this month. September is the month that leads you right into the holiday season... the Hartmans have a gazillion birthday wishes to send off - which starts the holiday festivities. Am I ready? No. Disappointed in me? Yes. At the start of the summer, Neil and I vowed to be ahead of September. Let's purchase birthday cards early, let's get presents all ready to go... Then when Sept is done, we'll prep for Christmas. Welp. None of this happened. September is here, and well... not prepared. But moving forward...I am excited for the Fall season. The California girl in me is just itching to experience Fall to it's fullest again... I'm excited to pull out my Fall decor, and even more excited to purchase more! Yankee Candle is just calling my name, crying out for me to buy some sort of Pumpkin-Spice-Autumn-Candy-Corn smelly goodness. (I can smell it all now.) My 1st real "decorting" holiday in my own home. Feels good. (I know, I know...What about Valentines, St. Pattys, or 4th of July... I just didn't think about it, ok!?)

*Side Note* Summer was so humid, rainy, and miserable - I'm just ready for it to go away!

I also told Neil I'm going to master new dinner and dessert recipes. I'm pulling out every cookbook I have, along w/the plethora of cookbooks my mother-in-law has..and just start experimenting. I truly feel God blessed us with this home, to share with friends and family... and I want to start new traditions with them. When Neil and I dreamed about owning a home, we always invisioned friends sharing it with us...
Mmm. Hopefully I won't scare them away with my cooking....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living Room Upgrade

As of right now, I have a bunch of framed photos hanging in my living room...on one wall. I have been on the hunt for a new inspiration to liven up the 4 walls in there, taking down what I've already nailed up. I'm so indecisive, it annoys the you-know-what out of me... Until I found this poster on
How awesome, right? I have decided I am going to use this as my muse. Which may lead to replacing my hand made curtains, but we'll talk about that later.

Friday, August 21, 2009

...I think it's back mo-jo
I have been in a rut. But this past week, I think I'm starting to come around again....yay.

It all started when I went to Corry last week, and just had the best girl time with my friend Laura. I needed it. I was always accustomed to having Brooke by my side 35 hours a week, and then some, because we hung out outside of work as well. Which means, I had girl time 35+ hours a week. I light bulb went off about a week and a 1/2 ago that I haven't been able to just gab it up with someone. This is all sounding so silly, but I don't care. It's the truth. I need girl talk. And I don't mean gossiping. Just straight giggling, stress relieving, what-have-you-been-up-to GIRL chats. I left Corry that night feeling back to normal. Plus, that baby of hers - precious! Evelyn has her mom's good looks, and her dads bubbling personality - in my opinion. Laura seems to think she looks like Jon, but I beg to differ. She definitely has her mom's curly hair. Her constant question of "was-sat!" just melts my heart.

Let's speed this post up, FYI:
Friday date day with Neil - Breakfast, District 9 (soo good), grocery shopping

Saturday, JW practice, which lead into a Hartman grill out with the boys. (Also, story time with Sean. Instead of reading the suggested literature from him, he is now going to give me a 15 minute run down of these books. So much quicker, and he tells it so well.)

Sunday, Neil's NFL Dynasty Fantasy Football Draft. 6 hours. 12 guys. 12 Dynasty Teams. (Remember my job last year? I did it again, but triple the madness. oh and back pain.) Neil didn't make any "panic picks", but he still has one more draft to go...

Autumn and company hang out on Monday - baby Emma is getting so big!

Tuesday, movie night with the Hamps: Time Travelers Wife (I cried, duh)

Wednesday, another trip to Corry with Sean and Neil in tow...very fun night.

Which leads to today. I got up early to go to the gym for the 2nd morning in a row. I will continue to take my weight classes in the afternoons, but these morning workouts are pretty dang awesome. The emptiness is very desirable.
Neil officially started his school year with an "In Service" day. There was a meeting, and then he got his classroom situated. Same grade, same classroom...he's looking forward to his 2nd year.

Now, it's a Friday night - and I'm sitting here at the computer, in my house - alone. Let's hope my weekend doesn't continue like this sad, pathetic Friday night....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 years as a metal mouth...

This picture freaks me out.
When Erin came up & around the corner w/the camera, my 1st instinct was to SMILE. Never before have I done that so willingly. I’ve always been self conscious about “are my teeth showing?”.
Behind that metal, is some major progress. As of Sept 11th they will have been on my teeth for 3 years. 3 years!!? Everyone was right, the time flew by! I spoke with Dr. Cardot at my last appointment and he is very hopeful that my “final stages” are just a couple months away. Both of my bicuspids (aka: fangs) came down, and are almost fully in place. Praise God! ALL I have to say about that.

Reason for the freak out? I’m literally shaking just thinking about my braces not being there. They’ve sort of been a comfort to me for the last 3 years. Not that I enjoy them, or the pain that goes along with them…I’ve just grown accustomed to them, and the fact I can hide behind them. It sounds strange, I know. I’ve been hiding behind my closed mouth smile my entire life. Sealed lips for a photo op, has now turned into a shiny metal grin – which I like hiding behind. Again, strange – I know. When the braces come off, I’ll have to adjust the way my mouth curves, and perfect the amount of teeth that should properly be showing…. The fact this is stressing me out, is sort of humorous. I’m ridiculous.

