Monday, January 31, 2011

32 weeks

Can ya believe it?!
32 weeks.
So crazy.
My status?
Lower back pain. Shortness of breath. Issues "down there" still. Gained zero weight in the last month. Gestational diabetes sucks. Watching what I eat - sucks. My sugar levels are controlled, somewhat..still getting used to it.
Other than that - I'm doing good.
My daughter's status?
"She's a happy camper in there." According to my doc. Heartbeat is 153 bpm. Annnnd weighing at a whopping 4 lbs 9ozs. Neil asked the tech "Is that the average? Or is that big, small?" Tech says "......a little big." Great. So, Neil is now watching what I eat - and asking what I've eaten - and checking to see how much I'm eating, when I'm eating.
But you know what? She's healthy and looking good! That's all that matters. I have been blessed with a pretty great pregnancy w/no complications. Our girl is strong and healthy. Can't ask for much else...

Paint is up in the nursery. The gloss/matte strips turned out great! It was sort of a nightmare to get it all measured, but it worked out and I'm really happy with the turnout. Still on the hunt for a dresser. Last Friday I made an attempt to go look, but after a stop in at TJ Maxx, I was exhausted. However, I do plan to hit a couple consignment stores today. Maybe. It's cold out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The last few posts have been quite downers.
I really have been blessed with an amazing pregnancy. She is super healthy, kicking around in my belly and I need to focus on the positives a LOT more.
Neil had the day off on Monday so we went to lunch at our favorite restaurant, McGarrey's, and then headed to Home Depot to pick up some gray paint for the nursery. We picked up "flat" gray, as well as "semi-gloss" gray - same shade. Neil believes the whole matte/gloss strip thing is going to be too much work and I'll stop mid-way...but I am so determined to do it! I love the look, and have been dying to do it in at least one of our rooms. The gray looks so good! This Friday we'll get the measurements done for the stripes and get the tape up...hopefully that wont take too long.
I was hunting on - which is an every day occurance, and ran into this:

I love it so much. Ordering next week!!!!! I could spend all day on that site, mentally placing things around my house...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week of 1/10/2011 - hated you...

Last week was probably the worst week of my pregnancy. I made it 29 weeks w/o a bad one. I say that's pretty good. Let's just say that I'd rather be back in my 1st trimester, then have to deal with last week ever again. That just tells you how awful it was. It started off with a 3 hour long test on Monday at my ob/gyn office. The anticipation of the results lead to no sleep. No sleep = cranky Dawna. No bueno. Thursday I found out the results. I'm at work. I cannot stop crying. Hormones. Wow, was I losing it. I left work early. I find the nearest nail salon and get myself a manicure. (I would've gotten a pedicure, but the cheapest you can get one here is $25, and w/tip, I just didn't have that.) During the manicure, the tv was on to some talk show, and a guest was on talking about her previous pregnancy. I immediately thought, she's either going to talk about how she had gestational diabetes, or how she dealt with a hemorroid. God tends to talk to me through the strangest forms of communication. *Side note: um yeah....haha Hemorroid from hell found its way to me. Did.NOT.Help. that my week was already super lame, I now had to deal with this! Well, she discussed how she had one herself. And made the comment: "A hemorroid is your body telling you to get up and walk around." Oh. Have I been lazy? I started to think back in the last couple of weeks, and yeah....I've been doing a lot sitting around. Ooops. I've also been extremely tired lately.... It shouldn't have surprised me really, as I read about about how common they are during pregnancy. Every book/site warned me of it. I then made the conscious decision right then & there in Le Nails to be more active. That night I went to the gym with Neil & Leroy. Boy do I miss the gym. The smell almost had me in tears. I walked the treadmill for a bit. My lower abdomin was tightening, so I got off of that and went to the elliptical. Much better. The manicure + gym time didn't even help with my emotional state. I was getting real frustrated....

