Friday, May 20, 2011


This is a recap of the last couple of weeks....
Our flower tree in the backyard had created quite a mess, but it looked awesome. Neil suggested we take some pictures with Josephine. Since I don't like to have my picture taken, he was the chosen one to sit w/her under the tree. Take a look:

Josephine also turned 2 months old this week. It has been sort of weird's our daughter. Ours. Whoa. I've dreamt of this moment, having a family. And it's here. Now. I'm living in my dream life NOW. I could not feel more blessed. Well...I guess, it could be better. For example. If I were living back in California where my closest friends live, and where my mother is. It makes me sad that some of the most important people in my life haven't even met her yet. Thankfully my sister Eva was able to come out...she is the only family member from my side that has met her. It's quite sad. Now, don't get me wrong...I have super close friends here in Erie. One in particular? My girl Autumn. I'd be lost without her. And Neil's family is undeniably the best family anyone could be married in to. We are beyond spoiled. You all know this. But my mom. My mom hasn't even held her first granddaughter yet. Ugh. I'm getting sad. Moving on...

At about 9am this morning I heard the mail being dropped in our mailbox. As I opened the door, expecting a chill to hit me, a warm breeze smacked me right in the face. Aaaaah. Warmth. I immediately started to calculate when I would be feeding Jos next, because right after that - in the stroller she will go and outside we will be. What else did I decide? To attach Cali to the stroller and have her join us. It was a challenge because she's a puller - but I did it! Our friend Joel down the street was out mowing his lawn, so we got to visit with him. I hated having to come back home! I wanted to walk for the rest of the day....

And look at this tree in our neighborhood....soooo pretty:

Oh and this is funny. I was trying to get Josephine to smile for the camera and this is picture one...then picture two....
haaaaahhaaa. Love her. She is so dramatic.
(That isn't genetic, is it?)

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mother's Day

My very first Mother's Day. It started early last week when I was presented with an unexpected gift from Neil. An Amazon Kindle. I've wanted one for a very long time. For the past few years, I've found a new love of reading so I was very, VERY excited to receive such an amazing gift such as this. I'm not a fast reader, and tend to go for the more obvious choices. Such as books-turned-into-movies...Nicolas Sparks...the Twilight Series...Little Women...Catcher in the Rye (which was a new read for me as of last year. I can't believe I had never read it before then) ...basically, easy reads. I like to mentally escape every once in awhile. And w/summer quickly approaching, I will invest most of my spare time to my favorite activity - sun bathing & reading.
Leading up to the weekend, Neil and I, with great relief have finally figured out the perfect combo that pleases our daughter when it comes to feeding time. She is one picky eater. Shocked? We're not. It has been extremely frustrating up until this point. I wonder if I was like this as a baby? We all know how ridiculous I am now. Well. Enfamil instant, ready-to-go formula + latex nipple + ventaire bottle = a happy, satisfied baby. Phew!
So, the weekend. We had weather in the 60s, sun was shining - so awesome. I would've like it more towards the 80s, but I refuse to complain. We spent as much time as we could outside. Erin and Leroy came over at one point on Saturday which was fun. It's always so nice to spend time with them. Some cute photos...
Neil and Josephine:

Do you notice the flowers blooming on the tree? Amazing. I love this tree. And Neil was showing Jos this random tulip that is growing in the middle of the yard. I keep trying to tell him to dig it up and move it, but he won't. He likes how random it is. He is so strange.
Now Mother's Day: Woke up and got my day started with coffee. Cindy was coming over and since the weather was so nice, we decided to grill. Neil got some last minute items at the store as I got the house cleaned and Josie fed, napped and dressed. It was such a great day, spending time with family. I really missed my mom of course, but I was able to talk to her a couple of times. (The 2nd time was after the Laker's game was over, and they were officially done for the season - she was actually in a good mood if you can believe it. Saying things like "...they deserved to lose..." and "I'm glad it's over with..." Ugh. What a frustrating & embarrassing series that was.) was a very good day. It ended with Jacqui (Sean's g/f) coming over & watching the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy. And then a very cute moment that I caught of Josephine and her daddy:

How precious is that? Here are a couple other photos from the day:

Look how huge my head is compared to hers! haha
Oh, and take a look at this....
My sweet, wonderful, best-in-the-world mother in law - Cindy...with Cali. A pit bull. This woman was in tears when she heard we were even considering getting one. I love that she loves her. I feel truly blessed to have such a great family. Beyond blessed to have such amazing friends, near and far.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Years.

3 years ago today I left my home state of CA. I still miss you California. My heart belongs there. I still don't feel at "home" here in Erie, PA. In the back of my mind, plans of moving back are still lingering. Who knows, God may lead us back. But for right now, I know this is where we belong. So much has happened since our arrival. House. New car. Baby.
Here are some "I'm sure you've seen these already" photos:
Last dinner w/some friends (gosh I'm tan here).

Packing up crew - minus the WOA guys...where are they?

The apt we called home

the car piled high w/misc. items

including my traveling companion for many years...Joe I'm missing the photos of us actually traveling the US, and then us arriving in Erie. Uh. Oh. Where could they be?! Frick. I'll post another blog about our arrival. Hopefully I didn't lose those! Being in Erie has been quite awesome actually...the 4 seasons, the friendships, the good eats, the easy living (financially)... I'm real happy to be here. Sometimes. Some days. But all in all, I love it here.