So many emotions are running through me right now. Anxious – check! Nervous – check! Excited – check! Denial – check! I need a break. I feel as if the last 3 years, I have been in a whirl wind of emotions. A lot of pain, physically & mentally...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?


3 out of the 5 seasons that I've watched this show, I always pick out a favorite. Season 2 was Ivan, who didn't make it to the finale. Season 3 was Sabra, who ended up winning the whole thing. And this year, season 5 is Jeanine. (I didn't watch season 1 and 4)

I think she is amazing!!! And I hope she wins it all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 Year Anniversary

This last Friday, July 24th - Neil and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Over the years, we have had our ups and downs, but in the end we're there for each other. He is my best friend, and I love him oh so much!
This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding day:

Up close and personal, I know. But I just adore it. Not only was this day amazing for the both of us, the entire week was packed with memorable moments w/family & friends. The last 4 celebrated July 24th, I make a comment to Neil every time - "wasn't that entire week so fun?!" And we go back in time & just feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Everyone was just there for us, emotionally & physically.
Since we bought the house this year, and started budgeting our money more wisely through Dave Ramsey's budget guide - we chose to lay low this year, stay in town, save some money. Again, the brat that I am - it took me awhile to get used to that idea. I wanted to celebrate big, go out of town. We haven't had a non-family oriented trip since our honeymoon, and I am really in need of one. Maybe next year.
Neil planned the whole day: Cracker Barrel breakfast, canoeing in the lake, Sara's for lunch, movies, then dinner at Peppino's. As the day came near, we were CONSTANTLY on watching the storms come in. Would this day even be possible? Instead of my Tuesday thru Thursday work week - I worked Monday thru Wednesday, having Thursday off to hit up an amusement park in Pittsburgh called Kennywood. The rain threatened our entire drive there, and just a little bit while at the park. But the great thing about the dreary weather was, no lines! The longest we waited was 10 minutes. Neil unfortunately was getting light headed from the rides, so we didn't accomplish too much in the 5 hours we were there.
Friday morning we woke up to thunder & lightening. We were hesitant to even start our day. After my shower, I wished my husband of 5 years a "Happy Anniversary" and became super confident that we would have fun! THANK THE LORD, we did all that we wanted to!!!! Breakfast at Cracker Barrel was glorious as usual. (They had out their fall/Halloween stuff already, and I bought the cutest owl plates, owl stuffed pillow, and a coffee to match. eee!) We went home & dressed for canoeing. It was 73 degrees out...with 94% humidity. :) My hair is not so keen on humidity, but thanks to my Pureology Super Straight hair products, I was ok. The sun was shining, and that's all that mattered. We canoed, & had such a great time. It was very relaxing. Not that we could go very far in it - they had rules. Lame, right? It was fun regardless. Erie actually has an annual "Discover Presque Isle" every year, and it just happened to be this weekend! So, immediately after canoeing, we walked on over & checked out some of the vendors and mingled with the locals. There is a place right on presque isle that rents out bikes of all shapes and sizes. Neil only wanted to do it if they had the 2 seater beach cruisers (tandem bikes), and they did! It was a little rocky in the sweet husband kept saying beforehand "Can you balance? Don't make us fall!!!" So sweet of him. Once we got the hang of it, it was very fun. I love being by the water, and the lake was absolutely beautiful today. The sidewalks are lined with trees and the cool breeze was so refreshing. Don't get me wrong, this whole bike ride experience was fun - but I'll never do it again. Single beach cruisers from now on!
After we brought the bikes back, we were hungry (all that paddling and peddling...) so we drove over to Sara's for lunch. A cold Coca-Cola sounded so refreshing to me, so I ordered that along w/a hot dog. We shared some curly fries, and Neil got a Coke float. As we were sitting there, we were discussing how there really aren't any movies we'd like to see - why not remain outside and take Cali to the park. So we did! She did very good training. :)
We then made our way home, and put ourselves together for our dinner date at Peppino's. This place was amazing!!! I ordered a steak, which might be the best thing I've tasted since my engagement dinner - which is still my favorite meal of all time (filet mignon). We were hesitant in ordering dessert because we could just go some where local & not pay so much. But when the waitress read the dessert menu & said "hazelnut cheesecake with chocolate syrup drizzled on top" I was sold. Neil said "I don't like hazelnut, I won't have any of it." But guess what? After I about went to heaven w/the 1st bite - I made him try it. I was right :) He loved it!!! And we both agreed it was worth the $8.
We didn't take too many photos of our adventurist day...I'm a little upset about it. But here are a few to enjoy:

Our Tandem bicycle for 60 minutes:

Our princess on her way back home from playing in the park:

Today was one of the best days I've ever had.
Happy 5 years babe!!

