Monday, August 25, 2008

a bit behind...sorry

i'm behind, i know.

FYI style in full effect - I apologize for the quickness, but it's just easier this way.
This will be long, so be patient...

Visited California, visited friends - it was very, very fun.
Arrived July 30th-Departed August 12th
Got my hair did by Alisha (yes, I made the appt RIGHT after I booked my flight!)
Pedicure #1 happened at my favorite place (Instyle Nails)
A lot of shopping happened in CA, but not much luck on my end.
I did however buy a purse for $10, that was originally $29.90 (whats up!)
LAX - picked up Adam
Menifee for the afternoon
Beatrice all hopped up on who knows what. She claims she did not have sugar intake, I disagree.
In n' out (a total of 5 trips in 12 days)
Fallbrook for the 1st weekend of my trip, spending time with the Dunn's + baby doggies
Oceanside beach with Virginia & Brooke
Lunching it up at TTI with my girls (and Dave)
California Burrito (my favorite kind of burrito: carne asada, sour cream, cheese & fries)
Short, but quality time with the Dairy Queen...(with Adam, and the Q's)
Menifee vacationing, hanging out with the Quiggles - and living at the Ensors
Jesus Wept arrival into San Diego Tuesday night
Encinitas with the Dunn's, lunch, Lou's Records, beach, In n' Out, Tim Mason, Donut Corner
Portillo's in Moreno Valley
Morning hang out with Micah & Nat before they left for the weekend
Three JW shows
JW covering xdx "So Send I You" - so awesome
Redbull (for me) + pretzels for dinner at the merch table with Sean
Tommy Engler hanging out for three days :)
3 am bedtime, every night the boys were in town
JW leave for a show in Vegas
Alone, relaxing time in the pool - reading, sunbathing (roasting).
Los Primos dinner with Brooke - the super nachos were amazing!
Final day consisted of: Fallbrook & TTI visits, sad goodbyes, pedicure #2, dinner w/the family
Super early wake up call for my trip home to Erie, PA - this day of flying could not have gone any smoother. Everything was on time, I was very surprised. I slept most of the way. Read, listened to my ipod - very relaxing, as weird as that sounds.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about California - and visiting for the 1st time since I moved away, I didn't know what to expect. Spending a majority of my life in Southern California, I guess I never noticed just how different things run there. But being away for a few months, and returning brought sadness to my heart that I didn't expect. I love CA with all of my heart, it's my home - but I'm glad Neil and I took this huge leap of faith and moved to PA. Yeah, I know..."wait until February..." I keep being told this. My reasoning behind my disappointment in CA have nothing to do with the weather, let me tell you. I'll miss the sun, I'm sure.

Pictures came minimal - not sure what was wrong with me. I'm normally picture crazy... but here is what I got...
Palm Trees... Being able to drive 80!... beachin' it up in Encinitas

Winning at Nickel City. And yes, they squeezed in a Fantasy Football meeting while @ Donut Corner