Thursday, February 24, 2011

36 weeks...& $26 mill in debt....

This weekend I'll hit my 36th week of pregnancy. As of last Friday, they say she is weighing in at 6lbs, 10ozs. How accurate are these weigh ins anyway?! I knew I'd be getting a call from my doctor's office within a few days, and I did. They scheduled me for another sonogram on March 11th. They also told me that if I wanted, they could put me on the schedule to be induced. Nurse Amy continued to tell me what kind of options I'll have and I should discuss them w/the doctor at my next appointment. I really would like all of this to happen naturally...but the OCD, crazy planner of a person that I am likes the thought of scheduling. Of course when I mentioned this to Neil, he immediately suggested a date - "it would be so much easier for me to take off of work this week...."
Of course this made me a stress case, thinking this is all going down within 3-4 weeks - and I'm not done!!!! The nursery isn't complete, and my house is a disaster. And I can't exactly whip myself into high gear and get it all done in one weekend....I get tired quickly, not to mention my lower back isn't a fan when I'm in "get it done NOW" mode. I haven't even found the perfect dresser. Ugh. The crib is up, but we have yet to purchase the mattress - but we will this weekend. And the aftermath of my shower that I had this past weekend - is all in the nursery. I started to organize, but my body shut down on me before I could finish.
*Side note: I will do an actual post about this past weekend. It was a gooooood one! Eva came out, and the shower was incredible! I just haven't uploaded the pictures yet.

Now....onto the $26 million hole the Erie School District has gotten themselves into. Am I stressed? A little. My husband's job may be lost after this school year - I should be furious. But I'm not letting myself get to that point. How did this happen? How are they in this much debt? It makes me sick. Of course there are options...but are they really considering them? Or have they already made up their minds? 472 jobs could be lost. 472!!!!!!! I can't even wrap my brain around that number. Neil and I can and will get by. We have the Lord on our side, and we'll make it...but what about those that don't have faith? That don't have Christ to lean on for strength? On top of the fact that these kids are going to suffer the most of anyone. I just want to scream at someone. Anyone. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!! When did education get the butt end of finances? I know this is not only happening in the city of Erie. California has been struggling for years now....along w/other parts of the U.S.. Who decides on the priorities? On top of jobs being lost, they plan to increase taxes. I'm okay w/that...if it allows my husband to keep his job. But guess who won't be okay with that? The rest of Erie County.
When Neil decided to become a teacher, I felt it was a job he could be secure in - would never have to worry about being let go.... or dealing w/such issues that we're dealing w/now. If you know Neil, you know he's in anxiety/panic mode now. I finally had to lay it out for him a few nights ago....
"No more discussing your job status with anyone. What do these people know? No one knows what will happen in these next couple of months. We have the advantage of Christ on our side, and He is the only one we can lean on right now."
So, he may be playing Mr. Mom for a bit - that's alright, right? :)
In the end, the board for the District has not made a decision yet...
We need to take a step back and analyze what the next step should be, and what would be best for our family. Or, don't take a step at all. Just wait it out, see what happens.
I love Neil as a teacher. He has good and bad days - probably more bad days.... but he's good at it. He may not realize it. I just believe God placed him at Wayne for a reason. I was just warming up to the idea that he may be meant to teach at Wayne for the rest of his teaching days.... I mean, will they disect every teacher and place them where they seem fit? Or are they just going to make straight cuts? I believe if they took the time and did what was best for each school - they'd keep Neil at Wayne, without question. They wouldn't let him go.

Well.....we'll just have to see what happens.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's 2am....

....and I'm awake. I'm sure this is God's way of training my body to deal w/no sleep...but it's a bit frustrating. What am I going to do w/myself at 2am? Oh, I online. Last week when I was up at 4am, I found Steve Madden flats on ebay to bid on. These Madden flats have been on my hunt list for quite sometime now. My dog chewed up my last pair when she was a puppy, and I was devastated!!! They were perfect and broken in and have been in my life for 5 years. There was no way I could spend another $60 on another pair.
Guess how much I got them for?
Amazing, right? And shipping was just $5.
Best day ever.
I received them the other day, and they barely had a scratch on them!
hmmmmm....what can I shop for this morning?

My sister comes into Erie at 11am, and I can't wait.
I have many plans for the weekend. I just hope this pregnant body of mine decides to participate. I have good and bad days. I need a string of good days please.