I've lost my mo-jo

I need to sort my thoughts out.
I am trying to understand what has happened in my life, to cause me to lose some of who I am. It's like I don't know how to communicate anymore. I'm boring. There was a time in my life, you couldn't get me to shut up. Talk, talk, talk, talk,talk.....
I think I was fun at one time in my life...? That people liked my company...
I don't know. Maybe it's the fact I don't have any of my best girlfriends out here for me to talk to? I'm feeling lost. I don't know what the solution could be...
I don't want to complain, or I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me. It's the strangest thing. What has happened to my outgoing personality? I feel I've been sucked dry.
Where have all my friends gone?
Why do people change?
You go from being someone's close friend - to being an acquaintance - to zero communication.
Mind you - I feel this is all my fault. I have serious issues. I take things too personal. I judge people, even though I say I don't. I get jealous over the silliest, pettiest things.

I need my mo-jo back.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Estate Sales... I love thee.
....UNLESS you are on a budget.
I had to pass up on one of the most amazing buys today, and I'm feeling sick to my stomach about it. It was this vintage couch-sleeper, pictured below:

I had made the decision to go with Rebecca, my Estate Sale Queen of a friend - and instantly regretted it. I should've said "no". Because what happens when you have the $ to spend, you find nothing, but when you have zero dollars - you find just about everything. We have been loathing our living room furniture. It's just bulky, and I'm over it! We walk up to this house, and my eyes instantly went to this vintage flower printed recliner chair. $20!!! (Mind you, I have $50 left of my "gimme money" left - with 9 days to go before my wallet is loaded up again.) I sat in it, discovered that it rocks as well. Its in perfect condition. Awesome. Rebecca and I then make our way into the living room. My eyes instantly go to yet another chair - same print as the one in the garage, but bigger - and instead of the recliner, it swivels and rocks. Awesome. This one was marked $30. I'm just about ready to walk out of this place - I feel my throat go dry. Oh no, we then walk into this back room where my eyes fall on this couch. We immidiately go to it, sit in it, and just smile at each other - this couch is amazing. And it's a sleeper. Perfect. They're asking $85 for it. At this point, I'm just freaking out...I need to GET. OUT. As we walk out, we see a table set up for "bid on items over $10." What?! Rebecca then explains this concept to me, and I decide "why not?" What are the chances that they'll call me?! Especially since I put amounts such as:
Flower printed chair (located in garage) - $10
Flower printed chair (located in living room) - $12
Couch-Sleeper - $50
I won all 3 bids. Can you believe it? I then go to ask my darling husband if we can go pick them up - to no ones surprise, the answer was "NO, I don't even like the couch." I had to make the dreadful - also embarassing phone call to Sue Bartlett letting her know that unless my husband sees it, he wants to pass. She had another buyer on the couch, and she was honest (a.k.a. blunt) with me and said "Honey, how about you pass and let someone else take it who is 100% on taking it." Ouch.
I love the couch. It would've been perfect in my living room. I could tell you that I knew Neil would like it w/o a doubt, when I chose to put the bids in, but then I'd be lying. Neil doubts EVERYTHING. The only way I win is if I just do it. Do what I feel is right. But with our new budgeting system, I didn't do it.
I now need a "furniture-house decor" budget - no joke.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About to go on a 3 mile walk with Neil and our 6 month old pup Cali...need this time and this workout!!!

Blessed to have a brother-in-law who knows computers...and can build computers. Working off one he built, and shipped to us. How nice, right? I know. We're blessed. He felt the need to build another one...and decided his old one should go to his younger brother. I can't remember the last time I worked off an actual computer that didn't sit in my lap. So nice. On top of all this nice-ness, our friend Adam had a desk that just took up space in his basement - and offered it to us! It is super nice, and fits perfect in our office. Now to get this room organized, and decorated - can't wait. I will definitely be making a pit-stop at Joann's Fabrics to pick out some fabric for curtains.

Alright, I best get going on this walk already.
It's 7:40pm - about an hour & 1/2 away from the sun setting - my favorite time of day!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welp. My goal has failed so far this week - and it's only Tuesday. The moment I pump up the speed on the treadmill, my shins just scream. Maybe it's my shoes? I don't know. But for now, I'll continue to diet, take weight classes, and walk on the treadmill at a fast speed - and at an incline.

Oh, and I haaate dieting...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New gym goal:

3 miles of cardio every day.
I've been trying out the treadmill again, not sure how long that'll last. I feel the elliptical won't get the job I need to add another mile to the goal.
I did purchase a new sports bra. I tried it out today, and it seemed to control the nonsense slightly better. I have to wear 2, but it's still uncomfortable for me.

I've also started dieting.

CA 2009

So this last week Neil and I made our way to good ol' California. We had mixed feelings going into the week. Very excited to have the time off of course, but dreading all that comes with visiting CA. The traffic, the dry heat, the chaos of driving too and fro. We love, love, love being in CA - visiting our friends....we just look at it differently now. Now, about the trip:

