Friday, December 31, 2010


Neil's sick.
At first he just thought it was food poisoning...or just all the crap foods he's been eating, just at war. Met some friends for lunch w/o him today. Received a text requesting some crackers, soup and ginger ale. When I got home, there he was - on the couch, with chills.
How is this possible? We have avoided anyone and everyone w/the flu. He has even been sick a couple times already this last month. I caught one - and it came at me hard. It lasted 2 weeks. I was miserable. I just got over it. I am so scared to get this nasty flu.
I have gathered all my belongings: pillows, dvds, the laptop, and my word search and have hid myself in the guest room. About the word search, I've gotten into this terrible thing where I have to do 2 things at once. I can't just sit and watch tv. I have to add something to it. It's either solitaire or word search....or eating. :)

Tomorrow I will start my 7th month of pregnancy. Crazy!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My holiday season...

...was strange.
Since finding out I was pregnant, I have been taking one month at a time. I also kept thinking and discussing with Neil let's wait until after the holidays to get the nursery together... We both agreed that we didn't want to start buying things for the baby and nursery until the holidays were done.
They're done.
Just like that.
For me, it wasn't all warm and fuzzy. I just really wanted them over with. First time ever. The anticipation of 2011 and baby Hartman coming into the world, just over took me completely. I'm super ready to take down all the holiday decor and the tree...NOW...It's giving me anxiety that they're still up. And it's just December 27th.
However, I do want to share what amazing things did happen over the last week....

We had some friends, Clint and Minh visit from Chicago. The original plan was to all go over to the Atzert home and hang out. But due to the flu that attacked their household, plans changed to our house. Which was fine. My house was a disaster, but I had a couple hours to hide that. And it just so happened that I made a few batches of cookies that morning. So that worked out. :)
Clint and Minh brought dinner with them - PORTILLOS!!! Yum. Clint and Neil were in charge of prepping all of that....don't worry, Neil knows his way around the kitchen. The house started to fill with yummy smells, and fill up with some of our dear friends. Bearded friends at that. See what I mean....

Neil was off, starting last Thursday - and the personality change, there's nothing like it. Vacation Neil is soooo fun! (School/work Neil sucks. Weekend Neil is okay. Vacation Neil is the BEST!) We did some last minute shopping and just hung out. Christmas Eve we headed over to his mom's house for an all day event of eating and Christmas movie watching. My kind of day! We exchanged gifts with Cindy...she got us a video camera! Nothing too extreme, but just right for us. She is so thoughtful. Her main reason for getting it for us? So I can share baby H moments with my family. Love her. She can't help but give us money. And I was sort of, somewhat hoping for it - why? Because I've had my eye on this certain diaper bag for well over a year now. I blame Natalee Gregson. She has one, and once I have my mind set - there's really nothing that will compare. As soon as I saw hers, I took a picture of it and branded the name Petunia Pickle Bottom into my brain so I wouldn't forget. And I haven't. Trying to convince Neil to purchase this expensive bag for me, just wasn't working hahaaaa....and I wasn't I knew I'd have to save up for it. Cindy gave me enough for more then half the price. And Neil surprised me with $$ as well. Best. Gift. Ever. - especially from him. So I have more then enough! Yippy!! Neil told Cindy what I had planned on doing with the $ - and the look on her face. haha "why would you want to spend that much money on something like that?...." Hey! Don't judge! (Of course I said it in a nicer tone. And it's not that expensive. Geez. Plus, I'm CA bred, does it surprise anyone that I'm somewhat this way?) *Whining* I can do whatever I want w/my Christmas money, so there!
Okay, enough of that nonsense....
This year was different as well because we decided not to give/send gifts to our list of peeps. That was hard for me because I love shopping, especially for others. But with baby H coming - add that to Neil's money anxiety - we thought it was best. I was hoping to catch my friends in time before they started to shop, but my "on top of it" friends had already started. We received some really great gifts. Best of all? This:

by Dave Quiggle

So, so, so sorry for the bad photo.
But how amazing right? Can you see how the little one has eyelashes? Just like her mama! This gift had me in tears.
There are only 4 more days in 2010...
Cannot wait for 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Cali...

Mama loves you!!!!!!!
She may be crazy. And doesn't behave herself like a good baby doggie when people are around. But she is my munch and I love her OHHH so much!!!!
She turned 2 years old yesterday.
Such a big girl!
Neil and I always reminisce about how when she was 4 weeks old, it was mid-January and we went to just pick a pup out of the 4 that were Pittsburgh, in the middle of a blizzard. It probably took us almost 3 hours to get there, but we didn't care. Our house was purchased, and we were moving in, in like 2 more weeks. We still can't believe we did that. We arrived and was greeted by Tyson, Cali's dad. Boy was he tough looking and scary. I look at the owner and ask the obvious "is it okay to pet him?" He laughed and said, you noticed he's the only one loose in the house? Neil and I immediately fell in love with Tyson...pure sweetness just poured out of this dog. We went upstairs and there were the 4 female pups. I picked up each one, hoping and praying I would just know which one to pick...after the 3rd one I got nervous. (We definitely accepted the fact that if I didn't connect with one, we'd just head back home.) I then looked up and saw one still in it's bed, just sitting there with this look like "who are you people?" I went and picked her up, she did exactly what I wanted her to do ....she shnuggled in my neck. (Just like Balboa did when I picked her up waaaaay back then!!!!!!!) I looked at Neil and said, she's the one! As I cuddled with my new pup, sitting on the floor, there was a certain father sitting right next to me, with his face in my face - I looked at the owners again and asked "is this something I should be nervous about?" And they laughed and said "He's just hoping you'll cuddle with him..." Thinking about that now, just how close Tyson had to be with me, Cali is exactly like that. Precious! She is soooo shnuggly and always has to be close. Especially at night when we're in bed. Who needs blankets in the winter when you have a doggie heater keeping you warm? (....but needs a fan on her at night in the summer....)
We were hanging out there for about an hour or so, and were so sad that we couldn't take her home right then. A week later we closed on our house. Week after that, moved in. Day after that, made a trip to Pittsburgh. Best weekend ever. As soon as I picked her up she gave me a little kiss on my face. I melted.
Here she is, our munch...

Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Cali-Cali!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

6.0 + 1 week

This last week has been quite an interesting one. First of all, I started my 6th month of pregnancy. It's going by fast....just not fast enough. I'm feeling the little munchkin more and more these days. One morning she had me up at 6am, and I believe she was doing some sort of water aerobics in my tummy. I was enjoying every second of it. I almost woke Neil up to feel, but we all know what happens when you wake that man up...
Neil got this terrible cold over the weekend, and by this last Friday, I was infected. It might be the worst cold I've ever experienced. Throat on fire. Stuffed up nose. Foggy head. Slight fever. And it's's still in full effect. I can't sleep because it just gets worse when I lay down. Sucks.

On Monday, Neil got to use his fancy new snow blower. He was sick, but I can tell he was enjoying it. But check these pictures out:

You see the tissues stuffed up his nose? Poor guy. But quite precious I must say.
I always have Mondays off, and the hardest part about that entire day, while Neil was at work....just sitting here. I actually like going out and shoveling snow - ONLY because it's a great work out. That's it. But I also have a very high respect for our postal service, as they have to walk out in this weather, and I hate when the walkway isn't clear. Hate it. I would've gone out, but I know myself. I would've over done it and probably hurt myself.

And yesterday, I gave in. I took some pictures of myself. I had Neil take some, but I didn't like how those came out. So, here's what I got:

I keep hearing that I'm small for 6 months. I disagree. I feel gigantic.

Friday, December 3, 2010

3 lbs, feels like 10 lbs

At my appointment today, on the scale, it stated that I gained 3 pounds in the last month. Seriously though, it feels as if I've gained 10lbs. Wait. Maybe I gained 8 lbs...I'm hoping Neil will be home soon so I can ask what my last weigh in weight was. Huh. I'm starting to get scared. Did I really gain 8 lbs?!!!! In 4 weeks. No. No. No.
Well. What can I do? Every time I even mention going back to my "clean" eating ways, I get hands waved in my face don't you do that to yourself, eat what you want, you're allowed....
I don't want to gain more then 30 lbs in this pregnancy, so far - I've gained 13 (possibly 18) pounds. I have been eating crap. And if you know me, you know I don't eat veggies, unless it's a salad. This weight? It's all belly and boobs. I just took a picture of myself, which I won't post, and I'm in disbelief. I know, this is supposed to happen. But I'm freaking out about it. I'm actually losing weight everywhere else on body. My left arm, you can actually see half the face of my "nine" tattoo, when before, you could only see the tip of the nose (if that). I know I wasn't exactly skinny before this pregnancy, but this is harder on me then I anticipated.
Don't worry, I'm not one to starve myself....I'll keep eating, every hour on the hour.... but I need to get back to the gym. At least it may help my self esteem....

Maybe if I'm in a better mood later on, I'll post a picture. Maybe.

The saddest news I got today, was that I won't have a sonogram until my 8 month mark. Not until February?!!! What are they doing to me?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

name stress

I have always wanted kids. Whether I would be blessed with them or not, was never sure. Still, you would think that a name would be set. Over the years, with Neil teaching and all, he's come across every kind of name you could think of. And if you know me, you'd really think one had been planned. Well, guess what? That is not the case in the Hartman household. We can't settle in on one. We always loved the name:
Now that it's a reality. Not so much. Well, for me anyway. You can't cut it short anyway that I like. I know you think that's strange. But this is what I think about at night when I can't sleep. Then there's the song "Sweet Caroline" - it doesn't bug me now, but will it? My entire life, except the years here in Erie, I've been sung "Oh Donna" by Richie Valens as soon as I've introduced myself. It never did bug me though. I liked it. As for other names we like:
I'm sure the list will only get longer....
And as you can see, we like older names. We don't want to create a name or go with something more modern.
Oh and sharing these name ideas with others, doesn't help the situation. Do people have opinions or what?! My mother in law warned us "Don't tell anyone what you're going to name your child, it'll only make you mad." It hasn't made me mad, just more frustrated. I like hearing others opinions on things, it's just who I am. So if you're reading this, and want to give your opinion, please feel free.
Alright. I was hoping that posting this would help me, but now all I want to do is go name hunting again.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am super sentimental this year, and cry every time I think about what I'm thankful for... let's see if I can get through this post....

I am thankful for:
God, and all His blessings
My wonderful husband who makes me laugh and loves me, even during my crazy
Flutters in my tummy, I can't get enough
Cali, my wonderful sweet pit bull (love proving people wrong about what they think of pits with you)
My CA and NE family and friends - I miss you all so much!
Pennsylvania family and friends, thanks for making Erie feel like home away from home

I am so excited to start this holiday season, my favorite time of year. Next year is going to bring a whole new light to the season, and I can't wait....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

22 weeks along today.
Thanksgiving week.
Brooke Lacy birthday week.
Thanksgiving dinner w/family.
Possible Black Friday early morning outing.
Traditional Hartman turkey dinner w/mama Hartman, and Mrs. Erin Hamp (Sat. night btw).
Christmas lights!
Christmas season!
Christmas movies!
Christmas craft show at the Warner Theater.

Amazing week ahead....I love this time of year.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Comment I received from my last post from our dear, sweet friend Micah:

The thought of a mini-Dawna is precious but........ she may come out (God help us all) as a mini, female, Neil Andrew!!! And yes I am sure she will shout "I HATE BABY JESUS" in the middle of church just to spite you! Only time will tell and I for one am on the edge of my seat!

I have been laughing for the last 10 minutes. Why? Because these are actual fears of mine. Neil wasn't a pleasant child....the above actually happened to my in-laws in the middle of church. My daughter could turn out to be just like me, shy and well behaved. her father. Stomping on newly planted flowers "because I felt like it". Hearing these stories about Neil's childhood always make me laugh. If our child goes down this path, hopefully we'll hold back our laughter - at least until we are hidden away behind closed doors.
Umm. I doubt it.

The anticipation is killing me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My munchkin? It's a GIRL....

