Sunday, February 22, 2009

I updated a couple of the pictures in the "We call this home" blog... I still haven't posted a picture of our bedroom. Here's the thing - it's not done. Nothing matches, and I can't stand it. We're going for warmth in our room, instead of style for the moment...not too pretty. I know, I sad is that?!!


Today I finally made the change in my cell phone number. We've been here 9 months, and it took us this long. Ridiculous, I know. I did have my reasons as to why I couldn't let go of my old number...and I'm quite surprised I went through it. This weekend was one of the hardest for me. I am very, very homesick - even as I type I'm getting all teary-eyed. It's so silly. Not sure what brought this on. Well, maybe I do. All of last week Neil and I were holed up in this house, sick and just unable to do a darn thing. That has nothing to do with anything... but it lead to me handing over a special package that needed to be shipped out- that had a specific deadline. My girlfriend Nat, who lives in CA, had her baby shower today. And I was bummed beyond everything that I couldn't make it. I wanted, I NEEDED to have that package to get to CA on needed to be there, since I wasn't. Long story didn't make it. I discovered that it was shipped out incorrectly. It's no ones fault. I was physically unable to leave my house to do this small task myself...but its reasons like this that I am obsessed with doing EVERYTHING myself. This is who I am. I can depend on myself.
Needless to say - Nat will receive her package, hopefully in tact, sometime early next week.

To continue on with my CA homesickness - I'm getting over it. Tonight didn't help much. Showing up at a restaurant w/Neil - meeting up with 3 of his friends - and there only being room for 4 at the table. Apparently no one knew I was coming. Good thing my husband informed everyone. I just wanted to run - run out the door, get back in my car, and go home. But instead, we moved tables. I definitely felt out of place. It makes me wonder if Neil ever felt this way in CA when we'd go out w/my friends? I hope not.

Oh! I did want to share my attachment to my old number...
7-Half of my favorite #
32-Old softball uniform# and favorite NBA basketball player (Magic Johnson)
24-Anniversary date
14-Favorite #

Pretty cool. I know.
Well...814 it is.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We call this home...

Living Room: Framed photos and art will be hung here shortly - once I make a decision as to where they belong. This could take months, so bare with me. Just stay posted.
This is our office. Originally I was going to paint the walls a soft black, trim everything white, and hang movie posters framed in white. Also, accenting the room with all sorts of nic-nacs. But after over hearing our friend Joel talk about wanting to paint a mural to add to his portfolio - I jumped right smack in the middle of the conversation & told him he could use our office. So for now, this will be the "before" picture.
This is the spare bedroom...aka MY room. Mine! I plan to make this room my get-away. A place I can sew and spend time in. I like doing arts & crafts, and quilting - basically, I create one hell of a mess when I get going. So I was very happy that there was a 3rd room I could call my own. My plans are to paint the trim white. Purchase bedding from Urban Outfitters (it's all picked out), and find unique curtains to match. This room is my summer project - a summer of yard sales and estate sales...I cannot wait to get started.
Oh and that's the bathroom.

Here is the dining area. The wall to the right will eventually have a Cherry Blossom tree painted on it.

The kitchen. This is what drew Neil and I to this house. We LOVE this kitchen. All the appliances were included, which of course was very appealing to us! To the right is a bench that came with the house as well. I love it!

Here is the basement: Laundry

Again, sorry for the darkness of the photo. Neil has many, many plans for this place. If you haven't heard, "jungle" seems to be the theme. This will be his space, as well as a place for entertainment when our friends come over. You can't really see...but there is a bar to the right, that we believe was custom made for this basement. Coca-Cola on tap? We're going to look into it. Ping Pong table? Yep, there's room.

Whoa-I just noticed what a disaster it is down there - sorry!!! One day it will all be organized. Cannot wait. There is actually another room, that will eventually turn into a 2nd bathroom. But that is months & months from now...