FYI style - sorry.
Night 1...
Late night fly in, pick up by Mr. Dunn. (Excited to be hanging out w/this guy)
Donut Corner, then Albertos (diet out the door at this point).
Day 1...
Rental car pick up.
Visit Transducer Techniques, my old work place.
Pedicure at my most favoritest nail salon: Instyle Nails.
In 'n Out for lunch. (Mouth literally watering right now thinking about this place)
Temecula Mall - saw the upgrades. Jealous that it's so AWESOME now!!!
Stir Fresh for dinner w/dear friends. (Jenny brought her b/f Ryan, so happy for my Jenny).
Donut Corner - again.
Day 2...
San Diego/La Jolla/Seaport Village/Downtown San Diego...yummy Mexican food!!
Neil had a guys night at Claim Jumper. I had my Jenny come visit me. Lots of girl talk!
Day 3...
Lunch w/some of my girlfriends at Red Robin.
Said bye to Jason, so sad.
Drop off luggage in Menifee. Spent some time w/the Q's & Nat...and finally met Baby Elsie! (She is absolutely precious!!!)
Headed to Redlands to visit my love, Natalee who is 7 months pregnant.
Market Night. We love us some Market Night :) Especially on such a beautiful night, and especially when you add Cucas to the night.
Back to Menifee. Davey joined us for Santanas mexican food. Super Nachos!! (again, no diet).
Day 4...
Vegas. My girlfriend Brooke tagged along for the weekend. So glad she did. :)
Arrived in Henderson where Eva now lives w/her husband Tony. Saw family.
Got our nails did.
Roasted in the 105 degree heat.
Brooke & I got some amazing blended fruit drinks next door to the salon. (Mine came with Red Bull blended right in. I needed this...soooo good!)
Checked into hotel. We stayed at Hooters - come on, it was cheap. Don't judge.
Dinner at Hard Rock.
Dessert in my room.
The other girls continued on partying it up Vegas style. Brooke & I were out. So tired.
Neil came back from walking the Vegas strip & we enjoyed some 25 cent wings downstairs in the Hooters restaurant. Wings + quality time w/the husband = nice relaxing way to end the night.
Day 5...
Lay out by the pool.
My friends Liz and Beka came to join us.
Eva & Tony's reception at the MGM Grand. (This hotel is super impressive! And fancy)
35th floor penthouse. Balcony that will make anyone dizzy.
Day 6...
Morning lay out by the pool. (Brooke & I were desperate for a tan...)
Drive back to CA.
Joined the Q's and E's in their backyard.
Portillo's for dinner. (Cheese fries, sooo good. Thanks to Bea for reminding me!)
Day 7...
Goodbyes at TTI.
In 'n Out for lunch.
Juice it Up!
Hang out by the pool w/Nat and Baby E..
Met Virginia in Murrieta at Los Primos. (So awesome to finally see her!!!)
Quality time with Virginia :)
Back up to Menifee for our last night in CA.
(Neil made his way back to In 'n Out w/DQ. Thankfully he brought some back to me! And a chocolate shake...)
Day 8...
Shannon and Bea took us to the SD airport. We were very happy to be heading home, but dreaded the travel time that came along w/it. We didn't roll into Erie until after 2:30AM. Being able to see my baby doggie was so great! I missed her so much!!!!!!
This time in CA was a reality check for us. We have a love/hate relationship with Southern California. We were always right in the middle with how we felt about moving back there. It seems less likely that we'll ever end up back in CA. In 2 or 3 years, we'll see how we feel.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1 week count down begins. We leave for our trip to CA a week from tomorrow. I'm getting really, really excited. It came out of nowhere. I love that. Neil and I are really looking forward to spending time with friends, and eating at the following restaurants:

Los Primos
Albertos (or an affiliation of Albertos)
In 'n Out
Stir Fresh

I need to also include major work out sessions into this vacation due to all this wonderful eating...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been meaning to post a blog about my life in PA versus the life I lived in CA...I'm literally writing down pros and cons of each, and I'm almost done.

So stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend

This past weekend is going in the books as one of my favorites. Friday and Saturday were full of running errands, and time in the sun w/a good book & music. Mind you, I didn't get far in my book because I can only read it when I'm laying on my stomach. What's funny about my new living situation is just how much I take advantage of the sun. When I lived in CA - my whole life - I loved being outside, but I could spend a good-weathered day inside, no guilt. But living in Erie, the moment the weather gets to be about 70, I make my way outside. I have to be out there. I don't care what I'm doing, as long as the sun is hitting my skin, I'm happy. I even hate being in the gym I've grown to be obsessed with... (Friday I had plans to get my butt kicked w/2 work out classes, and bailed because I wanted to remain on my jumbo towel out in my backyard).
Friday ended w/the playoffs on the television, and our good friend Dave over to watch. We grilled burgers and enjoyed the Cavs coming away w/a win! (Sorry Dave)

Saturday started off with my friend Ali & I driving around town looking for good yard sales. We found a lot of them, which was awesome. But, 3 hours later we only ended up w/a few items. We made our way to Peggy's (a diner by my house I frequently eat at) for breakfast, then headed home. I hit the backyard w/Cali, a book, and our local radio station blasting in the background. When I finally came around to reality, I got cleaned up and Neil & I made our way to Wegmans for some grocery shopping - which if you dont know us, it's one of our favorite things to do! Just having a house filled w/food is so comforting. The night ended w/the Lakers game against the Denver Nuggets. I have pure anxiety when I watch them in the playoffs. They came away with a WIN!