Friday I did get to a couple consignment stores, and found the PERFECT dresser for the nursery. But guess what? It was part of a set. And they wont separate it for a couple months...believe me, I plan to go in there in a couple weeks and see what it will take to separate it. A couple hours later I had my class w/a dietician to teach me how to check my levels and to inform me of what not to eat vs what's okay to eat. It seems pretty straight forward. Watch my carbs. That's easy. What wasn't easy? Sitting in that room for 2 hours straight. I was in so much pain!!!! Lower back pain + mr. hemy did not combine well with the most uncomfortable chair. I left there slowly, and painfully...but felt good mentally about this diet. I even went to Walgreens and picked up some supplies for my "issue" hoping to calm it down some - so I can walk like a human being in public. Well, my mood ended when I got home.... when I went to explain to my dear husband my diet, he comes back with "I don't want a chubby baby." What? He did some reading during his spare time at work. Great. He read that having pregnant diabetes can lead to big babies. Annnnnd eventually in life, there's a chance she could have diabetes. He gave me a speech about how I better stay on this diet, and really take this serious. Who was he talking to? Tears could not come down my face faster.
Oh, and to top it off, I was scheduled to work the box office that night. Wonderful.
I got myself ready and headed over to the Arena. The ladies immediately knew something was wrong, and as sweet as they are - they just comforted me and asked what was wrong. Uh. I'm thinking they regretted doing that. That lead to more tears, which lead to a bad night...mixed in with a bunch of goofing off to try and get me in a good mood. It did work, they know what to do to get me laughing. I love them. But I could not wait to get home. When I got home, I had dear friends waiting for me - the Hamps! They were over for some spaghetti and meatballs. Unfortunately, my bitchy mood didn't help and I was the WORST HOST EVER!!!! Looking back, I'm surprised they didn't walk out on me. Seriously.
I woke up Saturday, and I breathed a sigh of relief because I could tell I was in a better mood. Thankfully, because I had another night of box office work, and I had to close - which is an extra hour of work. Usually not a big deal. But when you're tired, your back hurts, and Mr. Hemy won't just leave me alone.....I knew I was in for a long night. After this long night though, I had dinner waiting for me - again - the yummiest wings ever!!!! Can you see my excitement? Can ya tell I'm pregnant? Food gets me so excited :)
By Sunday I was back to normal. Finally.
What a crappy week....
I was sad because it was the 1st time I really wasn't enjoying my pregnancy and just wanted it over with. But it's already the 2nd day into this week and I'm doing well :) I had an appointment yesterday and my girl is "a happy camper" with a strong heartbeat. Annnnd I got to question my doctor about mr.hemy and why the world seems to think preperation h is the solution 'cuz it's not. He actually said "that stuff is a joke, it doesnt work." So he prescribed me some good stuff, which seems to be working. Yippy!!!!

I promise, this is the end of this post. Sorry everyone.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

dagnabbitt's official. I have Gestational Diabetes.
My doctors office just started this new fancy shamcy thing where you can log in online, to their site, and have all your results right there in front of you. I signed myself up today and started the hunt hoping I can find results from my test this last Monday. And there it was. 2 out of the 4 tests were high. Shit. Within 15 minutes the office calls me and the nurse was so sweet. She remembers our phone conversation from last week and just knew I wouldn't be happy with the results. I told her that I had expected her call because I had seen the results online. I then asked, frog in throat, was it something I did? With a slight laugh she said no, honey it wasn't anything that you did and it really isn't a big deal. This is the end of your pregnancy and you'll be fine. You will have to watch what you eat from now on...........
That last sentence. Ugh. Thanks to my friend Natalie's blog about cereal, I was really looking forward to picking some up! Oh well. My plan to go back to "clean" eating is in full effect now.
This week has been full of no sleep, stress about baby names - yep, Caroline is out the of last weekend, and just pure crankiness. This news did not help. But what will help? Cindy and I going to consignment stores tomorrow to hunt for a vintage dresser...eeek! Praying I find one JUST right. And her gift to us (on top of throwing me my shower) is getting us a stroller. So, we'll be picking that up as looks like this:

Cute, huh? Neil made the comment (as he was zipping around Babies 'r Us testing it out) "orange is my favorite color, this stroller is AWESOME." Since when was orange his favorite color? I must be rubbing off on him... :) It's a Baby Jogger City Mini.

*sigh* the tissues continue to pile up....

Monday, January 10, 2011


Last Monday I drank the sugary/flat/orange drinky, that every pregnant woman does, an hour before my ob/gyn office took my blood, to test my sugar levels. Three days later I get a phone call from my doctor's office, and was informed that my numbers were a tad high. They needed me to come in and do another round of tests. Great.
I immediately google "what causes gestational diabetes?"
This is what I found on one site:

Who Is At Risk for Gestational Diabetes?

