Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Sun-sets at 9:00pm here....

Hanging out at the Lake is so awesome - I LOVE it. During the day, at all times I want to be there. There is this restaurant called Sara's right by the peninsula that sells the most amazing ice cream. Beach + Ice Cream Sundaes = a freakin' good time!
Now if only I can find a bike to my liking...I'd be all set.
Here are some pictures of sunset from Memorial day night.
It was 80 degrees out, good company on hand, and an ice cream sundae - perfection.
(Of course I didn't get pictures of Adam & Joel that joined us, or my awesome ice cream...)

Hamps to the 3rd

Leroy (the 3rd) & Erin Hamp

These two are toooo much fun, so I wanted to throw up a few pictures of our time we've been able to spend with them.

At the Lake: Erin & I Neil & Leroy
We have some AMAZING friends here in Erie, and these 2 are always fun to have around. Leroy is about to go rock the U.S. here pretty soon, so we're trying to eat up as much time with them as we can.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Living a new life...

...our new life started off pretty awesome. My brother-in-law Nathan, and his new wife Linda were in town just in time to greet us. My mother-in-law Cindy threw them a reception in her home, and invited all of Nate's old and dear friends, and the entire family to join in celebration - and to welcome Linda. It was really nice to see them, and to spend time with them.
First day in Erie, we went to the zoo - the weather was amazing!

1st day in Erie, not bad.

May 8th, 2008 - Arriving into Erie, PA

Our new we are:
Neil texting + driving - scary, I know.
all gone. Lots of help... our new home-->

May 6th-8th, 2008 Traveling (Tues. - Thurs.)

Highlights from our travels.
Leaving Beaver, Utah - Neil preparing himself

...we tried.
So random, right? This is what we saw in South Bend, IN.
Almost there:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 5th, 2008 - Leaving California

I was so glad to finally be moving out of that apartment, but as Neil locked it for the last time I couldn't help but feel super emotional. Here we were, heading out to Erie, Pennsylvania to start our new life - it all came together so smoothly. Back in January of this year Neil and I had to make a decision - California or Pennsylvania. We chose PA. And it was a whirl-wind ever since. Telling our friends, putting in my notice at work - Neil taking the proper tests to teach in PA school district... and making the proper living arrangements in Erie. God was on our side through the entire thing. He blessed us completely and guided us through all of our decisions...

On our first day out, we ran into some issues. But by the end of the day we felt the "issues" were a good sign that we were doing something right. We made it to Beaver, Utah - not as far as we had hoped...but we were okay with the progress.

Pictures from our first day:
Neil & I in the empty apt. Outside of our place... Back seat of my car - crazyness...

The truck: Neil all ready to go:

On the road... Last Del Taco...very sad moment.
The necessities for the next 4 days:

What we saw for hours...

May 4th, 2008 Moving Day!

10am Pick up truck
11am Friends showing up to help load truck
11-1:30pm Pack up truck, clean out apartment
2pm Lunch at In 'n Out
4pm Neil, tattoo appointment with Davey
8pm Hang out with the Dunn's
Today was quite a busy day. I was pretty much stressed from the moment I woke up, just thinking about all that had to be done. I still had a couple more things to pack up. The most annoying thing that I discovered about the random crap you have to either throw out, or pack in what I've called "random box of crap".
Friends showed up to help out with the loading, thank God. A huge help was Shannon & Virginia clearing out every nook & cranny of the kitchen and rooms. These people were AMAZING, I would walk out from one room to another, or step outside for a second, then walk back in and BAM! room awesome. We got everything done sooo fast.
Of course, pictures:

Shannon entertaining us w/her skills. Davey had an idea... We had stuff EVERYWHERE!

All packed up.
Today was a productive day.
Next up:
In 'n Out...

Tattoo was next on the agenda:

At the end of the day, an exhausting day...we just wanted to spend some time w/loved ones. We headed down to Fallbrook for one last time to hang out with the Dunns, and our nephews, and niece...Lucky, Rocko, and the princess herself - Balboa.

We said goodbye to our dear and best friends Jason & Virginia. We will miss you SOO much!