Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 Year Anniversary

This last Friday, July 24th - Neil and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Over the years, we have had our ups and downs, but in the end we're there for each other. He is my best friend, and I love him oh so much!
This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding day:

Up close and personal, I know. But I just adore it. Not only was this day amazing for the both of us, the entire week was packed with memorable moments w/family & friends. The last 4 celebrated July 24th, I make a comment to Neil every time - "wasn't that entire week so fun?!" And we go back in time & just feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Everyone was just there for us, emotionally & physically.
Since we bought the house this year, and started budgeting our money more wisely through Dave Ramsey's budget guide - we chose to lay low this year, stay in town, save some money. Again, the brat that I am - it took me awhile to get used to that idea. I wanted to celebrate big, go out of town. We haven't had a non-family oriented trip since our honeymoon, and I am really in need of one. Maybe next year.
Neil planned the whole day: Cracker Barrel breakfast, canoeing in the lake, Sara's for lunch, movies, then dinner at Peppino's. As the day came near, we were CONSTANTLY on watching the storms come in. Would this day even be possible? Instead of my Tuesday thru Thursday work week - I worked Monday thru Wednesday, having Thursday off to hit up an amusement park in Pittsburgh called Kennywood. The rain threatened our entire drive there, and just a little bit while at the park. But the great thing about the dreary weather was, no lines! The longest we waited was 10 minutes. Neil unfortunately was getting light headed from the rides, so we didn't accomplish too much in the 5 hours we were there.
Friday morning we woke up to thunder & lightening. We were hesitant to even start our day. After my shower, I wished my husband of 5 years a "Happy Anniversary" and became super confident that we would have fun! THANK THE LORD, we did all that we wanted to!!!! Breakfast at Cracker Barrel was glorious as usual. (They had out their fall/Halloween stuff already, and I bought the cutest owl plates, owl stuffed pillow, and a coffee to match. eee!) We went home & dressed for canoeing. It was 73 degrees out...with 94% humidity. :) My hair is not so keen on humidity, but thanks to my Pureology Super Straight hair products, I was ok. The sun was shining, and that's all that mattered. We canoed, & had such a great time. It was very relaxing. Not that we could go very far in it - they had rules. Lame, right? It was fun regardless. Erie actually has an annual "Discover Presque Isle" every year, and it just happened to be this weekend! So, immediately after canoeing, we walked on over & checked out some of the vendors and mingled with the locals. There is a place right on presque isle that rents out bikes of all shapes and sizes. Neil only wanted to do it if they had the 2 seater beach cruisers (tandem bikes), and they did! It was a little rocky in the sweet husband kept saying beforehand "Can you balance? Don't make us fall!!!" So sweet of him. Once we got the hang of it, it was very fun. I love being by the water, and the lake was absolutely beautiful today. The sidewalks are lined with trees and the cool breeze was so refreshing. Don't get me wrong, this whole bike ride experience was fun - but I'll never do it again. Single beach cruisers from now on!
After we brought the bikes back, we were hungry (all that paddling and peddling...) so we drove over to Sara's for lunch. A cold Coca-Cola sounded so refreshing to me, so I ordered that along w/a hot dog. We shared some curly fries, and Neil got a Coke float. As we were sitting there, we were discussing how there really aren't any movies we'd like to see - why not remain outside and take Cali to the park. So we did! She did very good training. :)
We then made our way home, and put ourselves together for our dinner date at Peppino's. This place was amazing!!! I ordered a steak, which might be the best thing I've tasted since my engagement dinner - which is still my favorite meal of all time (filet mignon). We were hesitant in ordering dessert because we could just go some where local & not pay so much. But when the waitress read the dessert menu & said "hazelnut cheesecake with chocolate syrup drizzled on top" I was sold. Neil said "I don't like hazelnut, I won't have any of it." But guess what? After I about went to heaven w/the 1st bite - I made him try it. I was right :) He loved it!!! And we both agreed it was worth the $8.
We didn't take too many photos of our adventurist day...I'm a little upset about it. But here are a few to enjoy:

Our Tandem bicycle for 60 minutes:

Our princess on her way back home from playing in the park:

Today was one of the best days I've ever had.
Happy 5 years babe!!

