Monday, August 23, 2010

My 2 favorite shows right now.....

I know, a lot of violence.
But another thing that is so great about these shows? Neil likes them! So, we get to watch them together. Believe me, he doesn't like much when it comes to television. And I'll basically watch anything....almost.

We're just about caught up with Dexter. Just a disc and a half left of the 4th season. I have to be careful with what time I watch it though. I can't let it be the last thing I watch before I fall asleep. For the fact I am routing for Dexter to go after the bad guy, makes me nervous as to what I'd dream about.... So, I have been playing Friends in my bedroom....just as I doze off.

The 2nd season of Sons of Anarchy could not come out soon enough! With the date of the dvd release, and the start of the 3rd season...that gives us about a week to watch season 2. Not a problem, that's for sure!