Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kalvelage wedding

This past weekend we celebrated our friends Bryan and Christina. It was such a beautiful and fun weekend. Neil has been blessed to have Bryan as a friend since very early on in his life. Not many can say they've been friends with someone for over 25 years. Growing up, I was barely friends with someone for 25 minutes I moved around so much. I am always astonished when I hear about friendships lasting so long. I love it.
Friday night was the rehearsal, and dinner:
Neil, Trevor and Lucas

Bryan and Neil

Bryan and Christina
After the rehearsal, we headed over to Bryan's grandparents' place where it was set up beautifully for a nice dinner. It was a great time spent reconnecting with family and friends we haven't seen in awhile. Christina is such a great addition to the Kalvelage family. Neil and I both just adore her entire family. Neil ended up staying the night over at Bryans. What was going to be an all nighter of boys playing video games, turned into a little bit of game playing - and then off to bed. Proof that these boys are getting old...
The next day was the BIG day! It was a hot/humid day. All it took was me going from the house to the car, carrying Jos - and I was sweating. Bleh. Thank God for air conditioning! I picked up Cindy, and we made our way to Grace Church. Found Neil. Took this picture:

While we waited for the ceremony to start, had to keep Josephine entertained:

After the ceremony, we had some time inbetween so I went home & put Jos down for a nap and got her fed. Cindy then came to my house - and we headed over to Zem Zem, a shriner's club where the reception was being held. I was really looking forward to having Josephine meet and spend time with family/friends - but she had other plans. Well...actually....this didn't surprise me. If I'm an eye shot of her, she gets upset that I'm not the one holding her - no matter where we are. Unless of course the one holding her is Daddy or Grandma. She will first give me this look like "am I okay?" and then that'll lead to "why would you do this to me? do you not love me?" kind of look. Then the tears will come. And it's not fake tears. It's serious. It actually got to the point that Grandma couldn't even hold her. I had to be the one. Trying to eat/drink with those crazy uncontrolled hands reaching - not so fun. I was sitting at Christina's family's table, and Cindy was at Bryan's...I cannot express how lovely these people are. They all offered to take Jos while I ate, deal w/the crying - and I did try it - but I didn't want to ruin everyone's time. Because when she cries - it's LOUD. Cindy ate, then like we planned - took Jos home & watched her the rest of the evening. Seriously. I have the BEST mother-in-law. Let me just say, my bicep was burning by the end of this day holding that 14 pounder. Neil and I got to dance and mingle. It was such a good time. Oh and when I say dance, I mean slow dance - and then the ladies (4 of us) danced when it was more fast tempo. It was such a great weekend!!!!! Neil and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it all....

Monday, August 1, 2011

4 Months

After a bath...

Not too happy about this, but it is cute...(notice the index finger on her nose?)

Cereal messyness. It's unavoidable.

Content in her high chair, hanging with mommy, watching Veggie Tales...

Right now I hear her in her room, talking and playing - awake 30 minutes early from her nap. So, I have to make this quick. Some things we've learned this past month? Doesn't care to drink/eat her formula past 3ozs or so. Would rather talk/smile with whoever is feeding her. The rest of her feeding is always a battle. *Sigh*. Likes cereal. Hates cereal after about 5 minutes. Likes being read to some days. Hates being read to other days. Sucks her thumb when tired. Sucks her thumb when she's upset & does it to calm herself. Loves Cali & always tries to grab her face. Can roll from her back to her belly. Cannot roll from her belly to her back. Loves her owl "lovey". Loves her giraffe w/all the gadgets in place of limbs (see photo directly above). Is extremely happy to just be with either mommy or daddy. Likes watching daddy play video games (ugh). Smiles/laughs at Veggie Tales. Likes playing "under the sea" (floor play thing). Is very ticklish. As soon as I make eye contact with her, a smile just lights up across her face...that makes me melt. I love her more and more each day....