Sunday, breakfast w/Neil at Crackel Barrel. We made our way to Buffalo to pick his mom up from being in AZ for the last 3 weeks. (We've had her dog Andy this entire time by the way. Pure chaos is all I have to say.) Came home to watch the Cavs lose against Orlando. Not a good night for Neil.

Monday - my favorite day of the weekend. We decided to have friends over, those who didn't have prior engagements. It was a lot of eating, grilling, basketball shooting, basketball fetching when it bounced over the fences (2 separate yards it can go over), playing catch w/a football, chasing Cali, some xbox playing, ice cream from Connies (literally 2 blocks away, we walked), lots more basketball shooting...Sean and Neil decided to go inside & watch a movie. Adam & I decided to go play tennis.

Good weekend. Great friends. Feeling totally blessed...
**Side note: Didn't take any photos of the weekend, not sure what is wrong w/me!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sneak vs La La

Sneaky Cali versus La La Neil = a chubby baby doggie.
We are watching my mother-in-law's dog, Andy for the next 3 weeks...and he's a full grown, adult dog that requires a pretty good helping of dog food daily. Where as Cali, gets 3 separate feedings of 1 cup increments. Andy has had his bowl completely cleared out by this little one more then once, more then twice...I'd say around 4 times since Saturday. She is SUPER quiet and sneaky about it - she doesn't even chew, so we can't hear the crunching - just swallows. Pure gluttony. I had a discussion with my dear husband - please watch out for Cali, she'll be sneaky. Do NOT put Andy's food out unless you can keep an eye on her. The last 2 days I've come home to a swollen belly of a puppy. La La Neil explains "I was sitting right there, and I didn't hear her!" Right there, is the kitchen table. The kitchen table is a turn-around arm reach away from Andy's food/water bowl. La La.
Oh brother - Cali is on a diet.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 Year ago today...

...Neil and I left California.
Cannot believe it's been an entire year.
Time has just flown.
We've had some incredible experiences here so far, and know there are many more to come.

Neil and I have come across the topic of "do we see ourselves back in CA?" and we don't have an answer. We love both locations for different reasons. In the end, where God wants us, we'll go or we'll stay. It's up to HIM.

Happy 1 year PA.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cali and Spring Cleaning

Cali is almost 5 months old, and she has the best personality. Here are some recent pictures of her:

She's a happy baby doggie!

We just love her!

Last Saturday Neil and I did some cleaning. He was in charge of outside duties, and I took care of the inside cleaning. It was quite fun. And very fulfilling. I mean, we've been living here since January, and haven't been able to take advantage of what it's really like to be homeowners. Neil made purchases of both a lawnmower and a grill - 2 very important things, don't you think? The hold up has of course been weather. We have been waiting, and waiting....and waiting for Spring to finally get here - and it has. However, after Neil purchased the lawnmower, he did say, and I quote: "Screw being a homeowner." Captain Negative in full effect. Deep down I know he loves it. I did take some pictures of this occasion...and check out that tree we have in our backyard....
Also notice how Neil is matching the lawnmower. OH! And the above picture, in the background you see that truck parked? ....somewhat behind him....that is his Grandfather's old house.
We were able to put the grill to use right away! We invited the Hamps to join us. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we had such a great time!!!
Afterwards we took a walk down the street to Connie's for some ice cream. Literally...its just a block away. Trouble. Trouble indeed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As of today, the 29th day of April I have done 54.5 miles out of 60. I have 2 days left, including today - I'm pretty sure I'm going to surpass my goal. I'm pretty stoked about it. I did however switch from running on the treadmill, to the elliptical on April 13th. I was in too much pain. Not only were my shins being ripped to shreads, my knees hurt, my lower back hurt...and no matter how many sports bras I put on, there was no help in that upper department of my body. What is awesome about the elliptical is: 1-No pain, but sore muscles, and 2-I can work out my arms. I'm lovin' it!!!!! It's absolute heaven versus the treadmill. My husband seems to think that machine is pointless. I challenged him to get on one, and attempt 4 miles in 35 minutes....which is what I've been accomplishing...and he declined. He's scared.
I am trying to come up with a new goal for the month of May. I need to add lunges and sit-ups to my workout. Maybe 10-15,000 sit ups? 1,000 lunges? We'll see.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Not

I actually dislike that my birthday is the day before April Fools Day. I was supposed to be an April Fools baby - but like my typical self, I was early. No surprise there.

I need to blog about my crazy dog Cali. She is just nuts. She communicates with Neil and I in such a way, we just start laughing. She has a different grunt for when she's upset, when she is needing to go outside, a different more loud grunt when it's an absolute emergency (HURRY! I GOTTA GO!!), and more a whine-like-grunt when she's tired and she'd like to shnuggle with us. She even has a grunt for when she is cuddlin', and she's not comfortable...she'll give us this look like "Fix it". Precious.

I will post pictures up soon. As of 2-1/2 weeks ago, she weighed in at 17 lbs...I'm sure she's surpassed 20. We'll see at her next vet appt which will be this Saturday.

We love her.