Basically since month #2 I've felt I was having a girl. I would beam with excitement, and then think oh wait, what if it's a boy? I can't be disappointed... I mean, everyone knows I wanted a girl, but wasn't sure if it was possible. Hello! My sister has FOUR boys!!!!! Annnnnd Neil's family is run by males. What were my chances? Don't get me wrong, I would've been completely happy with a boy. A mini-Neil? How precious is that?
As the days, weeks progressed, my feelings only grew stronger and I would try and change them. Friday morning, the day of my appointment, I stood in front of the mirror and said it's a boy. I know it sounds silly...I just didn't want to be disappointed if the tech were to say it's a boy. My feelings of it being a girl were sooooo strong, so of course it didn't work.
It didn't help that last month Neil actually said, with much confidence "it's a girl, why do we even need to check?!" Ever since 'kid talk' he has loved the thought of having a daddy's girl....and would smile ear to ear picturing her being a mini-me. *tear
The day was finally here....boy or girl? We walked into the room, and we were asked "so, do you guys want to know what you're having?" We replied with a big "YES!" We start talking w/her and she asked if I thought the baby was one or the other...which I told her my feelings of it being a girl. She moves around my tummy and for what seems like forever she says "Well, it looks like you both are having a girl." I, of course, made her say it again. I couldn't believe I was right. Neil and I high-fived, and I started to tear up. So happy.
She was so tucked and turned the other way, that I didn't get any good sonogram photos. I do however have to go back in a week....since she was so tucked, and had her arm tucked under her chin, the tech couldn't see her heart. Her heart sounded very strong, but they like to see it. So, I go back in a week. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures then.
Annnnnnd I just realized I didn't take any photos of myself. Sorry. I do plan to go out and run errands tomorrow, so I'll attempt to get a shot in :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The last couple of weeks I've gained some bizarre pregnancy symptoms:

Nose bleeds
Hands falling asleep
Carpal Tunnel

I just happened to read the nose bleed one in my book, and I thought it was the strangest thing I'd ever heard! Low and behold, 2 days later, nose bleed.
Then the hands falling asleep business....I'll wake up at night, and both are just snoozing away. And as of today, my right hand is choosing to give me signs of carpal tunnel. Great.

It really is entertaining to, what's going to happen next?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 months...

So I'm nearing my 5 month mark, but I wanted to talk a bit about month #4.
As soon as I woke up on the 8th of this month, I felt different. I felt normal. As the day progressed, I felt this surge of energy. It was wonderful!
And my appetite was back. Boy, was I missing that!!!!
I try and eat healthy as much as I can. A lot of the time though, I want pizza. Mmmm PIZZA. And as soon as I crave something, I pretty much need it - NOW. I have to stop myself though, because if I did that for every craving, we wouldn't have any money. I eat every hour on the hour. I feel like I can never catch up. And it doesn't help that I crave things that I can only obtain in California. For example: California Burrito from Albertos. My most favoritest burrito in the world: carne asada, french fries, cheese, sour cream. Only Albertos does it right. They don't add some crap pico de gallo, and they put sour cream in it automatically.
I mean, can someone just overnight me one? I've eaten day old CA burritos before... :)
I asked Neil for a quick trip to CA, and I said something like "to see my friends and my mom..." but in reality, I want a CA burrito :) !!!!!! j/k - sort of......

My maternity pants continue to loosen up on me, around the hip and thigh area, but tightening in the belly region. I'm losing weight in places, but gaining in others. Still. Even though my box office co-workers started saying things like "wide load coming through"...nice, right?

Well month # 4 has been tremendous, and I'm looking forward to #5. Boy or Girl? I should find out. Neil says girl. My sister Eva says girl. Shan says boy (and sticking to it!). Brooke says girl. I haven't heard many other opinions.....but next Friday, the 5th we'll see. EEEEEK! I'm so excited!!!!! (I just remembered I had a dream last night, I got a text message from my doctor saying "it's a boy" - and I immediately posted it on Facebook, without even telling Neil. Oooops!)

I am sad to say that I won't be heading out to CA before the baby is born. I'm super sad about it, but know that it's just financially not possible. With nursery preparations, fixing up of the basement, snow tires for my car, and winter boots for myself :) .....I just need to stay put. And I'm okay with that decision. I wasn't at first. You all know me, and my stubborn ways.

Cindy - my mother in law - is already in prep mode for my baby shower.... how cute is she?
Neil has been absolutely amazing.....very attentive. He has his moments, but are you surprised? This is Neil A. Hartman I married. :) I love him. xo

I don't have a new picture of my baby bump yet - and I didn't want to post the same one you all have seen. Let's face it, the only people who read this, have seen my ghetto shot on FB.... I'll take some new ones next week.

Friday, October 1, 2010

3 and 3/4

I am almost at my 4 month mark...
Anything new pregnant-wise with me?
It's called puking.
I know, gross.
And it occurs just after 5pm everyday.
Everyone who said after you hit 3 months and start your 2nd trimester, you'll feel soooo much better...
You're wrong.
In my case anyway.
I started wearing maternity pants. Originally I was focused on just switching out my work pants only...because I sit all day, and my "regular" pants were making me uncomfortable. Buuuut, I got such cute maternity jeans - and they're so ding dang darn comfortable, I just made a full transfer over to them. :) Don't judge me.
I have been losing weight - everywhere on my body but my stomach and chest. I can see a big difference in my arms. And my pants, from above my hips down, don't fit at all. I now wear sports bras during the day, and sleeping bras at night. Nightmare. These suckers haven't grown in size, just got thicker. Does that make sense? Dear God, if they eventually get a lot bigger, I may just duct tape them in. Not kidding.
Still tired/exhausted. Don't work out at all. It's sad. I really miss it.
My eating habits haven't changed. I get hungry every couple hours, but don't want to eat. Haven't craved anything really....

My sleep is nuts. I usually get a really good nights sleep...and then randomly, like last night, got up to pee at 3am, and then couldn't fall back asleep until 6am. I always make my way out to the living room, put a dvd in, and get comfortable on the couch.

