Thursday, September 16, 2010

my pregnancy moments....

So far, the last 8 weeks that I've been pregnant-aware, I've had some moments....

When it comes to eating, I'm hungry every 2-3 hours...and it's just a bite of something, or a snack. To find the right food to eat? Now, that's the challenge. The worst days, are the days I work. I am packing my La La Land bag FULL of stuff. Anything from apples, raisins, fruit snacks, oranges to crackers, and then there's my actual lunch. OH! And don't get me started on breakfast. I just don't want to eat anything. If we had a Del Taco here, I'd be hittin' that place up EVERY. DAY. Not kidding. Mmmmmm, breakfast burrito, add bacon please. Yum. (I did attempt to make my own burrito yesterday morning, but no bacon. It was topped off with Del Taco's del scorchio sauce, courtesy of Brooke Lacy - it was pretty dang good!)
Some have asked if I've had any caffeine headaches... nope! It's so great. And strange. I really could care less for coffee. ME?! Not want an iced carmel macciato? Nope. Weird, right? Everywhere I've read that I should stay away from spicy foods, I could get heart burn really bad. Guess what? No heart burn. This baby loves spicy! Thank God. And I know you're all thinking she must be eating hot cheetos everyday then! Buuuuut, I'm not. I'm just not craving them. I did once, and Neil went out and got me some (love him!)...but that's all.
I really and truly am a California girl because I would kill for some great Mexican food, and In 'n Out.... Annnnnnd I have literally dreamed of food. Last night for instance, dreamed we got a Jack in the Box here in Erie. I woke up craving their tacos. It's just silly.

Okay, enough about food...
As far as being sick, and having morning sickness, I really haven't had it too bad. The nausea lingers all day, but that's about it. That doesn't count the last 2 days though...throwing up, not wanting to eat a single thing! So nuts. And here I thought, since I was starting my 2nd trimester, things would start to feel normal. (So far today, I'm feeling pretty good. Hoping it won't turn for the worst as the day progresses...)
I sleep a lot. I love sleeping, so that's fine with me. Unless I'm at work, then that's an issue...but I just drink cold water, and that wakes me up a little. On occasion, I'll wake up at night to use the bathroom, sometimes twice. Which sucks because I hate the dark. There are some nights when I'll wake up, and just can't fall back asleep. That's usually when I take myself out to the living room and watch tv. Those nights are not so fun.
My lower back seems to hate me right now. If I sit the wrong way, or get up a certain way, the pain is just takes my breath away sometimes. I'm sure it's only going to get worse. So I started stretching my back out more, which seems to help. And taking baths helps out too.
Now, physically. My belly is getting thicker. It's the only place my clothes don't fit. This week, I've been wearing my "when I feel fat & bloated pants" - and those are getting snug in the belly area. It's freakin' me out a bit because this munchkin is only the size of a lime right now... Everywhere else on my body, the clothes are loose. I think it might be time to go shopping. My mother-in-law is taking me out, and I'm quite nervous about it...but also real excited. I mean, what girl doesn't love to be able to let her belly out, and not have to suck in? :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


I am pregnant.
It's crazy.
This whole thing came to life about 7 weeks ago, our anniversary weekend. I was a week late, and had lost some energy. I've been late before, so I didn't think too much about it. I kept thinking I'll start tomorrow, I'm sure. 6 days later, I go to Walgreens and pick up a 2 pack pregnancy test. (I told Neil I needed tampons - I know, I lied! ....but if you know Neil, he would've FREAKED if he knew what I was really buying.) I also just happened to be in the middle of packing for our camping trip...great timing Dawna. So, just as we're done packing up the car, I decide to take the test. I am literally screaming - in a whisper - at this test. The 2nd line meant you're pregnant, and it just wasn't bright enough!!!!!!! I hide the test in my purse. The hour & 1/2 drive was just awful. I was feeling gross, and tired, and just wanted to go back home....and I was dying to talk to Neil about it.
We get to camp.
Set up.
It starts to rain. Great.
It stops raining. We go sit in our chairs.
And I break the news....soooo Neil, there's something I need to tell you.
His reply: oh no, what happened?
Me: ummmmm, I think I'm pregnant.
His eyes could not of been bigger, and this look of fright came across his face.
He says: how do you know? Did you take a test?
Me: Yes, and I have it with you want to see?
Neil: Yeeeeah, let's see if you read it right. (Thanks Neil) Well, it looks like you are. How do you feel? Are you okay?
Me: I'm okay, just a little freaked, and not accepting it. I need a doctor.
The rest of the evening we discussed anything and everything about it. I wasn't accepting it. Not sure what was up with that. It's not that I didn't want it. I've been wanting kids for as long as I can remember. I was at a point in my life where I thought maybe it wasn't meant to be...God showed me!!!! The rest of our time out camping, we got scared with the idea, then excited, then scared, then SUPER excited. We saw all these families everywhere, spending time together, and it made us real emotional with the idea of having that. We loved that.
We came home the next day, and I took the 2nd test - because I couldn't help myself. And sure enough - it was positive....again:

The following Monday, I called OB/GYN Associates of Erie at random because they were in Neil's health insurance book :) They were able to get me in on August 6th. The office was amazing!!!! Very happy with this... There are like 7 or 8 doctors, and they suggest I meet with all of them, because you just never know who will be on call the day I go into labor. I'm fine with that. But I do have a main doctor, Dr. Scutella. He's wonderful! Annnnd reminds me of Neil's brother - a lot. Dr. S. confirms I'm pregnant...I actually make him say it out loud by the way... and then suggests I get a sonogram to verify how far along I am. Just seeing the little peanut in there brightened up both of our faces...and the tech pointed out the heart flutter. Amazing. At just 7 weeks, you can see the heart.
At this point, we decide to only tell our closest friends, and family. I start making calls. (Of course, we told our parents the weekend I took the tests, and all grandparents involved are very happy...and very emotional about it.) My friends are so great by the way...and apparently, I'm predictable because some answered the phone "you're pregnant." Geez.
I really wanted to hold onto this news as long as possible. I wanted to complete my 3 month before I officially announced it to the world (aka Facebook)..and on here.
So...I'm 3 months (possibly 3 months & a week...Due date tentatively March 21st, or March 28) along. These last 7 weeks have been utterly strange to me. Why? Because I wasn't myself. I had no energy to do anything - let alone take my most favoritist class at the Y. It really bummed me out. I was (and still am) nauseous throughout the day, have a strange sleep pattern, and I've become even more pickier with food then I normally am. Not good. Neil has been quite wonderful in that department. He may *sigh* when I ask for a specific food item, but he goes and gets it....and does a really big *SIGH* when I ask to go out to eat - to get that certain meal that is on the tip of my taste buds....but that's my husband. I love him. It really makes me laugh. He knows I can't help the way I feel... this is something he has to deal with...and yes, that makes me laugh. If you know him, you know what I mean. <3 .
On the list for today's appointment was, hear heartbeat, see baby via sonogram, and take some blood. We did sonogram first. Immediately the tech says "Whoa, look at it move around!" You could literally see this sweet babe bend it's legs and jump. Over and over and over again. She had a hard time getting a shot, but we ended up with these:

I go back in 4 weeks... :) I really wish I could go every week. I just like being in the know.

Whether it's a boy or girl....we're extremely excited for this new chapter in our lives...
The other day, Neil started goofing around and I immediately pictured a mini-Neil...and them teaming up on me. Great.

Annnnnd look what we got in the mail last week from the Ensors!!!!!!

We can't wait for this kid to rock this shirt. We've set ground rules, no eating with this shirt on.....