Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey Dawna of 2010

How am I doing?
I think I'm doing pretty good.
I ended last year in total frustration, just sick of my unhealthy self and my down-in-the-dumps type attitude that I've had.
I needed a change.
When it comes to HEALTHY eating, I've decided to go towards "clean" eating. My girlfriend Shannon and her family are living this way, and I've heard only good things about it. I love food, munchies, soda...but I've never thought real hard about what I was putting into my body. It was a major reality check. (For example: Last week I had a meeting down at the Convention Center, where they feed you well - always. Laid out for us were breakfast items. I'm not even sure exactly what was over there - but I avoided it. As I sat there, la la, during the meeting, I thought to myself how easily I could just down an entire bagel - covered in cream cheese, a few pieces of lemon loaf and coffee filled w/cream and sugar. Easy.) Well, 6 years and 35 lbs later, I'm unhappy and sluggish.

I had been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, and I'm sure that's what helped me not gain any more weight. I'm going through all this pain and agony, and my jeans are still tight. I knew what the problem was. Could I admit it? Yup. Did I change my ways? Nope.

2010 was going to be different.

I would say, I've had 16 good "clean" days so far. (I didn't start right when the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31st. Too many leftovers that I mingled over. I've had a couple cheat days, but it's more like cheat dinners. This past weekend was a mess, I have to admit. My days started off just great, but as the day progressed, I gave in. And it was due to eating out. Our friend Brent was in town, and we ate out quite a bit. I easily could've ordered salads, but I didn't. Even this past Football Sunday, Autumn and I were so strong (she's eating "clean" as well), she made turkey (breast) burgers, and they were sooo yummy. We resisted the temptation of pizza. 8 boys downed 2 Party Pizzas. (Neil alone ate 10 pieces, if not more....ridiculous.) But as dinner rolled around - surprisingly these guys wanted to order Chinese take-out. Autumn and I looked at each other, and decided to give in. It was not such a great weekend for me, eating-wise. Besides the eating, it was a really fun weekend.

Along w/eating CLEAN, I have decided: no soda (but every once in great while - which happened this past Saturday night), no snacking (unless it's clean), no sweets, and no red least for 3 months. Guaranteed I'll screw up that last one due to my trip out to CA in the middle of March. But I'll just extend it through April, how's that?

I didn't even get on the scale for a starting weight because I could care less what I started at. Too depressing. Especially when you weigh almost as much as your husband.
3 weeks in, and is it crazy to say my clothes fit better? Is it too soon? Maybe it's a mental thing, but they honestly fit better.

When it comes to the YMCA, I plan to be there more often. My goal is 5-6 times, but that just depends if my schedule allows it. First week of the new year doesn't count in my book. Due to snow storms and a single car that was in the shop 4 out of the 7 days, I didn't work out but ONE day. Not that I couldn't have worked out at home....because I could have. I just didn't. Don't ask. The last 2 weeks have been better. I've gone when I was able to. With working the box office more (I need CA spending money) - it's been a bit difficult to get myself over there. Plus, it's so dang crowded right now with "new years resolution" people, even when I am there, I can't get on a treadmill. I've improved in my weight classes. I started them in the spring last year, and pulled out 3, 5, & 7 lb weights. Now, I get 5, 10, & 12 pounders.

Another goal of 2010? To become a runner. Yep. I hate it. I dislike long distance running sooo much. I'm a sprinter. Softball, basketball. Sprint. Fast. Running is so BEYOND boring to me, that I eventually just jump off the damn treadmill and seek some other cardio machine. But I never feel I get as good of a workout, as when I was on the treadmill, or while running outside. What makes me want to achieve this goal so badly? I want to be able to run outside when the weather is nice. I want to run down by the lake, and enjoy the scenary. You ask, why not run outside now? When the air is so cold, your lungs feel like they're freezing over - I take it indoors. And I don't think my feet, and ice/snow like each other all that much. I can't seem to master the balancing act when it comes to walking on this stuff!!! ("Shuffle your feet" is a constant advice I do not practice.) In the end, I want to run. I am slowly working my way into it. After much reading, I need to take it slow. I can't expect my body to just adjust, and be able to accomplish 3 miles in 30 minutes - which is what I was attempting just a month ago. (Ya know Dawna, just because you were an athlete in high school, doesn't mean your body is same as it was back then.)

The new me is just around the corner and I can't wait. My braces should be off in a few months....then I have some post braces cosmetic stuff to be done, then I'll really be a new person. I will be a more confident person.

Can't. Wait.

Catch you on the flip side Dawna of '09....