Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am super sentimental this year, and cry every time I think about what I'm thankful for... let's see if I can get through this post....

I am thankful for:
God, and all His blessings
My wonderful husband who makes me laugh and loves me, even during my crazy
Flutters in my tummy, I can't get enough
Cali, my wonderful sweet pit bull (love proving people wrong about what they think of pits with you)
My CA and NE family and friends - I miss you all so much!
Pennsylvania family and friends, thanks for making Erie feel like home away from home

I am so excited to start this holiday season, my favorite time of year. Next year is going to bring a whole new light to the season, and I can't wait....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

22 weeks along today.
Thanksgiving week.
Brooke Lacy birthday week.
Thanksgiving dinner w/family.
Possible Black Friday early morning outing.
Traditional Hartman turkey dinner w/mama Hartman, and Mrs. Erin Hamp (Sat. night btw).
Christmas lights!
Christmas season!
Christmas movies!
Christmas craft show at the Warner Theater.

Amazing week ahead....I love this time of year.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Comment I received from my last post from our dear, sweet friend Micah:

The thought of a mini-Dawna is precious but........ she may come out (God help us all) as a mini, female, Neil Andrew!!! And yes I am sure she will shout "I HATE BABY JESUS" in the middle of church just to spite you! Only time will tell and I for one am on the edge of my seat!

I have been laughing for the last 10 minutes. Why? Because these are actual fears of mine. Neil wasn't a pleasant child....the above actually happened to my in-laws in the middle of church. My daughter could turn out to be just like me, shy and well behaved. her father. Stomping on newly planted flowers "because I felt like it". Hearing these stories about Neil's childhood always make me laugh. If our child goes down this path, hopefully we'll hold back our laughter - at least until we are hidden away behind closed doors.
Umm. I doubt it.

The anticipation is killing me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My munchkin? It's a GIRL....

Basically since month #2 I've felt I was having a girl. I would beam with excitement, and then think oh wait, what if it's a boy? I can't be disappointed... I mean, everyone knows I wanted a girl, but wasn't sure if it was possible. Hello! My sister has FOUR boys!!!!! Annnnnd Neil's family is run by males. What were my chances? Don't get me wrong, I would've been completely happy with a boy. A mini-Neil? How precious is that?
As the days, weeks progressed, my feelings only grew stronger and I would try and change them. Friday morning, the day of my appointment, I stood in front of the mirror and said it's a boy. I know it sounds silly...I just didn't want to be disappointed if the tech were to say it's a boy. My feelings of it being a girl were sooooo strong, so of course it didn't work.
It didn't help that last month Neil actually said, with much confidence "it's a girl, why do we even need to check?!" Ever since 'kid talk' he has loved the thought of having a daddy's girl....and would smile ear to ear picturing her being a mini-me. *tear
The day was finally here....boy or girl? We walked into the room, and we were asked "so, do you guys want to know what you're having?" We replied with a big "YES!" We start talking w/her and she asked if I thought the baby was one or the other...which I told her my feelings of it being a girl. She moves around my tummy and for what seems like forever she says "Well, it looks like you both are having a girl." I, of course, made her say it again. I couldn't believe I was right. Neil and I high-fived, and I started to tear up. So happy.
She was so tucked and turned the other way, that I didn't get any good sonogram photos. I do however have to go back in a week....since she was so tucked, and had her arm tucked under her chin, the tech couldn't see her heart. Her heart sounded very strong, but they like to see it. So, I go back in a week. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures then.
Annnnnnd I just realized I didn't take any photos of myself. Sorry. I do plan to go out and run errands tomorrow, so I'll attempt to get a shot in :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The last couple of weeks I've gained some bizarre pregnancy symptoms:

Nose bleeds
Hands falling asleep
Carpal Tunnel

I just happened to read the nose bleed one in my book, and I thought it was the strangest thing I'd ever heard! Low and behold, 2 days later, nose bleed.
Then the hands falling asleep business....I'll wake up at night, and both are just snoozing away. And as of today, my right hand is choosing to give me signs of carpal tunnel. Great.

It really is entertaining to, what's going to happen next?