I just ordered "What to Expect when Expecting" - finally. I'm really looking forward to reading it. But I have learned to have an open mind about this matter what I read, or have been told - this is my pregnancy, and it is already very different.
I've been taking one month at a time. I am the most impatient person I know....and I have to play these mind games with myself. I refuse to think about the month of March. It seems like sooooo far away. Right now, let's get to 16 weeks (which is possibly this week OR next week...I'm going with this week - fyi.) And then after that....20 weeks.
I am dying to know if we are having a boy or girl!
I hear that I possibly could find out at 4 months...but again, am not depending on that. I just focus on the 20 week mark, when my doctor told me we could find out. Eeeeek! What do I think it is? A girl. But that could just be my wishful thinking playing tricks with me. :) But I would love to have a boy as well, a little mini-Neil. A sarcastic, trouble making, boy....scary, I know.

That's it for now.
I know, I know...I need to post baby bump pictures (Nataleeeee, I know!). But right now, I just look full.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my pregnancy moments....

So far, the last 8 weeks that I've been pregnant-aware, I've had some moments....

When it comes to eating, I'm hungry every 2-3 hours...and it's just a bite of something, or a snack. To find the right food to eat? Now, that's the challenge. The worst days, are the days I work. I am packing my La La Land bag FULL of stuff. Anything from apples, raisins, fruit snacks, oranges to crackers, and then there's my actual lunch. OH! And don't get me started on breakfast. I just don't want to eat anything. If we had a Del Taco here, I'd be hittin' that place up EVERY. DAY. Not kidding. Mmmmmm, breakfast burrito, add bacon please. Yum. (I did attempt to make my own burrito yesterday morning, but no bacon. It was topped off with Del Taco's del scorchio sauce, courtesy of Brooke Lacy - it was pretty dang good!)
Some have asked if I've had any caffeine headaches... nope! It's so great. And strange. I really could care less for coffee. ME?! Not want an iced carmel macciato? Nope. Weird, right? Everywhere I've read that I should stay away from spicy foods, I could get heart burn really bad. Guess what? No heart burn. This baby loves spicy! Thank God. And I know you're all thinking she must be eating hot cheetos everyday then! Buuuuut, I'm not. I'm just not craving them. I did once, and Neil went out and got me some (love him!)...but that's all.
I really and truly am a California girl because I would kill for some great Mexican food, and In 'n Out.... Annnnnnd I have literally dreamed of food. Last night for instance, dreamed we got a Jack in the Box here in Erie. I woke up craving their tacos. It's just silly.

Okay, enough about food...
As far as being sick, and having morning sickness, I really haven't had it too bad. The nausea lingers all day, but that's about it. That doesn't count the last 2 days though...throwing up, not wanting to eat a single thing! So nuts. And here I thought, since I was starting my 2nd trimester, things would start to feel normal. (So far today, I'm feeling pretty good. Hoping it won't turn for the worst as the day progresses...)
I sleep a lot. I love sleeping, so that's fine with me. Unless I'm at work, then that's an issue...but I just drink cold water, and that wakes me up a little. On occasion, I'll wake up at night to use the bathroom, sometimes twice. Which sucks because I hate the dark. There are some nights when I'll wake up, and just can't fall back asleep. That's usually when I take myself out to the living room and watch tv. Those nights are not so fun.
My lower back seems to hate me right now. If I sit the wrong way, or get up a certain way, the pain is just takes my breath away sometimes. I'm sure it's only going to get worse. So I started stretching my back out more, which seems to help. And taking baths helps out too.
Now, physically. My belly is getting thicker. It's the only place my clothes don't fit. This week, I've been wearing my "when I feel fat & bloated pants" - and those are getting snug in the belly area. It's freakin' me out a bit because this munchkin is only the size of a lime right now... Everywhere else on my body, the clothes are loose. I think it might be time to go shopping. My mother-in-law is taking me out, and I'm quite nervous about it...but also real excited. I mean, what girl doesn't love to be able to let her belly out, and not have to suck in? :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


I am pregnant.
It's crazy.
This whole thing came to life about 7 weeks ago, our anniversary weekend. I was a week late, and had lost some energy. I've been late before, so I didn't think too much about it. I kept thinking I'll start tomorrow, I'm sure. 6 days later, I go to Walgreens and pick up a 2 pack pregnancy test. (I told Neil I needed tampons - I know, I lied! ....but if you know Neil, he would've FREAKED if he knew what I was really buying.) I also just happened to be in the middle of packing for our camping trip...great timing Dawna. So, just as we're done packing up the car, I decide to take the test. I am literally screaming - in a whisper - at this test. The 2nd line meant you're pregnant, and it just wasn't bright enough!!!!!!! I hide the test in my purse. The hour & 1/2 drive was just awful. I was feeling gross, and tired, and just wanted to go back home....and I was dying to talk to Neil about it.
We get to camp.
Set up.
It starts to rain. Great.
It stops raining. We go sit in our chairs.
And I break the news....soooo Neil, there's something I need to tell you.
His reply: oh no, what happened?
Me: ummmmm, I think I'm pregnant.
His eyes could not of been bigger, and this look of fright came across his face.
He says: how do you know? Did you take a test?
Me: Yes, and I have it with you want to see?
Neil: Yeeeeah, let's see if you read it right. (Thanks Neil) Well, it looks like you are. How do you feel? Are you okay?
Me: I'm okay, just a little freaked, and not accepting it. I need a doctor.
The rest of the evening we discussed anything and everything about it. I wasn't accepting it. Not sure what was up with that. It's not that I didn't want it. I've been wanting kids for as long as I can remember. I was at a point in my life where I thought maybe it wasn't meant to be...God showed me!!!! The rest of our time out camping, we got scared with the idea, then excited, then scared, then SUPER excited. We saw all these families everywhere, spending time together, and it made us real emotional with the idea of having that. We loved that.
We came home the next day, and I took the 2nd test - because I couldn't help myself. And sure enough - it was positive....again:

The following Monday, I called OB/GYN Associates of Erie at random because they were in Neil's health insurance book :) They were able to get me in on August 6th. The office was amazing!!!! Very happy with this... There are like 7 or 8 doctors, and they suggest I meet with all of them, because you just never know who will be on call the day I go into labor. I'm fine with that. But I do have a main doctor, Dr. Scutella. He's wonderful! Annnnd reminds me of Neil's brother - a lot. Dr. S. confirms I'm pregnant...I actually make him say it out loud by the way... and then suggests I get a sonogram to verify how far along I am. Just seeing the little peanut in there brightened up both of our faces...and the tech pointed out the heart flutter. Amazing. At just 7 weeks, you can see the heart.
At this point, we decide to only tell our closest friends, and family. I start making calls. (Of course, we told our parents the weekend I took the tests, and all grandparents involved are very happy...and very emotional about it.) My friends are so great by the way...and apparently, I'm predictable because some answered the phone "you're pregnant." Geez.
I really wanted to hold onto this news as long as possible. I wanted to complete my 3 month before I officially announced it to the world (aka Facebook)..and on here.
So...I'm 3 months (possibly 3 months & a week...Due date tentatively March 21st, or March 28) along. These last 7 weeks have been utterly strange to me. Why? Because I wasn't myself. I had no energy to do anything - let alone take my most favoritist class at the Y. It really bummed me out. I was (and still am) nauseous throughout the day, have a strange sleep pattern, and I've become even more pickier with food then I normally am. Not good. Neil has been quite wonderful in that department. He may *sigh* when I ask for a specific food item, but he goes and gets it....and does a really big *SIGH* when I ask to go out to eat - to get that certain meal that is on the tip of my taste buds....but that's my husband. I love him. It really makes me laugh. He knows I can't help the way I feel... this is something he has to deal with...and yes, that makes me laugh. If you know him, you know what I mean. <3 .
On the list for today's appointment was, hear heartbeat, see baby via sonogram, and take some blood. We did sonogram first. Immediately the tech says "Whoa, look at it move around!" You could literally see this sweet babe bend it's legs and jump. Over and over and over again. She had a hard time getting a shot, but we ended up with these:

I go back in 4 weeks... :) I really wish I could go every week. I just like being in the know.

Whether it's a boy or girl....we're extremely excited for this new chapter in our lives...
The other day, Neil started goofing around and I immediately pictured a mini-Neil...and them teaming up on me. Great.

Annnnnd look what we got in the mail last week from the Ensors!!!!!!

We can't wait for this kid to rock this shirt. We've set ground rules, no eating with this shirt on.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

My 2 favorite shows right now.....

I know, a lot of violence.
But another thing that is so great about these shows? Neil likes them! So, we get to watch them together. Believe me, he doesn't like much when it comes to television. And I'll basically watch anything....almost.

We're just about caught up with Dexter. Just a disc and a half left of the 4th season. I have to be careful with what time I watch it though. I can't let it be the last thing I watch before I fall asleep. For the fact I am routing for Dexter to go after the bad guy, makes me nervous as to what I'd dream about.... So, I have been playing Friends in my bedroom....just as I doze off.

The 2nd season of Sons of Anarchy could not come out soon enough! With the date of the dvd release, and the start of the 3rd season...that gives us about a week to watch season 2. Not a problem, that's for sure!

Friday, July 30, 2010


When planning our 6 year anniversary weekend - it was a mess, to say the least. We just couldn't decide what we wanted to do. But then camping came up in conversation. Interesting. I love camping. I grew up camping. The issue? We didn't have a lick of camping gear. Then began the hunt for the right tent, lantern, camp site, etc....

Location: Cook's Forest. Campsite: Locust Lodge/MacBeth Camp Grounds
As we drove the 1.5 hours it took to get there, we pretty much drove in the rain the entire trip, and were trying to beat out even darker clouds that were following us... This place was amazing. So green. So quaint. This campground was definitely a LOT smaller then the others, which is why we decided on it, and we were happy we did. Here are some pictures:

We got set up, and hauled our belongings into the tent - just in time. We decided on an "electric" site just for this very reason. We brought along our portable dvd player. Boy, did it come in handy. We had a slight break around 8pm, and we quickly made dinner...

And since we were basically on the Clarion River (picture below):

We canoed!
We originally planned on doing the 10 mile trip, but it was too expensive. So, 4 mile it was... it was breathtaking....the weather was perfect. We had such a good time. (And I'm aware that these pictures look familiar to last years anniversary weekend because we canoed Lake Erie. Oh well. Maybe this is a new tradition...)

And everytime...

My husband is a doofus.
We ended up leaving a couple hours after canoeing - the air was so thick with humidity, that we both just couldn't take it. The 1st night of not sleeping was enough. Regardless, it was the best camping trip I've ever been on. Why? Besides the obvious of just being out in the forest with my best friend - they had clean bathrooms and showers, and the camp crew (the MacBeths) were so helpful and pleasant.... We already can't wait to go back in the Fall.

The anniversary weekend continued with a date night to the movies. Church on Sunday, and a visit down to the yearly "Discover Presque Isle"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a crazy week this has been.
JW on a mini-tour.
I feel like I should get into what kind of crazy ordeal they've gone through, before they even hit the road - and then it continued...but I'm just glad to put it behind us and just pray God uses these boys for the next 3 days. Without another glitch? That would be amazing.

I do, however, want to talk about the ordeal in this house - her name is Cali. What is wrong with her? Allergies. What is she allergic to? No clue. But we're officially on the road to finding out. About 93% of her life, she has been scratching, rubbing, gnawing some part of her body...and we've done just about everything. I think I even posted last fall about taking her to a dermatologist about an hour and a 1/2 away in hopes they had answers. Unfortunately, because she was still considered a puppy, they really didn't want to do too much. Hoping "she'll grow out of it." Gave us a prescription, and told us we were to keep them posted as this summer came along... Well. It's so much worse this year. After speaking with her dermatologist, we are having blood drawn and then shipped, and tested in their office. (Shhh, she has no idea. And I'm pretty sure she'd go squeeze herself under my bed if she found out.) Thankfully we can just have her vet here do the drawing of the blood, and then shipping it off.
I am scared to hear what the results food? New laundry detergent for us? Throwing out of the new mulch that was put in our backyard just months ago? I have no idea what to expect. We love her, and just want what's best for her - so we'll accommodate...
Look how cute she is:

And yes, she's sleeping on my pillow. She's a very clean baby-doggie and I just love her oh so much!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The weather has been tremendous!!!!! Other than a few thunderstorms, we've truly had great summer weather so far. Not that I've taken advantage of it. I haven't been to the beach yet. Shocked? I know, I am too. No tennis or bicycling or running. I'm hoping to make it out to the beach this weekend...but guess what? It's supposed to rain on Friday. BOO! Of course, the weather is great up until then...while I'm at work. Maybe I'll just bring my beach gear with me to work tomorrow, and head over there afterwards.....sounds great to me!