I've lost my mo-jo

I need to sort my thoughts out.
I am trying to understand what has happened in my life, to cause me to lose some of who I am. It's like I don't know how to communicate anymore. I'm boring. There was a time in my life, you couldn't get me to shut up. Talk, talk, talk, talk,talk.....
I think I was fun at one time in my life...? That people liked my company...
I don't know. Maybe it's the fact I don't have any of my best girlfriends out here for me to talk to? I'm feeling lost. I don't know what the solution could be...
I don't want to complain, or I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me. It's the strangest thing. What has happened to my outgoing personality? I feel I've been sucked dry.
Where have all my friends gone?
Why do people change?
You go from being someone's close friend - to being an acquaintance - to zero communication.
Mind you - I feel this is all my fault. I have serious issues. I take things too personal. I judge people, even though I say I don't. I get jealous over the silliest, pettiest things.

I need my mo-jo back.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Estate Sales... I love thee.
....UNLESS you are on a budget.
I had to pass up on one of the most amazing buys today, and I'm feeling sick to my stomach about it. It was this vintage couch-sleeper, pictured below:

I had made the decision to go with Rebecca, my Estate Sale Queen of a friend - and instantly regretted it. I should've said "no". Because what happens when you have the $ to spend, you find nothing, but when you have zero dollars - you find just about everything. We have been loathing our living room furniture. It's just bulky, and I'm over it! We walk up to this house, and my eyes instantly went to this vintage flower printed recliner chair. $20!!! (Mind you, I have $50 left of my "gimme money" left - with 9 days to go before my wallet is loaded up again.) I sat in it, discovered that it rocks as well. Its in perfect condition. Awesome. Rebecca and I then make our way into the living room. My eyes instantly go to yet another chair - same print as the one in the garage, but bigger - and instead of the recliner, it swivels and rocks. Awesome. This one was marked $30. I'm just about ready to walk out of this place - I feel my throat go dry. Oh no, we then walk into this back room where my eyes fall on this couch. We immidiately go to it, sit in it, and just smile at each other - this couch is amazing. And it's a sleeper. Perfect. They're asking $85 for it. At this point, I'm just freaking out...I need to GET. OUT. As we walk out, we see a table set up for "bid on items over $10." What?! Rebecca then explains this concept to me, and I decide "why not?" What are the chances that they'll call me?! Especially since I put amounts such as:
Flower printed chair (located in garage) - $10
Flower printed chair (located in living room) - $12
Couch-Sleeper - $50
I won all 3 bids. Can you believe it? I then go to ask my darling husband if we can go pick them up - to no ones surprise, the answer was "NO, I don't even like the couch." I had to make the dreadful - also embarassing phone call to Sue Bartlett letting her know that unless my husband sees it, he wants to pass. She had another buyer on the couch, and she was honest (a.k.a. blunt) with me and said "Honey, how about you pass and let someone else take it who is 100% on taking it." Ouch.
I love the couch. It would've been perfect in my living room. I could tell you that I knew Neil would like it w/o a doubt, when I chose to put the bids in, but then I'd be lying. Neil doubts EVERYTHING. The only way I win is if I just do it. Do what I feel is right. But with our new budgeting system, I didn't do it.
I now need a "furniture-house decor" budget - no joke.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About to go on a 3 mile walk with Neil and our 6 month old pup Cali...need this time and this workout!!!

Blessed to have a brother-in-law who knows computers...and can build computers. Working off one he built, and shipped to us. How nice, right? I know. We're blessed. He felt the need to build another one...and decided his old one should go to his younger brother. I can't remember the last time I worked off an actual computer that didn't sit in my lap. So nice. On top of all this nice-ness, our friend Adam had a desk that just took up space in his basement - and offered it to us! It is super nice, and fits perfect in our office. Now to get this room organized, and decorated - can't wait. I will definitely be making a pit-stop at Joann's Fabrics to pick out some fabric for curtains.

Alright, I best get going on this walk already.
It's 7:40pm - about an hour & 1/2 away from the sun setting - my favorite time of day!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welp. My goal has failed so far this week - and it's only Tuesday. The moment I pump up the speed on the treadmill, my shins just scream. Maybe it's my shoes? I don't know. But for now, I'll continue to diet, take weight classes, and walk on the treadmill at a fast speed - and at an incline.

