Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 months...

So I'm nearing my 5 month mark, but I wanted to talk a bit about month #4.
As soon as I woke up on the 8th of this month, I felt different. I felt normal. As the day progressed, I felt this surge of energy. It was wonderful!
And my appetite was back. Boy, was I missing that!!!!
I try and eat healthy as much as I can. A lot of the time though, I want pizza. Mmmm PIZZA. And as soon as I crave something, I pretty much need it - NOW. I have to stop myself though, because if I did that for every craving, we wouldn't have any money. I eat every hour on the hour. I feel like I can never catch up. And it doesn't help that I crave things that I can only obtain in California. For example: California Burrito from Albertos. My most favoritest burrito in the world: carne asada, french fries, cheese, sour cream. Only Albertos does it right. They don't add some crap pico de gallo, and they put sour cream in it automatically.
I mean, can someone just overnight me one? I've eaten day old CA burritos before... :)
I asked Neil for a quick trip to CA, and I said something like "to see my friends and my mom..." but in reality, I want a CA burrito :) !!!!!! j/k - sort of......

My maternity pants continue to loosen up on me, around the hip and thigh area, but tightening in the belly region. I'm losing weight in places, but gaining in others. Still. Even though my box office co-workers started saying things like "wide load coming through"...nice, right?

Well month # 4 has been tremendous, and I'm looking forward to #5. Boy or Girl? I should find out. Neil says girl. My sister Eva says girl. Shan says boy (and sticking to it!). Brooke says girl. I haven't heard many other opinions.....but next Friday, the 5th we'll see. EEEEEK! I'm so excited!!!!! (I just remembered I had a dream last night, I got a text message from my doctor saying "it's a boy" - and I immediately posted it on Facebook, without even telling Neil. Oooops!)

I am sad to say that I won't be heading out to CA before the baby is born. I'm super sad about it, but know that it's just financially not possible. With nursery preparations, fixing up of the basement, snow tires for my car, and winter boots for myself :) .....I just need to stay put. And I'm okay with that decision. I wasn't at first. You all know me, and my stubborn ways.

Cindy - my mother in law - is already in prep mode for my baby shower.... how cute is she?
Neil has been absolutely amazing.....very attentive. He has his moments, but are you surprised? This is Neil A. Hartman I married. :) I love him. xo

I don't have a new picture of my baby bump yet - and I didn't want to post the same one you all have seen. Let's face it, the only people who read this, have seen my ghetto shot on FB.... I'll take some new ones next week.

Friday, October 1, 2010

3 and 3/4

I am almost at my 4 month mark...
Anything new pregnant-wise with me?
It's called puking.
I know, gross.
And it occurs just after 5pm everyday.
Everyone who said after you hit 3 months and start your 2nd trimester, you'll feel soooo much better...
You're wrong.
In my case anyway.
I started wearing maternity pants. Originally I was focused on just switching out my work pants only...because I sit all day, and my "regular" pants were making me uncomfortable. Buuuut, I got such cute maternity jeans - and they're so ding dang darn comfortable, I just made a full transfer over to them. :) Don't judge me.
I have been losing weight - everywhere on my body but my stomach and chest. I can see a big difference in my arms. And my pants, from above my hips down, don't fit at all. I now wear sports bras during the day, and sleeping bras at night. Nightmare. These suckers haven't grown in size, just got thicker. Does that make sense? Dear God, if they eventually get a lot bigger, I may just duct tape them in. Not kidding.
Still tired/exhausted. Don't work out at all. It's sad. I really miss it.
My eating habits haven't changed. I get hungry every couple hours, but don't want to eat. Haven't craved anything really....

My sleep is nuts. I usually get a really good nights sleep...and then randomly, like last night, got up to pee at 3am, and then couldn't fall back asleep until 6am. I always make my way out to the living room, put a dvd in, and get comfortable on the couch.

I just ordered "What to Expect when Expecting" - finally. I'm really looking forward to reading it. But I have learned to have an open mind about this matter what I read, or have been told - this is my pregnancy, and it is already very different.
I've been taking one month at a time. I am the most impatient person I know....and I have to play these mind games with myself. I refuse to think about the month of March. It seems like sooooo far away. Right now, let's get to 16 weeks (which is possibly this week OR next week...I'm going with this week - fyi.) And then after that....20 weeks.
I am dying to know if we are having a boy or girl!
I hear that I possibly could find out at 4 months...but again, am not depending on that. I just focus on the 20 week mark, when my doctor told me we could find out. Eeeeek! What do I think it is? A girl. But that could just be my wishful thinking playing tricks with me. :) But I would love to have a boy as well, a little mini-Neil. A sarcastic, trouble making, boy....scary, I know.

That's it for now.
I know, I know...I need to post baby bump pictures (Nataleeeee, I know!). But right now, I just look full.