Friday, October 16, 2009

Natalee and Ford Gregson
When I got the call, back in January - I didn't pick up my phone. The charge on my cell was just about dead...not to mention I didn't have my charger w/me in my new home. I was at the top of the ladder, in the kitchen, with green paint just about every which way. Then a text message came "Yeah, I'm pregnant" Just like that... I instantly called her. I was able to get about 5 minutes into the conversation before my phone died, but I could tell Natalee was beaming with excitement....or maybe it was nerves. Either way, I was excited! Since we were out in CA in June, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out to see her and Ford right away. But thank the Lord, I was able to.
Growing up, it was always hard for me to hold onto friendships due to moving so much. Not many of my friendships go past 10 years old... When Natalee and I first started hanging out, it was very clear to me that we would be friends for a really, really long time. Not only is she so great, but her family was always so amazing - good thing they didn't mind me hanging around, because I would spend weekends at a time in their home. The Corpus familia - they are one of a kind and I just love them.
The very beginning of this month, I was able to take a trip out to California, with one task at hand - to spend time with Natalee and witness the new chapter in her life as a mommy. It filled my heart to see her w/Ford. Her and Eric are such great parents! Ford was only 3 weeks old when I met him, and I'm sure he won't remember me - but that's ok. My 1st day out, we took a trip to the grocery store. Boy, was Natalee nervous. I assured her that she could do this. I was there, I have her back - Ford will sleep the entire time. And he did just that. We were even able to make a pit stop at Starbucks, which we both needed desperately. The night followed by walking over to Redlands Market Night. It was a great 1st day.
(I'll talk more about my CA trip part II in another post, and add more pictures...)
The weekend ended with quality time with the Gregson family. Which was great for me. To just sit in one place w/no agenda was so relaxing. On top of the fact, everytime I have been back to CA, I only get to soak up about 2 hours of time spent with just her, was so nice, and it was well overdue.

37.5 hours

I worked 37.5 hours this week. I haven't worked a full week in like a year & a 1/2. I thought I'd hate it, but surprisingly it felt really good. Like I accomplished something. I appreciated that today was Friday...I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Next week, I pull the same amount of hours. I'm looking forward to it. Sort of.... the reason behind the additional hours is, my boss is out for 2 weeks recovering from surgery. Now, anything and everything that could go wrong - went wrong. Not that any of it was my fault. Just technical errors. It was all silly really. The week fleeeeew by...which was awesome! Next week is payroll week. I'm just a tiny bit nervous. I don't want to screw anything up!!! We'll see what I have to post at the end of the week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Upload FAIL

I went to upload my pictures from my most recent trip to California - and guess what? The end of the usb cord that connects to the camera, has teeth marks, and is unusable. Thanks Cal.
So, my CA Trip Part II is on hold until I receive my new cord in the 5-7 days.

What is also making it's way to me via mail? My "L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream" Doesn't that sound intense? Well, it has to be. I attempted to use my usual "winter" moisturizer last year, and that was just a joke. The bitterness basically laughed in my face. After about 3 days of cracked, flaky, painful face, I went online and did some research. I even went to Macy's to ask the ladies at the counter there what I should use, beings they live in Erie, they should have an answer. They did. I listened. I got samples of a few different options. My face, still not happy. After convincing Neil that spending $38 on a face lotion was my only option - I prayed this stuff would work. If not, I'd have to use it regardless. $38!!!!
Needless to say, it worked...and beautifully! And with Fall here, and the chill in the face is screaming at me for comfort. I have just a teeeeeny bit left from last winter, maybe a week's worth. I swallowed, and walked over to Neil to inform him of the bad news. I need more. After a few suggestions by Neil, like: Isn't there anything else? We decided that $20 of my "fun" money goes back in the bank 1st thing tomorrow. We split the cost. Will Dave Ramsey agree with this method? I'm afraid to ask...