The following factors increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy:

  • Being overweight prior to becoming pregnant (if you are 20% or more over your ideal body weight).
  • Being a member of a high risk ethnic group (Hispanic, Black, Native American, or Asian).
  • Having sugar in your urine.
  • Impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose (blood sugar levels are high, but not high enough to be diabetes).
  • Family history of diabetes (if your parents or siblings have diabetes).
  • Previously giving birth to a baby over 9 pounds.
  • Previously giving birth to a stillborn baby.
  • Having gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy.
  • Having too much amniotic fluid (a condition called polyhydramnios).

Many women who develop gestational diabetes have no known risk factors.

Bullet points #1 & #2 fit my profile. I wasn't exactly skinny going into this pregnancy - but I wouldn't have considered myself obese. I had actually trimmed down quite a bit, due to eating clean and working out like a mad woman.... And I am 1/2 Filipino. So, maybe somewhat overweight + 1/2 asian = a whole chance to get this? I know, I'm strange. But I just wanted some answers. Like, could I have avoided it?

Either way...last night, starting at 7pm, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink a thing for 12 hours. I got myself up and ready to go, and arrived promptly at 7am - ready to go. Were they ready? Nope. I sat there for 20 minutes!!! There was one other person in the waiting room - waiting. Don't they know who's out here? Waiting. Hungry. Pregnant. Hello?! Then the 3 hour process began. I get my blood drawn at around 7:25am, then had to drink the orange drink AGAIN. Go back into the lobby to be called back a long hour later. Repeat 2 more times. I had my blood drawn 4 times within 3 hours. Thank goodness for 2 Entertainment Weekly magazines, a word search, and my ipod. I would've gone insane!!! (OHH! The other lady waiting with me right at 7? She was having the same tests done!!!!! She would be called in like 5 minutes after me each time.)

10:30 never looked so good. I got myself over to a diner by my house - I needed hash browns and sausage...

I should get results in about 2-3 days. I'll keep the 3 of you who read this posted.... :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm 30

For some reason people seem to treat me like I'm 12.
I'm sick of the "are you sure?" and "really?" type of eye brow raising questions.
Yes I'm sure.
Is it the way I look?
The way I act? (Ok, I might give you that because I'm not the most mature 30 year old.)
The way I dress? (I do dress like I'm in high school, can't give up the jeans & hoodie)
Have I made bad decisions in my life, to have you 2nd guess me?
I'm so tired of having to explain things.
Don't you know the following about me?
I over analyze.
I investigate.
I research.
I double check.
I triple check.
I sometimes even quadruple check.
I'm an adult that has made pretty solid decisions in my life.
Cut me some slack.

I'm 30!!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


This past weekend I started my 7th month of pregnancy.
Here is picture:

I have an appointment today. My orange drinky is all ready to go in the fridge. Will need to down in about an hour. Really, really praying I don't have or won't get gestational diabetes. My plan was to not have any sweets in the last week (would it have mattered? No idea) - but guess what? Guess who's pregnant brain just forgot? I mean, even last night...vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. That seems to be my vice - my only sweet treat that I want. Well, minus the last few weeks of the occasional Christmas cookie I'd nibble on. Man, what a bad time to take this test!!!!!
What else am I doing today? Going to Target to register. And by myself. Ever since I wrote a note to myself, that just stares at me when I walk in the kitchen, to "REGISTER" - it's all I can think about. And since I have today off, why not? I feel strange going w/o my husband, but Neil stated You're going to pick everything out anyway, you might as well just go. He is joining me at Babies 'r Us later this week to register though. That place can be overwhelming. I am thinking about a 3rd option, which is - I love this site. There are just a few things on there that I'd like, that you can't pick up at Target or Babies 'r Us...especially this high chair. This is my issue....I'm a plain and simple kinda girl. Why dear God do they not have plain and simple options in these baby departments? To find a baby crib set - that is quite a challenge so far. I've found a couple I like on - but they're more expensive. Ugh!
Okay. Just got hungry again. Going to see if I can find a non-sugary food option to munch on....