This past weekend was a ton of fun! (Except the actual 4th of July holiday...I'll get to that later)
Friday, Autumn, Taiya, Carly and I went to the 11am showing of Eclipse. We think, it's been out 3 days, it's the 1st showing of the day, how crowded could it get?! Autumn and I casually got breakfast at Cracker Barrel and took our precious time heading over to the theater. As we pull up, around 10:30, Autumn says "What the crap?!" Two lines. TWO LINES have formed outside of the theater. Is this a joke? We get in line. And we feel completely and totally silly. We're 30, standing in line for a movie made for teenagers....We weren't the oldest of the bunch, let me tell you...and there were even some kids there, 10 & under. To me, inappropriate. Whatever. I had bought our tickets a few days before, so we were covered...and it seems a majority of the people needed their tickets still. We got good seats, and were very, very happy about it. The movie was good. Why they make movies based from books - and then change things and leave stuff out, is just beyond me. I wish I could ask someone...
Regardless, it was a good time.
That night, the Q's came over and we hung out. Dan, Jon, and Adam were there as well. Sean was M.I.A.!!! It was soooo great to see the Q's, and spend time with them. Everytime they're here, I instantly have to remind myself I'm in Erie. And that they still live in CA. It just doesn't make sense that Shan and I have switched states...
Saturday was a blur. I really can't remember a dang thing! I do remember the Q's and Adam coming over again that night...and we did s'mores out back. Did I take pictures of this? Nope.

Now, the 4th. Everyone else had places to go, people to see....annnnnnd we didn't. We tried to be okay with it, but as we started hearing the fireworks going off, we felt a little left out. There really wasn't anywhere worth going to, to see fireworks...the last 2 years, we've gone to the Lake, but they didn't do that this year....

Welp. It's July. Anniversary Month for us Hartmans. What are we doing? We have no clue. Every year we do this to ourselves. We've come up with either camping, Niagara Falls, Williamsburg...and I just recently thought to go to Chicago. With Neil just coming back from tour the weekend before, he won't want to travel too far. So, who knows what we'll end up doing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 NBA Champs/22 years later...

1988 Los Angeles Lakers
The team you see above, is the team I remember watching at the age of 8. My mother, who didn't give a rip for sports or anything on tv back then....was forced to "sit on the couch and relax and watch a basketball game" by my father. He just wanted her to relax, and enjoy the night. Well, I don't think he asked for this crazy-lunatic of an NBA fan to come out of her...and to this day when he yells at her for glass-breaking-you-jump-out-of-your-skin screams, I remind him that "you did this to her." It makes me wonder what my childhood, and my life would've been like without the Lakers... without the purple and gold...? I have no clue. What is awesome about my mom is, she isn't only a Los Angeles Lakers fan, she's an all around basketball fan. No matter who is on tv, she'll sit and watch, and she'll cheer.Male or female.
My mom, as you know is straight from the Philippines, and her english is broken up, and it takes an interpreter (her kids) to let you know what she is saying...but once you get used to her slang, it makes sense... Well, she doesn't read. But what she does read, every morning, is the Sports page. She must have her coffee (with sugar and cream) and her NBA news....or you will die. No joke.
I don't know what it is about this year, and these finals, that made me want the Lakers to win sooooo bad. Maybe being so far away from home, and missing my mom (and her purple & gold outfits on game day...) ....But when I watched these last 7 games, I felt like I was home. (Side note, I am a little thankful that my mom wasn't near me because every time I'm with her for a game, my heart jumps out of my chest with her out-of-no-where screeches.) Or maybe it was the constant banter from Lakers haters that I was getting all around me...even from back home. I don't trash talk. I refuse. I will defend my favorite team of all time 'til my dying breath, but not if they played badly (which last night, wasn't pretty) ...I learned that from my mom. If they lost, but they played well, if they played hard - then that's okay.
Being out here in Erie, really makes me feel alone. Everywhere I turn, someone was letting me know how much they despise the Lakers (except Erin & Leroy!) and they just could not see the Lakers winning. They have no chance. They hate Kobe, blah blah blah. Thankfully Neil hates the Celtics just as much as I he was routing for L.A....which was nice to cheer along w/someone. Until last night. He had to get up early this morning, so he went to lay down in bed during the 3rd quarter. They weren't playing good basketball, and it was getting real frustrating there for awhile...and Neil came up out of bed to say "Dawna, I'm sorry but the Lakers lost this." I couldn't believe him. Doesn't he know they always shine in the 4th? So I screamed "It's only the 3rd quarter! How dare you. GET. OUT. OF. HERE!!!"
When I was 16, there was tons of news about this 18 year old kid coming into the NBA straight out of high school...and boy did I think he was good looking & an amazing athlete. Kobe Bryant. I sat on my living room couch in South San Francisco watching the draft, just praying he'd be picked up by the Lakers. Nope. Damn Charlotte picked him. Then within the hour, on the bottom of the screen, the rolling news states "Kobe Bryant traded to the Los Angeles Lakers." I screamed. Back then of course I thought I would eventually become a Laker girl, and he and I would get married. haha.... My mom dreamed this too by the way. Sorry mom! It didn't work out like we planned!!!! (And unfortunately 2003 was not a good year for him, he committed adultery. I was literally heart broken. This sounds so dramatic, I know...but being such a huge fan, you just can't help but feel disappointment.)
Last night, I thought I was going to vomit. The final few minutes were so intense!!!! But in the end, they won and I was jumping all over my house in the dark (our lights are on a timer, and they turned off just after 11pm) and I ran in and jumped on Neil. EEK!!! So fun. I am so happy!!

I then turned on my computer, and bought a couple items. Shhh, Neil doesn't know yet. (But in reality, I haven't pulled out my "fun" money yet....) I bought a Championship shirt, and a hat. I refused to buy any Lakers gear this year because I didn't want to jinx it. Since buying my car, I have been dying to purchase a license plate frame...but couldn't. I can now. Booooyaaah!!!!!