I need to start shedding this weight. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I seem to be blogging only about this nonsense. But I feel the more I talk about it, the more motivated I am. I got in a text-arguement last night w/my friend Sean. According to him, there was no excuse for me NOT to work out yesterday...just because it's my birthday. I did however take Cali for a walk last night - which I thought would suffice, but no. I quote "doesn't count. do better tomorrow..." and "that's the neil in you talking; wake dawna up. dog walking is old lady stuff...." which I disagree completely. I love being outside, with a leash at hand. But I can see his point. If I want results, this working out business needs to get serious.
In the month of February, consisting of 28 days - Sean attempted to run 90 miles. (Note: I just edited that last sentence because I remembered it wasn't March he made the attempt, it was Feb..with only 28 days to accomplish the 90) He didn't succeed only due to a cold that lasted forever. Not that I'm a runner, it's the last thing in the world I like doing...but I figured I could do 60 miles in one month.

60 mile count down starts today...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

29 today

I recently posted a blog about how I dreamt of a rotten tooth completely falling out of my head... well my friend Shannon sent me this link:

If you choose to read the above article'll know all that I've been going through mentally. I woke up in such a panic after that dream and have been obsessing over what it could all mean.

Like a punch in the face - it makes sense why I dreamt what I did. Emotionally, I have been going through a lot. It's not fun for me, my friends or the husband who constantly asks: What is the matter with you today?

Thank the Lord I have been grabbing a hold of my emotions, and have been leaning on Him for strength. Hopefully I will start dreaming happy dreams - like I usually do.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two days left...

...until I become 29. The last year of my twenties.
I have the craziest thoughts going on in my head like, should I start purchasing anti-wrinkle cream? And analyzing my life - what have I accomplished in these 29 years?



Friday, March 27, 2009

rotten tooth

I had a horrible dream last night...more like nightmare.
It was in the future, and it's a week before I get my braces off. Neil says to me "Why don't you just take them off yourself?" Hmm. Why not? How difficult can it be? I start popping off the brackets one by one. Now since my fangs decided to stay up in my head for so long (they're being manually pulled down right now) they were super white! Which made the rest of my teeth yellow. Gross. I'm happy with the results though & think I need to get some whitening strips.
The following morning (dream-time: 5 seconds after a quick switch in the world of dreaming) I wake up to run to the bathroom to look at my teeth. HORRIFIED! The gaps came back in between my teeth, and my front tooth became rotten. So rotten, it fell out!!!!!

I woke up in a complete panic, using my tongue to feel around my teeth. Never been so happy to feel the metal.

Dear Dr. Cardot - I promise I will not take my braces off on my own...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Not only have I been hitting the gym, I'm feeling quite addicted to it - "Is there a class available at 5:30? What about 10am on Mondays & Fridays?" I many more weight classes can one take? So far, I'm in love with 4 during the week. But to get me to do any sort of cardio is like pulling teeth - or more like stomping my feet, arms being thrown every which direction, with pure crankiness "I don't wanna!!!" I attempted a Kickboxing class on Tuesday, and am still feeling the post-pain from it as I sit. I almost walked out. But even though there was a class of about 30, I felt all eyes were on me. "They'll see me slip out" what kept running through my head as I guzzeled water down my throat.
What my friend Sean and I have decided to do is keep each other accountable - when one goes to the gym, we text each other stating things like "Ran this morning" or "Weight class". Just a simple text to make the other feel AWFUL if they didn't make it in that day...or if one decides to sit around and watch American Idol instead of hitting the Elliptical (which is what I did last night) can feel guilty. Which is what I feel. Guilty. So, tonight - even though I won't be released from the Arena until well after 8pm - I will make my way to the gym in hopes I can squeeze in at least 30 minutes of cardio before the lights go out. We'll see.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gym rage!

I'm getting into the habit of hitting the gym, and it's quite satisfying. Regardless, I missed quite a few days last week - but I have an excuse. Surgery, once again on my mouth to help my bicuspid #11 tooth come down. Lame I know. I'm sick, sick, sick of all of it and CANNOT wait for all of this to be over. Okay, enough of that....
Gym. From my previous blog, and wanting to get in shape - I've been doing quite well. Just not eating as much junk, controlling my portions...and more importantly - eating breakfast. This is a hard habit for me to get into. I just can't get into it. But I'm working on it.

I have really enjoyed these weight classes that are available at the YMCA. Love it! The pain is a feel good kind of pain, like I accomplished something... If I were to go to the free weights that are in the "weight room" I'd be lost.

Mondays are by far my favorite day at the Y: Weights & Abs for 45 minutes, and then an hour long Yoga class follows afterwards.

Let's see what I can accomplish by June 22nd...
...June 22nd? Neil and I fly out to CA for a week long vacation. So excited!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Post Wedding Weight

When my husband came into my life, I barely ate anything...weighing a mere 120 lbs.. For those of you who know Neil, you know he can eat. He can eat, and eat, and eat...and then eat some more. Usually my leftovers. For some off the wall reason, I felt I needed to keep up with this habit. I had been in such good shape my entire life, the most athletic, die hard work out fanatic - I couldn't gain weight. Yeah right! I did, and FAST! Months before the wedding I got a hold of myself and hit the gym religiously and was in great shape for the big day.
Within a month of married life, I quit my gym and just worked out with Tae-Bo videos and going for walks. That didn't last long...
40 pounds later - I reached my highest, gawd-awful weight ever!!! 160 lbs. This is embarrassing. I've never admitted to this weight, now even to Neil. Why? He weighs 165 lbs.. Typing this, this very moment is scaring the crud out of me. I can't believe I let myself go this much. The weight just crept up on me. From my last doctor's appt, I weighed 148 lbs...but that was last summer. I actually threw out my scale, and base my weight loss on the jeans that exist in all sorts of sizes that hang in my closest.

