Thursday, July 31, 2008

California hasn't changed!

I survived my chaotic day today. My interviews went really well. I'm crossing my fingers that one of them works out. My flight into California went smoothly - I was quite shocked. I can't even begin to tell you the nightmare flights I have taken in the past few years. Thank God it was nice day of traveling.
So, I arrived into San Diego tonight and it was absolutely beautiful. It hasn't changed! Not that I thought it would, but there was a part of me that was hoping it'd be dreadful, or ugly - but it was breath-taking flying in and seeing the palm trees, and the ocean. I didn't realize how much I missed the actual state of California until that moment. I've missed my friends IN California since I've been away, but not the state itself.

I feel as if I never left.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one long day ahead...

this is my schedule for tomorrow, ready?

Wake up 6:30am (the earliest I have yet to wake up EST)
Leave house at 7:40am for 1st interview @ Career Concepts which is at 8am
After Career Concepts interview, drive to downtown Erie for a 2nd interview.
2nd interview is with the Erie Convention Center at 9am (FYI: I really want this one!)
Hurry home.
Finish the last bit of packing for my trip.
Be at the Erie Airport at 10:45am
Flight departs at 11:55am
Pit stop in Philly.
Fly almost 5 hours to San Diego, California.
Arriving around 6:48pm.
Picked up by my sister, hopefully right away.
Stop in Fallbrook to see the Dunn's.
Spaghetti dinner at Eva's.
TTI girls possibly coming over for a swim at the apt complex.

Hopefully I haven't lost CA quickness - especially the quick wits of the idiots on the CA fwys.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

today feels like Sunday.

Friday BBQ at our place
Saturday Tennis at Frontier. Too hot. Lasted 30 minutes.
Pizza and Wings from Alfies (did not like the pizza)
"Curb Your Enthusiam" for a couple hours
Sunday 10:30 church
Nap - so happy
5pm Help Sean scrap wallpaper off of his walls.
Monday (Dave Kelly's birthday!)
Sore arm from scraping wallpaper
Pick up snackies at Wegmans for movie (raisenettes for Neil, swedish fish for Sean, Sour Patch for me)
11:25am 1st showing of the Dark Knight (amazing!)
2:24pm Hopped in car, this was the time. Time flew during TDK
4:30pm Dinner with Cindy at Texas Roadhouse
9pm "Curb Your Enthusiam" for a couple hours.
Tuesday- (Andrew Neufelds birthday!)
9am Tanning salon (at Sun Your Buns)
10am Coffee with Autumn (it was pouring rain)
1pm Left Autumns, breakfast get together lasted quite a long time
2pm Help Sean paint. My job: 2 coats of paint around the borders of windows, outlets and base boards (I LOVED every bit of it!...and I'm not being sarcastic)
6pm Stop painting, head home for dinner
8pm Jesus Wept practice
10pm Visit Ryan (aka Boogs) at tattoo shop
10:30 Home.
On the agenda for our late night (again): I will be reading "Notes from Underground" and Neil is playing video games. (Even though he should be watching the last 2 episodes of Lost)
This is my life (for now)...and I love it so much. Everyday feels like a friggin' weekend and it's pretty damn awesome. Today felt like Sunday ALL day (minus the nap I would usually take). I even skipped lunch today...I was having too much fun painting. And again - no sarcasm, I'm serious.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer living in Erie... a week, I have discovered some amazing things about Erie. I'm trying to "take advantage of the sunny days" and get out as much as possible. I just want to be outside.
While Neil and Sean decided to watch movies, staying indoors, Autumn and I decided to hit the Cherry Festival for some goodies.
Here is Owen people watching, which we were entertained doing as well...
...and we added snackies to the entertainment:
Yep, that's a fried twinkie...pure sweet goodness.
The following day, we headed to Pittsburgh...staying indoors ALL day at a show. Jesus Wept, amazing - no shocker there. It was one long day though, and we arrived back into Erie pretty late. The next day was Sunday, we went to church and then had lunch - spending time with Sean (Ice House) who was able to visit for a day. After lunch, we went back...indoors...again and watched "Dawn of the Dead" - let me just say, I'm not into gore, or zombies - but a week prior to this moment I actually said "The only way I'll watch that movie is if it's in the middle of the day and there are people around me." I got busted by my own self. I have to admit, the movie wasn't bad - don't tell Sean.
Next up: an afternoon of OUTDOOR activities, celebrating the 30th birthday of Adam Salaga. Today was so much fun. I love to host parties, and Cindy allows us to throw a couple bbq's here and there for our friends in her home, and we couldn't thank her enough for it. We grilled up some meat for tacos, which was perfect because Neil and I have missed mexican food so much. Badminton was set up outside, and a football was available to throw around. The sun was shining, and we had good friends all around - it was a perfect afternoon. As the party started to dwindle, the hang out crew remained and played badminton until the sun set. Here are a few photos from this day...

