Friday, December 31, 2010


Neil's sick.
At first he just thought it was food poisoning...or just all the crap foods he's been eating, just at war. Met some friends for lunch w/o him today. Received a text requesting some crackers, soup and ginger ale. When I got home, there he was - on the couch, with chills.
How is this possible? We have avoided anyone and everyone w/the flu. He has even been sick a couple times already this last month. I caught one - and it came at me hard. It lasted 2 weeks. I was miserable. I just got over it. I am so scared to get this nasty flu.
I have gathered all my belongings: pillows, dvds, the laptop, and my word search and have hid myself in the guest room. About the word search, I've gotten into this terrible thing where I have to do 2 things at once. I can't just sit and watch tv. I have to add something to it. It's either solitaire or word search....or eating. :)

Tomorrow I will start my 7th month of pregnancy. Crazy!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My holiday season...

...was strange.
Since finding out I was pregnant, I have been taking one month at a time. I also kept thinking and discussing with Neil let's wait until after the holidays to get the nursery together... We both agreed that we didn't want to start buying things for the baby and nursery until the holidays were done.
They're done.
Just like that.
For me, it wasn't all warm and fuzzy. I just really wanted them over with. First time ever. The anticipation of 2011 and baby Hartman coming into the world, just over took me completely. I'm super ready to take down all the holiday decor and the tree...NOW...It's giving me anxiety that they're still up. And it's just December 27th.
However, I do want to share what amazing things did happen over the last week....

We had some friends, Clint and Minh visit from Chicago. The original plan was to all go over to the Atzert home and hang out. But due to the flu that attacked their household, plans changed to our house. Which was fine. My house was a disaster, but I had a couple hours to hide that. And it just so happened that I made a few batches of cookies that morning. So that worked out. :)
Clint and Minh brought dinner with them - PORTILLOS!!! Yum. Clint and Neil were in charge of prepping all of that....don't worry, Neil knows his way around the kitchen. The house started to fill with yummy smells, and fill up with some of our dear friends. Bearded friends at that. See what I mean....

Neil was off, starting last Thursday - and the personality change, there's nothing like it. Vacation Neil is soooo fun! (School/work Neil sucks. Weekend Neil is okay. Vacation Neil is the BEST!) We did some last minute shopping and just hung out. Christmas Eve we headed over to his mom's house for an all day event of eating and Christmas movie watching. My kind of day! We exchanged gifts with Cindy...she got us a video camera! Nothing too extreme, but just right for us. She is so thoughtful. Her main reason for getting it for us? So I can share baby H moments with my family. Love her. She can't help but give us money. And I was sort of, somewhat hoping for it - why? Because I've had my eye on this certain diaper bag for well over a year now. I blame Natalee Gregson. She has one, and once I have my mind set - there's really nothing that will compare. As soon as I saw hers, I took a picture of it and branded the name Petunia Pickle Bottom into my brain so I wouldn't forget. And I haven't. Trying to convince Neil to purchase this expensive bag for me, just wasn't working hahaaaa....and I wasn't I knew I'd have to save up for it. Cindy gave me enough for more then half the price. And Neil surprised me with $$ as well. Best. Gift. Ever. - especially from him. So I have more then enough! Yippy!! Neil told Cindy what I had planned on doing with the $ - and the look on her face. haha "why would you want to spend that much money on something like that?...." Hey! Don't judge! (Of course I said it in a nicer tone. And it's not that expensive. Geez. Plus, I'm CA bred, does it surprise anyone that I'm somewhat this way?) *Whining* I can do whatever I want w/my Christmas money, so there!
Okay, enough of that nonsense....
This year was different as well because we decided not to give/send gifts to our list of peeps. That was hard for me because I love shopping, especially for others. But with baby H coming - add that to Neil's money anxiety - we thought it was best. I was hoping to catch my friends in time before they started to shop, but my "on top of it" friends had already started. We received some really great gifts. Best of all? This:

by Dave Quiggle

So, so, so sorry for the bad photo.
But how amazing right? Can you see how the little one has eyelashes? Just like her mama! This gift had me in tears.
There are only 4 more days in 2010...
Cannot wait for 2011.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Cali...

Mama loves you!!!!!!!
She may be crazy. And doesn't behave herself like a good baby doggie when people are around. But she is my munch and I love her OHHH so much!!!!
She turned 2 years old yesterday.
Such a big girl!
Neil and I always reminisce about how when she was 4 weeks old, it was mid-January and we went to just pick a pup out of the 4 that were Pittsburgh, in the middle of a blizzard. It probably took us almost 3 hours to get there, but we didn't care. Our house was purchased, and we were moving in, in like 2 more weeks. We still can't believe we did that. We arrived and was greeted by Tyson, Cali's dad. Boy was he tough looking and scary. I look at the owner and ask the obvious "is it okay to pet him?" He laughed and said, you noticed he's the only one loose in the house? Neil and I immediately fell in love with Tyson...pure sweetness just poured out of this dog. We went upstairs and there were the 4 female pups. I picked up each one, hoping and praying I would just know which one to pick...after the 3rd one I got nervous. (We definitely accepted the fact that if I didn't connect with one, we'd just head back home.) I then looked up and saw one still in it's bed, just sitting there with this look like "who are you people?" I went and picked her up, she did exactly what I wanted her to do ....she shnuggled in my neck. (Just like Balboa did when I picked her up waaaaay back then!!!!!!!) I looked at Neil and said, she's the one! As I cuddled with my new pup, sitting on the floor, there was a certain father sitting right next to me, with his face in my face - I looked at the owners again and asked "is this something I should be nervous about?" And they laughed and said "He's just hoping you'll cuddle with him..." Thinking about that now, just how close Tyson had to be with me, Cali is exactly like that. Precious! She is soooo shnuggly and always has to be close. Especially at night when we're in bed. Who needs blankets in the winter when you have a doggie heater keeping you warm? (....but needs a fan on her at night in the summer....)
We were hanging out there for about an hour or so, and were so sad that we couldn't take her home right then. A week later we closed on our house. Week after that, moved in. Day after that, made a trip to Pittsburgh. Best weekend ever. As soon as I picked her up she gave me a little kiss on my face. I melted.
Here she is, our munch...

Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Cali-Cali!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

6.0 + 1 week

This last week has been quite an interesting one. First of all, I started my 6th month of pregnancy. It's going by fast....just not fast enough. I'm feeling the little munchkin more and more these days. One morning she had me up at 6am, and I believe she was doing some sort of water aerobics in my tummy. I was enjoying every second of it. I almost woke Neil up to feel, but we all know what happens when you wake that man up...
Neil got this terrible cold over the weekend, and by this last Friday, I was infected. It might be the worst cold I've ever experienced. Throat on fire. Stuffed up nose. Foggy head. Slight fever. And it's's still in full effect. I can't sleep because it just gets worse when I lay down. Sucks.

On Monday, Neil got to use his fancy new snow blower. He was sick, but I can tell he was enjoying it. But check these pictures out:

You see the tissues stuffed up his nose? Poor guy. But quite precious I must say.
I always have Mondays off, and the hardest part about that entire day, while Neil was at work....just sitting here. I actually like going out and shoveling snow - ONLY because it's a great work out. That's it. But I also have a very high respect for our postal service, as they have to walk out in this weather, and I hate when the walkway isn't clear. Hate it. I would've gone out, but I know myself. I would've over done it and probably hurt myself.

And yesterday, I gave in. I took some pictures of myself. I had Neil take some, but I didn't like how those came out. So, here's what I got:

I keep hearing that I'm small for 6 months. I disagree. I feel gigantic.

Friday, December 3, 2010

3 lbs, feels like 10 lbs

At my appointment today, on the scale, it stated that I gained 3 pounds in the last month. Seriously though, it feels as if I've gained 10lbs. Wait. Maybe I gained 8 lbs...I'm hoping Neil will be home soon so I can ask what my last weigh in weight was. Huh. I'm starting to get scared. Did I really gain 8 lbs?!!!! In 4 weeks. No. No. No.
Well. What can I do? Every time I even mention going back to my "clean" eating ways, I get hands waved in my face don't you do that to yourself, eat what you want, you're allowed....
I don't want to gain more then 30 lbs in this pregnancy, so far - I've gained 13 (possibly 18) pounds. I have been eating crap. And if you know me, you know I don't eat veggies, unless it's a salad. This weight? It's all belly and boobs. I just took a picture of myself, which I won't post, and I'm in disbelief. I know, this is supposed to happen. But I'm freaking out about it. I'm actually losing weight everywhere else on body. My left arm, you can actually see half the face of my "nine" tattoo, when before, you could only see the tip of the nose (if that). I know I wasn't exactly skinny before this pregnancy, but this is harder on me then I anticipated.
Don't worry, I'm not one to starve myself....I'll keep eating, every hour on the hour.... but I need to get back to the gym. At least it may help my self esteem....

Maybe if I'm in a better mood later on, I'll post a picture. Maybe.

The saddest news I got today, was that I won't have a sonogram until my 8 month mark. Not until February?!!! What are they doing to me?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

name stress

I have always wanted kids. Whether I would be blessed with them or not, was never sure. Still, you would think that a name would be set. Over the years, with Neil teaching and all, he's come across every kind of name you could think of. And if you know me, you'd really think one had been planned. Well, guess what? That is not the case in the Hartman household. We can't settle in on one. We always loved the name:
Now that it's a reality. Not so much. Well, for me anyway. You can't cut it short anyway that I like. I know you think that's strange. But this is what I think about at night when I can't sleep. Then there's the song "Sweet Caroline" - it doesn't bug me now, but will it? My entire life, except the years here in Erie, I've been sung "Oh Donna" by Richie Valens as soon as I've introduced myself. It never did bug me though. I liked it. As for other names we like:
I'm sure the list will only get longer....
And as you can see, we like older names. We don't want to create a name or go with something more modern.
Oh and sharing these name ideas with others, doesn't help the situation. Do people have opinions or what?! My mother in law warned us "Don't tell anyone what you're going to name your child, it'll only make you mad." It hasn't made me mad, just more frustrated. I like hearing others opinions on things, it's just who I am. So if you're reading this, and want to give your opinion, please feel free.
Alright. I was hoping that posting this would help me, but now all I want to do is go name hunting again.