So - the point is. I'm over weight. Since I'm 5' 3", I should weigh between 110-125 to be "healthy"...I'm aiming to weigh 125-130. I like some meat on my bones, and the cut in my arms of muscle. This past winter, with the new house, and settling in....Not to mention, the depression (S.A.D.) that smacked me upside the head - I had zero motivation to hit the YMCA.

My goal: To lose my Post Wedding Weight by my 5th year anniversary. That gives me 4 months to get myself back in my size 7 jeans that I just won't give up.

I can't believe I just blogged about this...
I'm hoping this will motivate me.
What does help is my friends Dave and Sean who have the same mind set - to just get healthy. We have to at least try and work out daily, and inform one another of it...if not, you're LAME. Spring is just around the corner, and we can't wait to hit the tennis courts - and I personally can't wait to start training/walking Cali outside.

I can do this.
I know I can.
I'm sick of myself and my size 13 jeans.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend of events!

My weekends start on Friday. Since I have 4 day weekends, I am able to do just about anything.

This weekend was booked solid.
Friday, started off great:
7:30am - Yep, I was awake this early. Why you ask? My dog knew I was just laying there & did her darnest to make the funniest sounds/howls to get me out of bed. We ventured into the living room & started to clean. Cali hates this mainly because I don't pay any attention to her - and I'm picking up all of her toys and placing them to an unreachable location. IPOD goes on and my finger scrolls in the circular motion to the "M's" - M for Madball. I can run the fastest, drive the craziest, and clean the cleanliest with that band rocking through the speakers. Plus they were here in Erie, and I was attending their show later that night.
By 10am I was done cleaning & mid-way through my laundry. I then start working on a baby quilt for my girlfriend Autumn - I'd like to note that the baby shower was just a day & a 1/2 later, talk about procrastinating. But quickly that had to be put away due to the fact she was on her way for a visit. What I love about having Autumn & Owen come visit is they're a great help in getting my 13 week old puppy familiar with people, and little ones. And I am one proud momma because Cali was amazing!!! She shared her toys, and played with Owen so well - it was so fun watching them RUN! It just brought peace and happiness to my heart because I want Cali to be the best doggie she can be - and I feel that she is on her way.
By the time my friends left, I had to get myself ready to pick up Neil and I had planned on surprising him with a Starbucks I had to get moving!

MADBALL came to Erie! It was a great night, with good friends, and one of my favorite hardcore bands. And of course, they were just amazing. What is silly is I don't know very many of their songs. I really don't. That was brought to my attention, at the show. They're still sooo good! Afterwards, we headed to Fox for a bite to eat. Good, good night.

Saturday was pretty strange. I ran around, took care of some errands. Headed over to my friend Rebecca's in hopes to be ahead of the game for the surprise baby shower/tea party we were co-hosting for Autumn. Bad news...Rebecca was sicker then sick. That made for a quick drop off of items, and an even quicker pick up of the cupcake mix for me to make at home. I then had to make my way to work...Motley Crue concert, and I was one of three working the box office. But let me tell you how entertaining it was!!!! Time just flew. I people watched like no other. Had to pick my chin up from the counter a couple times...these middle aged women man. Whoa!
A benefit of working that night: I was able to check out the chaos. MotleyCrue. What can I say? For one, they're old. But Vince Neil sure did move. Three songs later, I made my way home. I had cupcakes to make & a quilt to finish. Neil had some of his boys over, so I had to guard the cupcakes - and unfortunately move all of my sewing equipment into the bedroom. By 2:30am (3:30am because of the time change), the quilt was complete :) What I didn't realize was that the boys were still here, and were making their exit. Perfect timing.

Sunday morning was a rough one - I had a hard time getting up. But up I got. I had to make my way to Rebecca's to drop off everything before work. And yes...I worked on Sunday. There was a Sporting Expo held at the Bayfront Convention Center & I signed on to work a few hours in their box office. But I couldn't wait. I was working with Sue, who is one of my newest, most favorite people here in Erie. She is one of my Box Office co-workers, and is just sooo funny. I can't stop smiling & laughing when I'm with her. That time just flew. Quickly I rushed over to the Tea Party to finish the last tid-bit stuff before the guests arrive... And since this was a surprise, Rebecca & I were just crossing our fingers that through the grapevine she didn't find out. As her family started to arrive, and we got the finishing touches all laid out...we hear Autumn yell "I'm going to let myself in, if that's okay." Now, we told Autumn that we were spending the day - just girls...a time for us to just spend before she had the baby. We mentioned it was going to be a tea party with sweets to eat, we even told her to bring something to share (she brought cupcakes)... She walked in and was completely shocked!!!! It was soooo great to do this for her. From what we kept hearing was that "it is rude to throw a baby shower for a 2nd child" "people won't come"...and such other nonsense. We wanted to throw her this party because she has a son, and she really needed girlie stuff...and she really deserved time out with the girls. It was a great, great time!!!!

