Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogs to come....

*California vs PA (My heart is still split. I have a love for both & a hate for both....)

*New Way of Living (Hitting F5 on my computer doesn't work when it comes to life, darn it.)

*My puppy turned 1!

I have been slacking on my blogging - when don't I? My "New Way of Living" blog, should hopefully get me on here once a week. I think it'll hold me accountable. Plus it'll give Shannon an update on how well I'm doing ;) This involves eating better, and most hated way of working out.
6 years have come and gone - in a FLASH! And I need to pull on the brakes, no joke. I'm beyond disgusted with feeling uncomfortable all the time. (Re-reading old head could not hang any lower. How many times have I vowed to lose weight? It's embarrassing.) Turning 30 is insentive enough to get me going. And my girlfriend Jenny is getting married in April, and I'm a part of her entourage. (She is only having her sister in the wedding party...that's what happens when you have a gazillion g/fs and have been in 10 weddings....)
Neil and I have really been wanting to get involved in our community more, and just be a light in this dark city. We haven't narrowed down anything specific, but we're working on it.
Another thing I want to look into, is getting my dog Cali involved. Cali's dermatologist (yes, she has one...she has skin irritations, ok?!) told me that she would be such a great candidate to be a Therapy Dog because she is so sweet. It would give a good name to pits...and I'm really going to work on doing that. She needs a bit more training...and that doesn't involve Neil. He is the sucker when it comes to disciplining.

Are these New Years Resolutions? I don't know....maybe. But this new decade, is going to be a fresh start for this Hartman.