Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wrapping presents...part 1

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I've packaged up all our gifts that are being shipped out to family and friends. I feel well ahead of the game this year - it feels great.

My problem? I don't want to stop. I want to continue wrapping gifts to put under the tree...which, will be up and blinking w/lights come Friday. You may ask, why is this a problem? I promised myself, in my head of course - where I'm the only one who has heard this promise - that I would wait until AFTER Thanksgiving. What until the tree is up. On top of that, I have many chores to do tonight. But 92% of me wants to ditch all of that to deck out my gifts. If there was a job title of Gift Wrapper (all year long, mind you) - I would do it for a low, hourly rate. No joke. Hmmm. I wonder what one would say, if I set up a Wrapping Station at the local mall - with a tip jar - and customers could pay as they wish? be continued...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm aaaalllll doooonnne!!!!!

Well, we're all done.
Christmas shopping.
It feels good.
Now, to ship - and ship soon.

Even though Thanksgiving is this week - and mind you, I haven't forgotten. I'm just super, duper excited for the overwhelming joy of 100%, full force Christmas extravaganza that happens when this day comes to an end.

I would like to take this time to apologize. I'm sorry Thanksgiving for the attention I've given you this year... I can't promise that next year will be better...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas shopping or Bust!

Christmas shopping! I look forward to this every year, and while I'm right smack in the middle of it...I want to give up. Give up and purchase 20 gift cards instead.

Today, I made the nearly 2 hour drive to Pittsburgh. Why Pittsburgh you ask? Well, here was my dilemma - either go to Cleveland, which would have H&M located at their outdoor mall...but no Forever 21. Or go to Buffalo and shop at Forever 21, but have no H&M to shop at... Pitt had both. Hence...the drive. It was worth it. I needed these stores, I had to have BOTH! My job was to shop for 10 women. 10. That was not easy. AND I had to get myself a dress - why you ask? I will be attending my very first ballet this Christmas vacation - The Nutcracker. Since I had never been to one, I asked Shannon the typical girl question - what does one wear to the ballet? Black dress, or black slacks w/a great top. I went for the dress option. I always wear pants. And dress I found. It's a different look on me, but I think I can pull it off...
Now, back to the Christmas shopping. I walked up and down, and all around that mall...walking back and forth to make sure I was getting the best price, and the best option for each individual person. But once I got in a rhythm, it was glorious! Names were being crossed off my list. I covered 6 out of 10 - and I found a dress, with shoes to match. What?! How awesome is that? I'm on a roll!!! I see the finish's just around the corner.

Tomorrow, I'm off to shop some more. Yay!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November? Is that right?

It's November, and I can't believe it.
Neil and I have officially been in Erie for 6 months come the 8th of this month. Time has flown by!

To update how my CA warm blood is doing in this cold weather - I'm doing a lot better then expected! Along with my very generous mother-in-law, we have teamed up and gathered some necessities for me to survive the upcoming winter months. For example: Scarves, hats, boots, gloves, leg warmers, sweaters, winter coats, and most importantly a face moisturizer that can handle the dry, cold season.

The advantage that I do have is, I'm able to park my car in a garage - hence the mornings are more pleasant them some other Erie-ens. And when I arrive at work, I park in a parking garage that stays dry. Once a week, I do however work down at the Bayfront which is located right off the water - the windchill down there is not fun. But that's just once a week.

Now onto the FYI style of blogging I've grown to love:
Training for the box office
Worked my very first event at the box office - Sugarland/Kelly Pickler. It was very fun.
Training for payroll
Autumn's birthday
Got my hair did by Carly, with Autumn who got her hair did as well.
YMCA classes, killed myself...
Pumpkin Patch with Neil
Pajama Game musical at the Warner Theater with Erin
More Y classes, killing myself...
Worked a full day at the box office, then met Autumn & Owen for the Circus
Late night hang out with some friends
All day shopping spree with my mother-in-law
Received an awesome gift from Sean: Vote for David Palmer t-shirt (I wish that was possible)
Virginia's birthday
Church-try out...again
All day football with Neil and friends.
Monday off lazyness - about to finish the 3rd season of Prison Break in ONE day.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Some pictures:
Erin & I outside the Warner Theater...Owen & Autumn @ the Circus....and me attempting to take a picture w/the snow.