I ended the night spending quality time with my baba. I picked up Chinee and we watched movies the rest of the night.

What a crazy weekend!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I updated a couple of the pictures in the "We call this home" blog... I still haven't posted a picture of our bedroom. Here's the thing - it's not done. Nothing matches, and I can't stand it. We're going for warmth in our room, instead of style for the moment...not too pretty. I know, I sad is that?!!


Today I finally made the change in my cell phone number. We've been here 9 months, and it took us this long. Ridiculous, I know. I did have my reasons as to why I couldn't let go of my old number...and I'm quite surprised I went through it. This weekend was one of the hardest for me. I am very, very homesick - even as I type I'm getting all teary-eyed. It's so silly. Not sure what brought this on. Well, maybe I do. All of last week Neil and I were holed up in this house, sick and just unable to do a darn thing. That has nothing to do with anything... but it lead to me handing over a special package that needed to be shipped out- that had a specific deadline. My girlfriend Nat, who lives in CA, had her baby shower today. And I was bummed beyond everything that I couldn't make it. I wanted, I NEEDED to have that package to get to CA on needed to be there, since I wasn't. Long story didn't make it. I discovered that it was shipped out incorrectly. It's no ones fault. I was physically unable to leave my house to do this small task myself...but its reasons like this that I am obsessed with doing EVERYTHING myself. This is who I am. I can depend on myself.
Needless to say - Nat will receive her package, hopefully in tact, sometime early next week.

To continue on with my CA homesickness - I'm getting over it. Tonight didn't help much. Showing up at a restaurant w/Neil - meeting up with 3 of his friends - and there only being room for 4 at the table. Apparently no one knew I was coming. Good thing my husband informed everyone. I just wanted to run - run out the door, get back in my car, and go home. But instead, we moved tables. I definitely felt out of place. It makes me wonder if Neil ever felt this way in CA when we'd go out w/my friends? I hope not.

Oh! I did want to share my attachment to my old number...
7-Half of my favorite #
32-Old softball uniform# and favorite NBA basketball player (Magic Johnson)
24-Anniversary date
14-Favorite #

Pretty cool. I know.
Well...814 it is.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We call this home...

Living Room: Framed photos and art will be hung here shortly - once I make a decision as to where they belong. This could take months, so bare with me. Just stay posted.
This is our office. Originally I was going to paint the walls a soft black, trim everything white, and hang movie posters framed in white. Also, accenting the room with all sorts of nic-nacs. But after over hearing our friend Joel talk about wanting to paint a mural to add to his portfolio - I jumped right smack in the middle of the conversation & told him he could use our office. So for now, this will be the "before" picture.
This is the spare bedroom...aka MY room. Mine! I plan to make this room my get-away. A place I can sew and spend time in. I like doing arts & crafts, and quilting - basically, I create one hell of a mess when I get going. So I was very happy that there was a 3rd room I could call my own. My plans are to paint the trim white. Purchase bedding from Urban Outfitters (it's all picked out), and find unique curtains to match. This room is my summer project - a summer of yard sales and estate sales...I cannot wait to get started.
Oh and that's the bathroom.

Here is the dining area. The wall to the right will eventually have a Cherry Blossom tree painted on it.

The kitchen. This is what drew Neil and I to this house. We LOVE this kitchen. All the appliances were included, which of course was very appealing to us! To the right is a bench that came with the house as well. I love it!

Here is the basement: Laundry

Again, sorry for the darkness of the photo. Neil has many, many plans for this place. If you haven't heard, "jungle" seems to be the theme. This will be his space, as well as a place for entertainment when our friends come over. You can't really see...but there is a bar to the right, that we believe was custom made for this basement. Coca-Cola on tap? We're going to look into it. Ping Pong table? Yep, there's room.

Whoa-I just noticed what a disaster it is down there - sorry!!! One day it will all be organized. Cannot wait. There is actually another room, that will eventually turn into a 2nd bathroom. But that is months & months from now...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Negative 6 days....

...The Hartmans are officially home owners as of 6 days ago! Yay us! The events that went down this weekend in "FYI" fashion...

Signed papers
Received keys
Drove to the house, relished in it for about 10 minutes
Lowes shopping - finalized paint colors (pictures up soon)
Back to our home, taped off the trim - prep for paint
Friends stopped by and checked out the place :)
Saturday, woke up in a startled-like fashion...let's go, let's go, let's go!!! Paint awaits!
Prep work - aka primer the walls
Painted ALL day
Sleep time
Woke up in crazy pain. Didn't know I was using my calves so much.
(Neil however watched some NFL playoffs, as I listened via radio)
Sleep time, was completely exhausted, and in major pain.
Monday, brought over "kitchen" boxes.

Pictures up soon...
Tomorrow is moving day - pray for good weather :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meet Cali

She is just 4 weeks old, and I pick her up in 2 13 days. I'm so excited!