Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer 2009

Now that Fall is just around the corner...I thought I'd post some highlights of the summer. My plethora of pictures on my computer are all over the place. So, I'm sure I'm missing some summer moments, but that's ok. We had a great summer!!! Even though, we didn't get what we had planned done, to the house - we'll get there this winter, when we can't go outside and play.

California Trip: In La Jolla with Neil, and of course, eating at In 'n Out

Vegas w/Brooke, Kobe & Isaiah for Eva & Tony's Reception. And finally meeting Baby Elsie

Erie Seawolves game with Adam. Cleveland Indians w/the boys

Spending time w/our baby doggie, Cali

No Doubt! Erin & I had the best day in Pittsburgh

At the Peninsula, flying a kite. Anniversary day, canoeing

Dog-sitting Sullivan & Peanut Butter Cup. Fantasy Football draft, playing Vanna

Lots of time spent w/Laura & Miss Evelyn

What's crazy is, all the time I have spent with my friend Autumn, I don't have any pictures of us together. Strange. I'll have to take care of that. We also spend a lot of time with the guys... but usually just sitting around. That's boring. Who wants pictures of that? :)
Over the weekend, Neil had to go up on top of the roof to do some patch work...or something. So, I joined him and brought my camera. There was a chill in the air, and I got extremely excited for Fall. The leaves are starting to change, and I just cannot wait. Soon, my braces will be off...well, I'm thinking like 3-5 months...but I'm sure I'll still take pictures like this:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jon Beckman is back! + The Sounds

= one hell of a great weekend!
My weekends start on Thursdays, after work. So...Thursday, after work Neil, Sean and I headed to Corry to hang out with Laura for the night. It was the week of the Spartansburg Fair, so we thought we'd go & check it out. Laura is from this quaint little town, and has gone to this fair every year - since she was real young. I can see why. We parked the car at her parents house, walked 2 blocks & we were there. Who wouldn't go every night, every year when you live that close? We definitely didn't think we'd see anyone we knew - but guess what? We were wrong. Our friends Joy & Richard were there. It was so nice seeing them!!!! What was also great about this night was Laura informed us that Jon could possibly be home in just 2 or 3 days. So awesome!
After Neil filled his belly w/Fair food, and Laura got her Maple milkshake - we made our way home. It was a great night.

Adding to the weekend was the purchase of tickets for a concert in November. The Sounds! I was introduced to this band, easily less then a year ago...and I love them! It was a surprise to me, just hours before the No Doubt concert, that they were opening - and Erin & I just about jumped out of our skin hearing the news. I have been on their trail ever since just hoping they'd make there way back. And they are! Myself, along with Neil, Sean, and Sean's friend Nicole, will be driving to Cleveland on Nov. 2nd to see them. We are all so excited! The bonus is Neil is going. It's a Monday, and we all know Neil does not like to do stuff on School Nights. But with his new promise to be a better best friend to me - he agreed :) And I couldn't be happier. I just adore my husband, and I love, love, love having him by my side during events like this. It does help when he loves the band just as much as me...

Friday, September 11, 2009


I have probably blogged about where I was on September 11th, 2001 already - but for some reason...this year I literally have spent all day thinking about it. Not sure why.

I was 21, living in Ruidoso, New Mexico with the Carey family. I was woken up by my roomate Carrie and the youth pastors daughter - can't remember her name right now. It was my day off and I had plans to sleep in...but I'm a light sleeper & I heard whispering in the hallway, then my door opens. Carrie informs me that an airplane crashed in NY into one of the towers. I'm thinking: That's just nuts, how could someone miss that tall building? She tells me that the youth pastor (can't remember his name either!) and his wife are upstairs watching the news in the kitchen.... How strange. This news is really causing people to get together before 8 in the morning? I make my way upstairs so I can be apart of the commotion. I can still remember the smell of this house - new, dust, construction like smells...the house was in it's final stages of being built. I sit myself at the bar in one of their tall chairs and get myself caught up w/what's going on. I don't think I blinked for 10 straight minutes. Look at that plane - INSIDE the building - it was the craziest thing I've ever seen. Within 15 minutes or so of me sitting there, the 2nd plane crashes into the 2nd tower...this was no accident. Is this really happening? My mouth is dry & I can't swallow.
All day today I've been thinking about: "What did I do next?" I can't remember. I can't remember leaving the kitchen. I can't remember any conversations I had about it. Nothing. I am blank. What I slightly remember is - going to work the following Thursday, and talking to my co-workers about the events that took place 2 days prior. We had the radio on overhead, instead of music...for our benefit, as well as the customers... But I can't remember anything else.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

14, 13, 12, 11,

As of right now, I am officially a size 10. At the beginning of this year, I was a 14. Ridic. u. lous. And I'm preeeetty sure if I ate more healthy, I'd be at my goal weight by now. But I love food too much. I love it so much, that I put myself through pain. I hit the gym 4-5 times a week, and will literally kill myself... especially if I know good food is just around the corner. It doesn't make sense, I'm aware. But. Let's face it. Food is just too good. I have cut back on the snacking, controlled my portions, and don't drink soda but every couple of months or so... I'm doing better. :)

I was reading back on old posts, and man - did I have goals that I did not achieve. I was depressed over that for like 2 days. So, I'm over the goals. I'm just going to aim to be healthier. Maybe I'm meant to have curves. Whatever. I refuse to let myself get caught up in all the vanity that I'm capable of getting wrapped up in. I've been there. I'm from CA. Girls in CA, it's all they think about. That's why they're all bitchy - they don't eat. In Erie, it's not so bad... but, at the gym, I work out next to these snobby skinny girls who just look down on those that are over has been making me sick. Was I like that when I was strutting around in my size 3 jeans? Probably. I'm just 3 sizes away from fitting into my size 7s that have been hanging out in my closet. It may take me another year, but I don't care. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm more happier this way.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi September, you're early

I love this month. September is the month that leads you right into the holiday season... the Hartmans have a gazillion birthday wishes to send off - which starts the holiday festivities. Am I ready? No. Disappointed in me? Yes. At the start of the summer, Neil and I vowed to be ahead of September. Let's purchase birthday cards early, let's get presents all ready to go... Then when Sept is done, we'll prep for Christmas. Welp. None of this happened. September is here, and well... not prepared. But moving forward...I am excited for the Fall season. The California girl in me is just itching to experience Fall to it's fullest again... I'm excited to pull out my Fall decor, and even more excited to purchase more! Yankee Candle is just calling my name, crying out for me to buy some sort of Pumpkin-Spice-Autumn-Candy-Corn smelly goodness. (I can smell it all now.) My 1st real "decorting" holiday in my own home. Feels good. (I know, I know...What about Valentines, St. Pattys, or 4th of July... I just didn't think about it, ok!?)

*Side Note* Summer was so humid, rainy, and miserable - I'm just ready for it to go away!

I also told Neil I'm going to master new dinner and dessert recipes. I'm pulling out every cookbook I have, along w/the plethora of cookbooks my mother-in-law has..and just start experimenting. I truly feel God blessed us with this home, to share with friends and family... and I want to start new traditions with them. When Neil and I dreamed about owning a home, we always invisioned friends sharing it with us...
Mmm. Hopefully I won't scare them away with my cooking....