Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been meaning to post a blog about my life in PA versus the life I lived in CA...I'm literally writing down pros and cons of each, and I'm almost done.

So stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend

This past weekend is going in the books as one of my favorites. Friday and Saturday were full of running errands, and time in the sun w/a good book & music. Mind you, I didn't get far in my book because I can only read it when I'm laying on my stomach. What's funny about my new living situation is just how much I take advantage of the sun. When I lived in CA - my whole life - I loved being outside, but I could spend a good-weathered day inside, no guilt. But living in Erie, the moment the weather gets to be about 70, I make my way outside. I have to be out there. I don't care what I'm doing, as long as the sun is hitting my skin, I'm happy. I even hate being in the gym I've grown to be obsessed with... (Friday I had plans to get my butt kicked w/2 work out classes, and bailed because I wanted to remain on my jumbo towel out in my backyard).
Friday ended w/the playoffs on the television, and our good friend Dave over to watch. We grilled burgers and enjoyed the Cavs coming away w/a win! (Sorry Dave)

Saturday started off with my friend Ali & I driving around town looking for good yard sales. We found a lot of them, which was awesome. But, 3 hours later we only ended up w/a few items. We made our way to Peggy's (a diner by my house I frequently eat at) for breakfast, then headed home. I hit the backyard w/Cali, a book, and our local radio station blasting in the background. When I finally came around to reality, I got cleaned up and Neil & I made our way to Wegmans for some grocery shopping - which if you dont know us, it's one of our favorite things to do! Just having a house filled w/food is so comforting. The night ended w/the Lakers game against the Denver Nuggets. I have pure anxiety when I watch them in the playoffs. They came away with a WIN!

Sunday, breakfast w/Neil at Crackel Barrel. We made our way to Buffalo to pick his mom up from being in AZ for the last 3 weeks. (We've had her dog Andy this entire time by the way. Pure chaos is all I have to say.) Came home to watch the Cavs lose against Orlando. Not a good night for Neil.

Monday - my favorite day of the weekend. We decided to have friends over, those who didn't have prior engagements. It was a lot of eating, grilling, basketball shooting, basketball fetching when it bounced over the fences (2 separate yards it can go over), playing catch w/a football, chasing Cali, some xbox playing, ice cream from Connies (literally 2 blocks away, we walked), lots more basketball shooting...Sean and Neil decided to go inside & watch a movie. Adam & I decided to go play tennis.

Good weekend. Great friends. Feeling totally blessed...
**Side note: Didn't take any photos of the weekend, not sure what is wrong w/me!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sneak vs La La

Sneaky Cali versus La La Neil = a chubby baby doggie.
We are watching my mother-in-law's dog, Andy for the next 3 weeks...and he's a full grown, adult dog that requires a pretty good helping of dog food daily. Where as Cali, gets 3 separate feedings of 1 cup increments. Andy has had his bowl completely cleared out by this little one more then once, more then twice...I'd say around 4 times since Saturday. She is SUPER quiet and sneaky about it - she doesn't even chew, so we can't hear the crunching - just swallows. Pure gluttony. I had a discussion with my dear husband - please watch out for Cali, she'll be sneaky. Do NOT put Andy's food out unless you can keep an eye on her. The last 2 days I've come home to a swollen belly of a puppy. La La Neil explains "I was sitting right there, and I didn't hear her!" Right there, is the kitchen table. The kitchen table is a turn-around arm reach away from Andy's food/water bowl. La La.
Oh brother - Cali is on a diet.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 Year ago today...

...Neil and I left California.
Cannot believe it's been an entire year.
Time has just flown.
We've had some incredible experiences here so far, and know there are many more to come.

Neil and I have come across the topic of "do we see ourselves back in CA?" and we don't have an answer. We love both locations for different reasons. In the end, where God wants us, we'll go or we'll stay. It's up to HIM.

Happy 1 year PA.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cali and Spring Cleaning

Cali is almost 5 months old, and she has the best personality. Here are some recent pictures of her:

She's a happy baby doggie!

We just love her!

Last Saturday Neil and I did some cleaning. He was in charge of outside duties, and I took care of the inside cleaning. It was quite fun. And very fulfilling. I mean, we've been living here since January, and haven't been able to take advantage of what it's really like to be homeowners. Neil made purchases of both a lawnmower and a grill - 2 very important things, don't you think? The hold up has of course been weather. We have been waiting, and waiting....and waiting for Spring to finally get here - and it has. However, after Neil purchased the lawnmower, he did say, and I quote: "Screw being a homeowner." Captain Negative in full effect. Deep down I know he loves it. I did take some pictures of this occasion...and check out that tree we have in our backyard....
Also notice how Neil is matching the lawnmower. OH! And the above picture, in the background you see that truck parked? ....somewhat behind him....that is his Grandfather's old house.
We were able to put the grill to use right away! We invited the Hamps to join us. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we had such a great time!!!
Afterwards we took a walk down the street to Connie's for some ice cream. Literally...its just a block away. Trouble. Trouble indeed.