Not sure if 2010 can get any better than this....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I haven't been running.
I said it.

No reason. Just no motivation.
Shannon - I have no clue how you can run on the treadmill. You are my hero. You cannot keep me on that thing past one mile. But I have a new goal, along with my previous goal of running 3 miles in 30 minutes..... Accomplish 3 miles on a treadmill. I refuse to run out in the cold, so I have to do this. I have to. (And yes, I have an ipod, and there's a tv attached to my machine...and I still can't stay on there.)

Push Up Challenge update: Last Tuesday was 55 push-ups, I took 2 breaks, but did it. And then I missed Thursday....which I'm assuming was 60 in a row. I'm in big trouble today, because that means an added 10 since I did them last....and I didn't do any over the weekend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy couple of weeks.
Braces - OFF! Waahoo!!!!!

And no, I am not constantly rubbing my teeth w/my tongue. That has been my #1 question. It's crazy because I'm not. It was probably the longest (almost) 4 years of my life...but it's like, I still have them on or something. I don't know, it's hard to explain. The hardest habit would be that I don't have to cover my mouth when I laugh, and to allow myself to smile. I used to hold back smiles. Can you believe it? The biggest surprise was that I wasn't an emotional wreck. I had tissues in my pocket just in case I had a break down. But I didn't. I did however, feel like a grown up. So strange.

Last week I was able to get all my post braces stuff done. He shaved down my fangs, and fixed my chipped tooth - all in a matter of 5 minutes. How awesome is that?! Neil and I had set money aside for whatever I wanted to get done, just knowing it wasn't going to be cheap. But guess what?! It was! $170. That's it. Neil, of course, was BEAMING after he heard the news. I also didn't plan on him doing the procedure right away. But since there was extra time, which is very rare for this extremely busy dentist, he said "let's do it right now! You ready?" Was I ready? What kind of silly question was that?

Here I am....

Now, with this extra $$ in savings - we have a few options...
a) Anniversary vacation somewhere we haven't been
b) New couch, w/some decor
c) Trip out to CA (this would entail an extra few days on a trip that will soon be in works...we heard some great news over the weekend. Our dear friend Carol is engaged!)

**Side note: Just last week, I completed my 3 miles - without a break. (Yay!) But, it still took me about 37 minutes to do. I'm sloooooow...
AND - this week, doing 50 push-ups in a row...moving forward w/this 100 push up challenge. I can't do them on my toes after 30, so I bring my knees down. I was supposed to work on this challenge over the weekend, to prepare myself for the 50 this week - but I didn't. I'm in trouble.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On my quest to run 3 miles in 30 minutes isn't going so well. Why? The weather. In the last 2 weeks, I've been able to run twice. The 1st time, the weather was just perfect. The 2nd, I was going against the wind - one way...and then it helped me on my way back, which of course was awesome. I did make an attempt to run on the treadmill last Thursday, and lasted .82 miles. Yep, point. eight. two. miles. Bored.
This week, due to the new schedule at the gym, I've had to switch things up a bit...
Monday - 4:30 Weights, 5:30 Kickboxing
Tuesday - 5:30 Weights, 6:30 Kickboxing
Wednesday - Day off
Thursday - 5:30 Weight, 3 mile attempt (on the treadmill...ahhhhh!)
Friday - 3 mile attempt (treadmill), 4:30 Weights

And then Saturday and Sunday I will run as well.........but I will only do so if I can run outside.

The weather has just been crappy! Back in high school, no matter what was going on outside, my coaches made us practice. I remember doing sit ups in the mud, while it hailed. No joke. But I don't have a coach. I have me. I have promised myself, and am forcing myself to hit the streets this weekend - NO MATTER WHAT!!!! We'll see how I do. Rain isn't going to hurt me. Put a rain coat on for goodness sakes!!!!!!! Geez Dawna.

Oh and my one (favorite) instructor at the gym, Deborah, has got us doing the 100 push up challenge. By July 29th, 100 push started last week. Eeek!

Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Years and counting....

As of this past weekend, we have officially been in Erie for 2 years.
For some reason I can't find some of my pictures...and I'm actually frantic about it, so I'm going to use what I have....

There were a few more people that helped us pack up, not sure where they are actually. But TJ, Alex and Leroy - you were not forgotten. (Just not sure why you weren't in this photo) This was a really sad day for me. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. In a flash, our lives were packed up and squeezed into this truck. Neil and I created a life here - knowing we'd leave it eventually because we hated it there - but still, it was our first home.

I love this photo:

Our apartment.

What we looked like for 2500 miles...

8 months after being here, we bought a house and very shortly after (a week) we brought home this little munchkin who we call Cali. Look how cute. Seriously.

And this is Neil enjoying our backyard last summer. I just noticed that he is wearing socks with his sandals. I'm slightly embarrassed right now. What is he? Asian? (I'm allowed to say that, I'm asian...but I would never do this. This is a crime! How did I not see this?!!!!!)

I need to find my pictures. There on this computer some where. Hopefully. Despite the cold winters, we have really enjoyed living in Erie. Spring, Summer, Fall, family, friends, no traffic, good food, the Lake, my job and this house....It is all that we had hoped for. God truly blessed us. We are so thankful.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 18th

Today, it was confirmed that I will have my braces (finally) removed on May 18th. How long have I had them on? Well, let's see....

As of today, roughly 3 years, 7 months and 22 days.

Day of removal: 3 years, 8 months and 7 days

I've been nervous and excited all at the same time for many things in my life, but this....This is more like FREAKING OUT and jumping out of my skin - mixed emotions to it's highest point. I almost don't want the day to come, because I don't know what I'll do with myself. I know I'll cry, that is inevitable...and I'm pretty positive it'll happen the moment my eyes awake for the day.

Until then....

*I've changed this post now 3 times due to schedule changes....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Team Jack

Wow, I just realized what big smiles we all have on our faces. We just finished a 6.2 miles walk, running the very end of it because we wanted to finish within 2 hours... To be here, and be a part of this really meant a lot to me. I don't know Kevin and Taiya (the couple to your left) very well, but when the opportunity came to walk for this cause - Neil and I jumped right on it. As you can see, we are the only non-family members here... but we felt like family, and it will be a day I will never forget. (Taiya and Carly swear they didn't plan their outfits for the day - but come on!)