I finally made my way to the beach at Presque Isle this last Thursday, and just had some time to myself with a book and music. It was perfect.
We ended the week by having some of the guys over for burgers and badminton. It was a good week.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

....up until July 10th

We've been here for 2 months.
I've been playing tennis about 3 times a week, haven't lost any weight. (lame)
Playing tennis gives you a great tan, but tan lines from your short shorts.
Fireworks off the lake, beautiful (pictures will follow eventually)
Girl time with Autumn.
Ice cream goodness with Autumn and her little man Owen.
Owen picked up a straw off the ground, and placed it right in his mouth. (gross)
Wimbeldon final - Nadal beat Federer in one of the best matches anyone has witnessed.
Got a plane ticket (courtesy of TTI) to visit California (yay)
Stayed up past 3am to finish Lost season four (I beat you Joel!!!)
Crocker Park - Westlake, OH for some H&M shopping.
Humidity about melted me.
Peabody's in Cleveland for a show, War of Ages & Sleeping Giant.
Warm and fuzzy all over spending time w/great hometown friends & Erie friends.
Eric Gregson danced w/an umbrella outside the venue, precious.
Sleeping Giant had some amazing worship time during their set.
Miss California.
Interview at Alcor for a part time Admin. job - praying I get it.
Time with the Quiggles, Carly and Dan - dinner at Park Tavern, it was Taco night. Wings there are amazing!!!
Two emotional break downs in 1 day.
Joel, Adam, and Sean FINALLY come home today!!!

We've been here for 2 months....
Life in Erie is pretty stinkin' fun - great friends, good times.

Friday, July 4, 2008

unorganized thoughts

My brain tends to wonder - my thoughts are all over the place. I'm not sure where this anxiety is coming from. I walk myself through mentally...telling myself, "you're going to be fine." But are things going to be fine? Did I make a mistake? Did I move too fast? Did I miss out on what could've been? Do I admit to what I'm really feeling inside? Do I continue to hide? Hiding seems like the safest bet...too bad I don't have a hiding place.

Today is the 4th of July - just got back from family time. It was all a blur. Now, we're heading over to a friends house - will not know anyone there...should be fun, right?

Wish I was in California right this minute.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Week of June 23rd.
Played tennis with Sean and Adam
BBQ at our place w/great friends
Played tennis at 9:30pm - too many bugs to EVER do that again
Checked out YMCA with Autumn
Fell in love with YMCA, will join real soon
Zoo trip w/Autumn and Owen (finally some girl time)
"spacers" put in between back molars - not fun.
McGarrey's for lunch with Ryan, son Owen, Neil and Sean.
Started season 6 of "24"
Waldameer snackies with Neil
Sean had errands, we joined him (what non-working people do with friends who don't work)
Dinner at Oscars with Neil, Sean and Adam
Adam witnessed an elderly man fall, and bleed from his face. (so sad)
Secret trash (smelled like Christmas)
Visited new baby Evelyn Louise Beckman, oh Jon & Laura were there too (in Corry)
Tried out new church
Lunch with Joel and Mrs. Quiggle

Monday, June 30th-July 2nd
Ortho. appt again - spacers taken out, more metal glued into my mouth. ouch.
Visited with Jon who leaves us for a month, at Fox and Hound
Neil had an interview at the Erie School District, went very well
Lunch at Lorie's Wildridge, added it to the list - it was that good
Tennis - mid afternoon.
Accidentally crashed a boys night at Valerio's
Made this comment at the end of the night "...I do the same w/my friends." Sean: "You are with your friends." oops...I still have the mind set that I'm just tagging along with Neil and his friends. After 5 years of hanging out w/them, it's time I realize they're my friends too. I love them all to pieces and appreciate the fact they accept me enough to let me hang out with them. The last 2 months here in Erie would've been miserable without them.