Oh, and I haaate dieting...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New gym goal:

3 miles of cardio every day.
I've been trying out the treadmill again, not sure how long that'll last. I feel the elliptical won't get the job I need to add another mile to the goal.
I did purchase a new sports bra. I tried it out today, and it seemed to control the nonsense slightly better. I have to wear 2, but it's still uncomfortable for me.

I've also started dieting.

CA 2009

So this last week Neil and I made our way to good ol' California. We had mixed feelings going into the week. Very excited to have the time off of course, but dreading all that comes with visiting CA. The traffic, the dry heat, the chaos of driving too and fro. We love, love, love being in CA - visiting our friends....we just look at it differently now. Now, about the trip:

FYI style - sorry.
Night 1...
Late night fly in, pick up by Mr. Dunn. (Excited to be hanging out w/this guy)
Donut Corner, then Albertos (diet out the door at this point).
Day 1...
Rental car pick up.
Visit Transducer Techniques, my old work place.
Pedicure at my most favoritest nail salon: Instyle Nails.
In 'n Out for lunch. (Mouth literally watering right now thinking about this place)
Temecula Mall - saw the upgrades. Jealous that it's so AWESOME now!!!
Stir Fresh for dinner w/dear friends. (Jenny brought her b/f Ryan, so happy for my Jenny).
Donut Corner - again.
Day 2...
San Diego/La Jolla/Seaport Village/Downtown San Diego...yummy Mexican food!!
Neil had a guys night at Claim Jumper. I had my Jenny come visit me. Lots of girl talk!
Day 3...
Lunch w/some of my girlfriends at Red Robin.
Said bye to Jason, so sad.
Drop off luggage in Menifee. Spent some time w/the Q's & Nat...and finally met Baby Elsie! (She is absolutely precious!!!)
Headed to Redlands to visit my love, Natalee who is 7 months pregnant.
Market Night. We love us some Market Night :) Especially on such a beautiful night, and especially when you add Cucas to the night.
Back to Menifee. Davey joined us for Santanas mexican food. Super Nachos!! (again, no diet).
Day 4...
Vegas. My girlfriend Brooke tagged along for the weekend. So glad she did. :)
Arrived in Henderson where Eva now lives w/her husband Tony. Saw family.
Got our nails did.
Roasted in the 105 degree heat.
Brooke & I got some amazing blended fruit drinks next door to the salon. (Mine came with Red Bull blended right in. I needed this...soooo good!)
Checked into hotel. We stayed at Hooters - come on, it was cheap. Don't judge.
Dinner at Hard Rock.
Dessert in my room.
The other girls continued on partying it up Vegas style. Brooke & I were out. So tired.
Neil came back from walking the Vegas strip & we enjoyed some 25 cent wings downstairs in the Hooters restaurant. Wings + quality time w/the husband = nice relaxing way to end the night.
Day 5...
Lay out by the pool.
My friends Liz and Beka came to join us.
Eva & Tony's reception at the MGM Grand. (This hotel is super impressive! And fancy)
35th floor penthouse. Balcony that will make anyone dizzy.
Day 6...
Morning lay out by the pool. (Brooke & I were desperate for a tan...)
Drive back to CA.
Joined the Q's and E's in their backyard.
Portillo's for dinner. (Cheese fries, sooo good. Thanks to Bea for reminding me!)
Day 7...
Goodbyes at TTI.
In 'n Out for lunch.
Juice it Up!
Hang out by the pool w/Nat and Baby E..
Met Virginia in Murrieta at Los Primos. (So awesome to finally see her!!!)
Quality time with Virginia :)
Back up to Menifee for our last night in CA.
(Neil made his way back to In 'n Out w/DQ. Thankfully he brought some back to me! And a chocolate shake...)
Day 8...
Shannon and Bea took us to the SD airport. We were very happy to be heading home, but dreaded the travel time that came along w/it. We didn't roll into Erie until after 2:30AM. Being able to see my baby doggie was so great! I missed her so much!!!!!!
This time in CA was a reality check for us. We have a love/hate relationship with Southern California. We were always right in the middle with how we felt about moving back there. It seems less likely that we'll ever end up back in CA. In 2 or 3 years, we'll see how we feel.