Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jon Beckman

Our good friend Jon Beckman headed out last Friday for training in Mississippi - which will then eventually lead him to Iraq. Last week we were able to hang out with him a couple times - one of the times was last Tuesday. We headed out to Corry to visit with him, Laura and baby Evelyn. It was good, yet a sad night for all of us.
Here is this precious picture of the boys...

We wish Jon all the luck, and cannot wait for your return...
...which may be a short stint during Christmas...let's pray :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fantasy Football Fanatics

So...I have to blog about this because my husband and his friends are total fanatics when it comes to football season. During football season, it's talk talk talk football - talk about where they'll go to watch football...when it's NOT football season, they talk about what football season is going to be like. It's so ridiculous and monotonous - Sean and I HATE it. It's non-stop.
This year was a little different - Neil was apart of two leagues, instead of just the one he's been apart of for 5 or 6 seasons - "777 Crew". This 2nd league: "Old and Lazy" had an opening, and our friend Ryan asked him to join in. Neil happens to have an entire day of fantasy football - 2 drafts in one day. The 1st draft was actually hosted at a venue, with food, lights, and 12 desks all set up... just take a look at the pictures.
This is the set up...
Neil picked 7th, right in between 6 & 8: Adam & Dave
This is before: This is after:
You see all those stickers on there?! Just so you all know, I stuck those on there. Yep, I played "Vanna" for 3 hours. Embarrassing-ly enough, I didn't know the positions of some of the players, and they're organized by the positions they play. Thankfully Neil wasn't too the end, it was a lot more fun then I thought it was going to be.

FYI: Neil picked up my favorite quarterback - Peyton Manning

Sunday, September 7, 2008

no title necessary

I have to mention how awesome my job is...I'm only there 3 days, full days...and get a 4 day weekend. This has allowed me to read a lot, and catch up on some much needed dvds. TV and movies - I'm quite behind due to the "sheltered" stamp on my forehead I had growing up. I was never exposed to any type of entertainment - and when I was old enough to explore on my own, I never knew where to look. I never really tried. Neil doesn't feel the need to hunt either, and doesn't care for movies (unless Rocky, Predator, or the Terminator are starring). So much to my dismay, I feel lost in this world in which a WIDE range of entertainment surrounds us. I'm catching up...I'm really trying.
At this time, I would like to thank Sean Sundy (books and music), and Netflix (movies and tv) for educating me, and helping me catch up on what I've been so behind on.
I actually just read The Road (author: Cormac McCarthy), finished it in 2 days. The book was one of the most amazing I've read. Next on my book list: Catcher in the Rye.
I think I'll start a book/tv/movie club blog...what should I title it?