Kevin and Taiya lost their baby in child birth just about a month ago. Taiya heard of the March for Babies event, just a week before the walk...and the 2 of them decided to go for it. They got their team set up, and set a goal on an amount they'd like to raise. I mean, with only a week... they each put a low dollar amount. Kevin told me, during the walk of course, that he kept jumping up his goal because it kept being surpassed. How great is that?

The Fallons have many plans for next year shirts, loading up on carbs the night before....I can already see this being a yearly tradition, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of my bestest friends Brooke came and surprised me on my birthday. (I know this is late, but I just now got around to uploading my photos from my camera.) goal of taking more pictures this year - didn't exactly happen while she was here. But I did take a few...
Here we are at the Erie Zoo. It was super dreary this you can see.

This is us at Niagara Falls... It was cold!!! It was so amazing though.

And here is Neil trying to feed this black squirrel. We have never seen a BLACK squirrel!! We were freaking out. And then it was actually going up to him.

**Oh, and on a side note - this is me with Flat Kobe.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I just re-read my last blog.
Today, I was running around town trying to get pictures for my nephew Kobe - he sent me a colored picture of himself, "Flat Kobe" and I needed to take him around my community for a class project. So, today was the day. I really hope I'm not all that late returning this to him... (On the letter it said, "please return before school ends in May." What does that really mean?

Well. As I was walking along Presque Isle with my bestest friend on four legs - Cali - I started to appreciate my life, and was thanking the Lord for all that He has blessed me with. I know there is a lot I need to work on in my heart, but I do feel blessed.

I may complain a lot. I tend to be dramatic about stuff...yes, I do realize I'm dramatic... But a majority of my life has been about God's timing and living life with the attitude of the glass half FULL. Not sure what's going on with me, or with my attitude, but I don't like it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God...
...for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."

-Philippians 4:6 & 11

I have an issue. I am not a patient person. And I really feel God is teaching me patience. Actually, it's more like a Class on Patience, with a student count of ONE...and I'm on the 3 year plan. I'm not happy about it. I find myself fighting. Like, actually fighting in prayer. That doesn't make a bit of sense, I know. It ends w/laughter because who can really fight the Almighty?
It's literally one thing after another, after another....after another. From buying a house, decorating the house, to buying a car, to having kids, down to the construction of my teeth ....everything has been this waiting game. And just when we think something is going to come through - bam! There's a hold up. (Now, we have a home - and thank the Lord every chance we get for it.) But everything else... my patience is wearing thin.

I am literally going crazy. I feel like, everything I ask for - gets put on the back burner.

(I know this isn't true, and I know in due time - all of the desires of my heart will be answered.)

Neil and I cannot begin to count our blessings, for we are truly blessed. This blog is mine, and mine alone - and I can vent if I want.

I just hope God will give me my degree already, and let me pass...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank You?

So...funny story. I was asked to work today in the office. It's Friday. I never work on Fridays, but I don't dare say no at an opportunity to earn extra money. Of course. So, since the beginning of this week - we had the most amazing, perfect weather - high 70s, just gorgeous. I started to dread coming into work today.

I said a little prayer: "God, please let there be crappy weather on Friday since I have to work, and I can't embrace this Spring weather you've blessed us with."
Yeah. I said crappy.
Well, as I left for work this morning - it started to snow. Thank you Jesus...I think. Snow though? Oh well. Bad weather is bad weather, right? (At least it's not sticking....)
On a fun note, this is what I drive up to when I get home....So pretty.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brace Face coming to an end....

.....and I'm bittersweet about the whole situation. I had an orthodontist appointment last Monday, and my doctor, Dr. Cardot said "See you in a month, and we'll schedule the day to take the top braces off."
I'm slightly FREAKING out about the whole situation. So many emotions....

Monday, April 5, 2010

March Maaadness

I started the month off slowly getting off the "healthy eating" train...and within hours of landing in CA, I was completely off. (There was no way I'd be in CA for 5 days, and eat healthy...who are we kidding?) Weeks that followed, I did not improve these old habits of snacking, drinking soda, laziness... nope, I did not. Why? Birthday. I had it set in my head that my Birthday week would be filled with crap eating anyway....why eat healthy now?
But guess what? Birthday week is over - and boy did we celebrate!!! I'll have to post more about it in another blog because I have a few pictures to share - that I'm just too lazy to upload at this very moment (hence the word LAZY)...but it was a good time. Ate a LOT, and didn't make it into the gym all that much. (I even slept for 3 hours today, 3pm-6pm...with no attempts to make it to my 6:30pm Weights Class....laaaazzzzy and bleh.)

Neil and I, as you all know, love food. With the history in Neil's family, he should not be eating the way he eats. And we've come to the decision to eat healthy together. When I started the year off eating "clean" I did it alone. As of tomorrow, according to him "what you cook, I'll eat." We've decided that during the week, only healthy eating. Saturdays and Sundays, we can venture off a little bit. I mean come on, Spring is here - and grilling season is around the corner.... Burgers and hot fudge sundaes... We couldn't do without!

Today is Neil's last day of Spring break, and we're ending the vacation on a sluggish, but oh so yummy note: Chinese take out! And yes, today is Monday. But vacation ending trumps Monday. So there.

*Plus my goal of becoming a runner by the end of the year isn't going to happen on it's own. But now that the weather is nice, I'll take the attempt to the streets....

Tomorrow is a new healthy day! (I hope so anyway)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 15th, 2010

I'm back tracking a little bit because I just stole the photos below from Virginia. I thought they were really fun, and I wanted to share them....

Outside of Rio Rico's, where we ate lunch - we decided to take time out & take pictures. Apparently Brooke and I thought something was funny. It was probably an attempt I had at smiling - which I have to say, I mastered on this very day. And to think, just the day before I had issues with my eyes bugging out.... and then there's Virginia and myself. Lastly, a shot of the 3 of us....

I'm still hunting for more pictures from these 5 days in CA that I can steal....