Sunday, July 24, 2011


7 years ago I married my best friend

In front of our bestest friends:

It's been an amazing 7 years....
A lot has happened.
Honeymooned in Mexico.
Lived in a pretty great apartment for a few years.
Moved to Erie, PA from Murrieta, CA.
Bought a house.
Had a baby.
My heart is full.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

It was yet another glorious 4th of July weekend here in Erie. The weather was perfect both Sunday and Monday. Which was good because we had plans.
Saturday we just wanted out of the house, so we packed up the little munchkin and headed to the mall. It was waaay too humid out to really do anything else, and since thunderstorm like clouds were threatening, we went for the "indoor" activity. I really wanted to go to Presque Isle and walk for miles, but I was too nervous we would get rained on. Anyways. To the mall we went. Who was the absolute perfect 3 month old? And who was getting gawked at the entire time? Josephine. We attached her giraffe that makes 4 different types of noises, to the stroller and people were just drooling over the cutenss. I mean really, how can ya not? Seriously. Neil & I each got ourselves a pair of sunglasses and just walked every inch of the mall, minus going in the actual stores. Too dangerous. I have a tendancy to want to buy everything. By chance though, we walked into the Shoe Dept., and I came across super cute Converse:

Cute, right? I got such a good deal on these, even Neil said: "You can't pass that up." That never happens!Sunday we went to church, then eventually headed over to Neil's uncle's house. It was such a good time! They have a gigantic backyard, and there's always lots to do. When it came time to feed little Miss Josie, she wasn't havin' it. Too distracted. So Neil took over. He has more patience then I do with her dramatic temper tantrums. If you just fight through it, she'll eventually eat... Which is true. I just hate dealing w/it in front of others. Sure enough, she drank the entire bottle. Which then leads to a happy baby. Some pictures:

I would have a love/hate relationship with such a big backyard. They do such a good job maintaining it too. I just love spending time back there. And of course, there's always this type of picture to post....he's ridiculous...

Monday I spent the entire morning doing laundry...then we headed over to the Atzert house. Did I take any photos? Nope. Not happy about it either. It was such a great time, I'm beyond upset I didn't capture of it in photos. Oh well. I always feel at home at their parties. Especially in the summer, when everyone's skin is bare and tattoos are visible for all to see. I tend to feel like a freak everywhere else I go here in Erie. It's becoming more and more common for people to be tattooed up - but not so much for the ladies. Autumn made a comment like "I wonder what the neighbors must think looking over here". Now, this is Autumn's house & she's married to Ryan who is covered in tattoos...and she really doesn't care what the neighbors think. We had a good laugh about it, as we surveyed the yard. Not only do these guys have tattoos, they are covered. Neil calls Sean "the painted man" - it's hilarious. Josephine was sooo good too! I love it. She was smiling at everyone. It was precious.