Monday, April 18, 2011

1 month

My daughter is a month old.
I can't believe it.
It's been rough at times.
Calm at times.
But that's what comes with the territory, right?
We're still trying to figure her out.
Will we ever figure her out?
I'm thinking - no.
After 8 years together, my husband still can't figure me out...
We love her more than anything! <3
We were recently introduced to the book "Baby Wise".
I've only read half of it, but it seems quite simple.
Whether Josie will participate or not?
No idea.
But I'm looking forward to the sleep that comes along w/following the rules of this book.
Not that she's not a good sleeper, because she is, in 2-3 (sometimes 4-5) hour increments...
What have we discovered about our oh-so-sweet daughter?
Loves to eat.
Loves to eat so much that if we don't get her a bottle right away, a temper flares.
(We've determined she gets that from me)
Likes to sleep on her side...and is particularly picky about the softness of the blanket she is sleeping upon.... watching her snug herself into it, is quite precious.
Doesn't like a bath.
After the bath though, she smells so good...She is super squishy & I just want to squeeeeze her!
The first couple weeks of her life, she unfortunately got a real bad case of baby acne - oh and also....Thrush. Ugh. That threw a wrench into things.
Acne has disappeared, thank God. I can take pictures of her again...don't judge me.
Thrush is still there, but we got another type of antibiotics to hopefully fix it...

So. I started this post yesterday, in the middle of the day - in the middle of my 1st day of Baby Wise rules. Guess what? My daughter slept a solid sleep from 10:30pm until 5:15am. I did wake up at 4am to check to make sure the monitor was working... And Neil admitted to waking up every hour, on the hour to listen... Why I have just now been introduced to this method, is beyond me. However, I still need to finish reading the book.

Now, here are a couple of recent photos - I do need to take more, I know...but she is looking less like me, and more like Neil these days.
Daddy and Jos:

Cali and Jos:

I now need to wake my girl up for her scheduled feeding....